An Easy Choice? Dream On

Not long ago, Marcy jadelson went shopping to replace her 25-year-
The old, more and more ups and downs of spring
The coil mattress and the consumer rabbit hole fell down.
She said: \"I went to find a basic mattress like me and I was shocked to find that the world has disappeared . \"
Judelson, a copywriter, lives in San Francisco.
\"The mattress industry has taken some easy ways to make it very complicated.
Not for the better.
\"Is there a home purchase that is more confusing and anxious than buying a mattress?
One study after another shows that sleep is critical to our health and well-being, and that the mattress is a fundamental part of the rest of the night, which makes sense.
However, to choose the right one, shoppers must navigate through the Kafka maze.
First of all, it seems that most major brand names start inexplicably with the letter \"s (
Simmons, Eli, Shuda, etc)
Created a vague same.
Is Simmons an improvement in Serta\'s quality?
Did sden and foster sell post Redditch or Sealy?
Is the sleep number the name of the company on these ads and choose the comfortable bed it sells or vice versa?
Even if you can figure out the differences between different brands, it\'s hard to compare stores because many manufacturers sell exclusive production lines to retailers.
So the mattress you like in Costco may not be in Sleepy\'s-
If so, it\'s called something else.
After she found her favorite mattress in a store
Judelson said, \"I\'ll go to store B and say, \'Do you have Serta blah?
The salesperson will say: I don\'t know. We may.
But our names are different.
And then the hard-to-understand technology --
Advanced Technology of clamping coil; PrimaCool gel;
Sticky memory foam
It\'s as if the mattress maker is not selling a huge fixed cushion, but a spaceship.
On a recent afternoon, a shopper visited Macy\'s in downtown Brooklyn to find Aireloom\'s Vitagenic streamlined cushion company in dozens of mattresses for sale, the Queen\'s suit costs $3,349 and has a plush talalay latex bracket \". ”Talalay latex?
Come on, mattress man.
Now it sounds like you\'re just making something up.
David Perry, editor of industry trade publication Furniture Today, has written about the bedding industry for nearly 30 years.
\"It\'s hard to get your hands,\" Sir. Perry said.
\"The key point is that comfort is subjective.
If comfort is objective, it is simple.
\"Because the mattress is something we have to buy at some point, it looks mysterious.
If the mattress is like a sofa or dining table and has a style, shape and color that is easy to distinguish, then the white ocean will help.
But as Brett Swegman, vice president of sales and development at Simmons, admits, the products his company and competitors sell have confusing visual consistency.
People walk into a shop, sir.
Swygman said: \"I saw a sea of white rectangles.
\"Not only do most mattresses look similar, but their essence --
Well differentiated components-
From smaller models-is hidden.
Perhaps that\'s why the bed name is reaching the absurdity of Baroque style in its efforts to convey rich, comfortable and engineering advantages: Edenton luxury (Simmons)
Luxury hotels in Warrington (
Bear Stearns and training)
, Vitagenic gel Co. , Ltd (Aireloom)
Mixed utopia retreat (Serta).
If you run marketing through it
However, the identity appears among the major manufacturers.
Simmons made a trademark on the coil in his pocket.
Spring for independent movement. Tempur-
Tarragon is a known memory (
More on both Technologies)
Stearns & Foster and Sealy are their brother brands that produce spring mattresses and foam mattresses.
All of this is owned by Tempur seal International.
Serta is number one
Wholesale sales of 1 mattress brand.
Select Comfort, the main producer of air beds, sells air beds in the name of sleep numbers.
Many of these brands have several lines to reach a range of price points.
\"One of the benefits of the product boom is that you have a lot of choices ,\"Perry said.
Of course, this can prove overwhelming. So Mr.
Perry believes that mattress shoppers are more focused on what he calls \"software\" than on marketing and hardware.
As he said: \"How does it feel to you? ”Mr.
Swygman proposed
Limit policy.
\"I will make sure that there are no more than three beds shown to me by the sales assistant,\" he said . \".
\"You can find a bed that feels right, which will help to solve your sleep problems and fit the budget.
\"It\'s not always necessary, though, depending on where you shop.
While the sales floors of department stores and bedding chains such as Sleepy\'s and Sit\'s Sleep are fluorescent --
The White Sea, the highest
Mattress shops tend to be like a gentle pond.
It seems that the more you are willing or able to spend, the less you are overwhelmed by the choice.
The Duxiana boutique in the Upper East Side, the Swedish manufacturer of \"high performance sleep systems\", provides only three models of testing for its mattresses.
The latest afternoon, Norwegian electric
Pop played in a small and quiet space, while a salesman spent 20 minutes explaining the structural and sensory differences between the bed and the bed.
He brandished a pillow towel for the customer and used the research carried out in the \"Swedish sleep lab\" to stimulate his tone, and he met more like a sleep technician than someone trying to make a deal.
In SoHo, in Heston, another high-rise, you can have a similar experience.
End Swedish bed manufacturers offering curtains-
Close \"sleep spa\" and collect 10 beds where shoppers can lieon-the-bed-for-10-seconds-with-your-shoes-
In a quiet environment.
Such treatment is extra: Entry to Heston
The first-class Marquis mattress starts at $5,400, while Duxiana\'s starter Dux 101 starts at $5,185.
A new manufacturer wants to completely eliminate the dilemma of choice by changing the way people buy mattresses.
Earlier this year, Kasper, New Yorkbased start-
Up, I introduced one, one-mattress-fits-
All standard size products can be purchased online and shipped in the box.
Philip Krim, chief executive of the company, said the hotel\'s beds had inspired him.
\"They don\'t ask you when you stay at the hotel, do you need medium, sturdy, plush? firm or plush-soft? ” Mr. Krim said.
\"There is only one mattress.
\"You don\'t need 80 different options,\" he added.
You don\'t need to buy a mattress for $5,000.
\"The Casper mattress is made of memory and latex foam and the Queen sells for $850.
To make it comfortable for consumers to buy mattresses that have not been tested in person, the company offers a 100-
One-day trial period and simple return policy: if you don\'t like the mattress, the company will send a courier to pick it up for a full refund. (
In the bedding chain, there is usually a considerable return fee and the price is very high.
End retailers like Duxiana do not allow returns. )
\"I never thought sleep was like this. of-
For the sake of consumers . \"Krim said.
\"However, the mattress was purchased in a confusing and outdated experience.
We basically didn\'t see anyone talking about the product. ”Why NASA?
Any part of the mattress shopping experience will not be more complicated than the manufacturer\'s explanation of the contents of the mattress interior.
Even German luxury automakers are not paying much attention to engineering. As Ms.
\"Of all the things, stress and confusion are the biggest,\" said jadelson.
I would say, \"Can I have a basic mattress as before ? \"?
This can\'t be found.
They tried to make it very high. tech.
In a nutshell, there are two basic structures: the internal structurespring (or encased)coils and non-inner-spring.
An example of the former is the Simons Beautyrest line, which has a coil in its pocket. Mr.
Swygman of Simmons compares the coils to keys on the piano as they \"all move independently\" and explains that they fit in the shape of the body and where they move. Non-inner-spring (or specialty)
Mattresses made of Tempur
Pedic, which uses a proprietary form of memory foam, a heatand pressure-
The sensitive foam that fits your body shape is a buffer experience developed by NASA Great G-
The power of takeoff and landing.
Of course, since we\'re talking about mattresses, it\'s not that simple.
\"There is a popular trend in the mixed sleep equipment industry,\" he said. Perry said.
\"This is an internal combination --
Spring and special foam.
There is also a foam called latex foam or foam rubber.
\"A lot of bedding lovers
Shop owner bedding and bedding
Sleep on a latex bed . \"Perry said.
\"Memory bubble, you\'re stuck in it.
LaTeX push and lift.
\"The real question is whether any technology contributes more to a good night\'s sleep than others, and if so, to what extent.
Is two layers of memory foam better than one?
Is the 1,000 coil mattress much more comfortable than the 900 mattress?
Ed Perratore, a consumer report reporter who tested and rated the mattress, saw the focus on the project as a smoke curtain.
\"For example, how many foam layers are there, how many coils are there, the type of coil --
Some of this can help you, but its purpose is to keep you away-guard,” Mr. Perratore said.
There are several types of coils, including Bonnell, continuous wires, and individually packaged springs, he noted.
\"We found that no one was better than the others when they were present . \"Perratore said.
\"If you don\'t know that more coils don\'t necessarily matter, then you do it according to the terms of the salesman.
But most technical terms, he says, have lost meaning to consumers.
Krim, Casper co-founder.
\"People don\'t care if a bed has multiple areas of waist support and cooling --
\"Gel factor,\" he said.
\"What they care about is getting a good night\'s sleep.
In the area of luxury bedding, the focus shifted from architecture to materials.
For example, the hes bed uses a sterilized horse hair for up to a year before entering the mattress.
Shane Bahng, Global Retail Development Director at Hstens, said Maomao \"will naturally absorb moisture from your body.
He said: \"This also makes the life of the mattress more than the mattress made of synthetic materials.
\"Once the synthetic material is broken down, it will not be brought back.
Beds made of natural materials can be used for a lifetime.
Duxiana has a similar campaign to promote its Dux 101 as \"hand-made with the best materials\" and made with \"Swedish steel springs.
\"Leaving aside the question of whether Swedish steel is better than other varieties, Sir
Beds don\'t necessarily provide better sleep, says Perratore.
When the Consumer Reports testing Dux 101, it performs roughly the same performance as the $540 mattress at the Original Mattress Factory.
\"This is very good support for the team,\" he said . \".
\"The support behind is good.
Don\'t you think this is a $5,000 mattress and will get five points in our test? ”One Day Sale!
There are only 365 days a year!
So, how much should you spend on the mattress?
It\'s hard to know, especially if you shop in a chain like Sleepy\'s, every holiday triggers a blowout and wakes up to find that the Earth is still spinning, which could be the reason for the sale.
Constant Price
The price cut gives the impression that mattresses are being sold by retailers. Mr.
Perry believes that this also sends the wrong message to consumers by emphasizing low prices.
\"We should not try to find the cheapest sleep version,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s a little strange.
\"In the survey, Consumer Reports found that most people tend to spend between $800 and $1,200 on mattresses, although buying a good mattress can cost less.
\"From the models we tested, they seem to start getting good in the range of $600 to $700 ,\"
Even $540 inside, says Perratore.
The spring mattress produced by the Original Mattress Factory made a recommended list of Consumer Reports.
And because the price is unstable, especially in chain stores.
Even if you are one day late for a big sale on Columbus Day, there is no reason not to bargain with the sales staff, Perratore said. In the end, Ms.
Judelson, who bought a $2,500 Stearns & Foster thickened mattress, found it too hot as a sleeping surface.
She returned it and ended up paying $2,000 for a Simmons Beautyrest Pemberton plush toy that made her laugh.
She did not find the rest of the experience interesting.
A feeling is Lady.
Judelson settled down on Pemberton, not so much for comfort, but to leave the whole thing behind.
\"Because of all the confusion --
Every aspect of it
\"It will make you tired,\" she said . \".
\"To the point where you say, \'Please make this all over.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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