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Baby bed mattress is an essential part of the baby bed

by:Synwin     2021-01-30
Baby mattress is an essential part of baby bed, bed is tasted the crib is
mattress to accompany the baby good furniture for many years, the baby most of his time is spent on the bed, the crib for the baby is the most important things, we all know that babies at this stage to grow and develop so quickly, is the most vigorous growth stage in people life, and the baby's body is soft, slightly do not pay attention to is easy to cause dysplasia.
the crib bed board is very hard, adults sleep hard bed was uncomfortable, baby can't even sleep hard bed, so the baby mattress is very important. The characteristics of the baby to have a baby mattress mattress, it is different from normal adult bed mattress.
first baby mattress safe environmental protection, and the baby's resistance is poorer, baby mattresses high security requirements, in order to protect the child's health and safety, mattress material and cloth to ensure 100% safe environmental protection, had better choose inside absolutely natural environmental protection material.
followed by the baby mattress soft hardness appropriate, baby mattress should be nicely body, effectively support the body, prevent baby spinal deformity, relax the baby limbs, promote the blood circulation, is helpful to infant health development. Mattresses in this with everyone said once again identify whether the mattress soft hardness appropriate method, as long as let the weight of 3 kg baby to sleep on the mattress, if the mattress is pressed down concave to 1 cm, the hardness is appropriate. Methods refer to how to choose and buy of choose and buy more baby mattress?
the third feature is the baby mattresses will reduce the baby head deformation, protect baby soft and has yet to finalize the design of the skull, baby mattress has let first prevent oppression to the brain nerve endings, reduce infant head pressure, can let the baby head relaxed and free function, prevent head type wide, flat function.
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