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Buoyancy sleep and medical research

by:Synwin     2021-01-30
Buoyancy sleep and buoyancy of the medical research
basic sleep with all the support and provide the good circulation of the blood and more healthy and more stable sleep, medical studies have shown that the buoyancy of water than the average bed mattress and spring mattress is easier to make people fall asleep, water bed provides a healthy and comfortable sleep, this water bed is to help look for long-term health problems, including the patient's care and treatment.
medical researchers reported another water bed balance of the body are the benefits of bone and reduce muscle pressure to allow better blood circulation. Mattress made water bed it can reduce the sleepers' hard bed one night after 30 to 50 times body reverse it. And some don't need a bed tossing and turning all these sleepers would slash the sleeping time, this paragraph of time is the most to rest and the best time to restore our mental fatigue. Experiment at the university of Chicago medical center general mattress muscle bear the pressure of body weight, hip is 80 millimeters of mercury, the heel is 6 millimeter mercury, mercury column leg 45 mm, lower leg 45 millimeters of mercury, back 80 millimeters of mercury, mercury column head 32 mm, other parts of the pressure is zero.
another USES water bed medical consideration is the health, moisture permeability bacteria and will not cause skin irritation, general mattress is easy to absorb dust and moisture, full of bacteria can thoroughly clean wash water bed, not infected, as long as the use of cleaning disinfection liquid medicine or household cleaner. You may have found that many hospitals began using water bed as a skeleton of the disabled rehabilitation mattress, also designed to be used of hospital beds.
on the basis of the university of Wisconsin hospital in 1986, according to a report in October 12, water bed skeletal problems to the human body, bedsore, neurasthenia, arthritis, muscle pain, hands and feet acid hemp, blood circulation obstacle, endocrine not blending, insomnia, high blood pressure, nervous tension and so on has the effect of healing effect, can reduce reliance on drugs.
the report further pointed out that the difference between water bed and spring mattress for water bed support and float the whole body evenly and spring mattress can't. Mattress made from floating water bed according to the human body sleep natural curve is concave and convex, spring mattress is not the case. Water bed can support the body's lower back ( The back of the human body the narrowest place) This part is the part that need to be supported, spring mattress unsustainable, 'balance is composed of the body when sleep water bed is one of the most important features to human body health, because the spring mattress without this feature.
in addition also support the benefits of water bed is that it can & lt; Thermostat & gt; Heat transfer effect, make the body feel warm, the warm & lt; Heat & gt; Heat therapy is widely used in hospital, so have heat penetration, make people happy the heat can't be replaced by any other mattress. The same in hot weather, water bed can also make a person feel cool and refreshing, because the adjustable temperature makes the body feel comfortable.
medical experiments proved that the water bed provides a more stable, more comfortable, more than the average bed not disturbed sleep, and have better blood circulation and protect the effect of bone.
all the medical reports prove water bed is the best way to go to bed, not only is all disease patients the best mattress, so the water bed can increase the life span. In your water bed you may live long, sleep more healthy.
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