7 Ways to Buy a Better Mattress

O sleep! O gentle sleep! . . .
The promise of a sound and peaceful rest has inspired the poetry of people for centuries.
The problem is that for many consumers, the most dreamy combination of assembled mattresses and pillows is closer to a nightmare.
There are many reasons.
First of all, if you want to replace your old mattress with the same brand
1 out of 5 respondents in our new survey of nearly 62,000 consumer reporting subscribers
You may not be able to get the same model.
This is because manufacturers often stop or rename their products.
The names and statements on the mattress range from ethereal to difficult to understand.
The sales staff always hinted at night disappointment unless you bought the most expensive option for the place.
Trying to get close to sleep intimacy by lying on a fluorescent mattress
The bright public space can only be awkward at best.
On the other hand, mattress manufacturers are trying new construction methods to rearrange the foam layer and place coils in the internal spring model to improve comfort.
Meanwhile, savvy online retailers are trying to improve the shopping experience by removing the store completely from the equation.
They did a good job: the highest satisfaction score we surveyed was two newer mattress brands in the US --
Online clothing for Casper and Tuft & Needle.
They will ship a foam bed. in-a-
Place the box at your front door for a very competitive price.
In terms of performance, Casper scored the highest in the foam mattress.
However, Innersprings is still the most common mattress type, although it seems to be ripe for consumers.
In our survey, 65% of respondents said they were very happy with innersprings.
75% memory foam owner and 80% adjustable-air owners.
Therefore, it may not be surprising that memory foam mattresses are becoming more popular.
Adjustable air mattresses, such as mattresses sold in sleep shops, are very expensive in our mattress tests and reader surveys, especially in those who report neck pain, back pain, sleep apnea and other health problems.
Whether you already know what you want or start from scratch, we think you should at least consider your mattress options like a new car.
It is true that this is only a small part of the price, but you have spent nearly three years of your life in an easy place to happen, so making the wrong choice has consequences.
\"If your mattress is uncomfortable, it may disturb your sleep, aggravate orthopedic problems, or may have a negative impact on your long-term health --
The word \"health. Bonnet, Ph. D.
He is a neurologist and sleep expert at Wright State University\'s boenshaw School of Medicine.
That\'s why we take every model we buy through rigorous testing, take advantage of actual people, and use advanced equipment to measure support and firmness.
These machines beat and abuse mattresses to measure how they support over time.
Then we take them apart and expose what\'s inside.
Spring, foam layer, gel-infused foam—
Determine which materials can improve performance.
This year, we have introduced some methodological improvements, including a way to make a mattress for you and your dear ones.
Here are the seven steps to shop, choose and buy the mattress you will love, love you for: Step 1: Learn from your old bed. Will you twist, turn and bite your teeth and try to find the sweet spot of your partner?
Do you wake up feeling exhausted or in pain?
Strangely, did you find it better to sleep in the hotel?
If not, you will eventually.
\"Young people can sleep well on almost any surface, including a piece of plywood,\" Bonnet said . \".
\"As we grow older, we all become people with less sleep, and pain and other medical problems make things worse.
\"There is no fixed rule when to replace the mattress --
We tested them for about 8 to 10 years.
But there are signs that you should.
You can see some clearly, such as cracks, cracks, or stains (
Your old dog is sleeping with you, isn\'t it? ).
For example, if your hips and shoulders are now deeply sunk into the mattress, you will feel someone else.
There are also some signs that you can\'t see at all: your mattress and bedding provide the ideal environment for mites that can cause allergies or even asthma.
So if you wake up every morning and have a runny nose, then your mattress could be the culprit.
You can use other observations to guide your choice of new things.
If you feel a lump or a sharp point, this may indicate damage to the inside of your mattress, so look for a model with a high durability score in our rating.
If you and your partner wake up while tossing and turning, look for a high level of stability.
Step 2: if the mattress showroom seems to have it in every block these days, master the mattress warehouse as they are.
There are more than 12,000 mattress stores in the country, and the number is growing.
If you can\'t find something you like in the mattress company, you can hang out next door to Sleepy (
Mattress company owns it now, by the way).
It\'s not that having more options would help, because it\'s futile to compare the mattresses sold in one store to those sold in another.
The \"Happy feather weight\" here may not be like the \"pleasant feather weight\" there \".
Because the manufacturer\'s description of firmness is such a fantasy, sometimes even a fact --
For free, instead of ignoring them completely, we recommend checking our mattress rating.
Hardness is now presented in a convenient ratio of 1 to 10.
Despite the embarrassment, we stick to our long term advice and try it before you buy --
Meaning, take off your shoes and lie down for at least 15 minutes in your usual sleeping position.
In our survey, nearly 20,000 of readers have bought a mattress in the past three years.
Among those who tried out in the store, the more time they spent on testing before buying, the higher their satisfaction: 77% of those surveyed over 15 minutes were particularly satisfied with their purchase.
Our survey shows that less than a tenth of the people who actually do this, although 28% do lie down for a few minutes.
If you want to minimize some of the oddities of public testing
Drive the mattress and consider visiting a better place
It was considered a mattress or furniture store in our survey.
The Original Mattress Factory was top notch
It was followed by several regional chains, including Nebraska Furniture Market, Havertys, Jordanian furniture and Bob discount furniture.
Macy\'s, a traditional department store, only gets a medium score in price and choice. Costco—
Since the mattress is upright, you can\'t try the mattress in the store
The price was the highest, but did not perform well in the choice.
Considering that warehouse club is one of our top clubs, it might be nice
Rating of Novaform 14 \"Serafina Pearl gel mattress.
This could be a sign of market trends, with 57% of readers who buy mattresses from Costco buying them online.
Step 3: Consider buying online, and for those who want to buy and skip retail stores online, there are more choices than ever before.
Startups like Casper and Tuft & Needle are highperforming bed-in-a-
The box foam mattress, but in fact, you can buy almost any mattress online, including the inner spring.
It seems risky not to try to buy a mattress, but considering Amazon, which sells a variety of mattresses, ranks first among all sellers.
It\'s on price and on-time delivery.
The restriction is that you should want to try it in the store before buying the mattress online --
An exercise called performance.
You won\'t.
That\'s because you can\'t find the mattress you tried on Amazon, like Ethan Allen, because it\'s the exclusive product of that store.
Although you may need to stick to the retailer\'s website, you can try the meat mattress and actually buy it.
If you have no doubts about buying an invisible mattress, try a bed --in-a-box.
The foam mattress is compressed and packed in a box less than 4 feet high and delivered to your door via UPS or fedex.
These foam mattresses can be heavy.
Queen\'s 100 pounds or moresize—
So you may need a friend to help you move it to the bedroom upstairs.
Once you get there, carefully cut the packaging and restore the mattress to its original shape;
It\'s really interesting to see.
When buying a mattress online, don\'t think you can\'t bargain --
You can, and you might do better because you can keep a real poker face when you\'re virtual.
Open the chat window when the customer-
The service representative responded and started bidding.
More about sleep
Check out the mattress ads for the best mattresses for couples. The danger of \"nature\" sleep supplements can you be hooked on OTC sleep?
What is best for neck and back pain
Night snacks show hope in helping with insomnia. Step 4: Never pay the full price.
On most holiday weekends, but you don\'t have to wait for the official sale to get the best price.
The mattress has a big price increase so don\'t be afraid to negotiate with gusto.
In our survey, more than half of readers bought a mattress for between $500 and $1,750;
Shoppers who bargain saved $205.
Hagglers was the most successful at Mattress store mattress company, Mattress Warehouse, mattress king, Sleep Train and Sleepy\'s.
Shoppers often leave with something free, such as a mattress protector or a bed rack.
First ask for a price 50% lower than the price tag and ask for free shipping and shippingaway, to boot.
If this does not work then try one of the following questions: 1.
What is the lowest price for this mattress? 2.
Can I have a price guarantee?
If the mattress goes on sale within 30 days, will you refund the price difference? 3.
Would you give me a discount if I paid cash? (
This allows businesses to avoid paying for credit cards. )
If you\'re not happy with either of them, you can say goodbye and get out of the house.
After all, there is also a mattress shop under the block.
Step 5: make the most of the trial period when your new mattress arrives and be prepared to wait patiently.
Keep in mind that your old mattress is familiar to you, defective, etc.
Mattress sellers usually offer any time from three weeks to three months for you to try to purchase.
Others offer what they call comfort guarantees.
So before you buy it, look at the small font of the trial --
Period terms and ask if and how to return the mattress if you find that you do not like it.
Give yourself at least two weeks to make up your mind.
Focus on the mattress during this time, not your bedding
You want to limit the number of variables.
\"Stick with the same pillow for a while so you can better judge if it\'s a mattress or a pillow that might interfere with your sleep,\" said Steven Scharf . \"D. , Ph. D.
Director, Sleep Disorders Center, University of Maryland Medical School.
On the other hand, if you do not purchase a new box spring or frame for a new mattress recommended by some manufacturers, you may not shake it fairly.
To increase your chances of getting a good night\'s sleep on your new mattress, turn off your gadget 2 hours before you go to bed and avoid having a big dinner before going to bed.
Then, one hour before you go to bed, dim the lights, read a physical book, listen to music, or relax.
Step 6: There are many rewards for happiness. Before you buy a new mattress, make sure you know the store\'s return policy in advance.
Some retailers charge a variety of fees, purchases and other fees.
Mattress company advertising 120-
Happy night sleep guarantee, $149 for redemption or return.
At the other end of the spectrum is the Original Mattress Factory, which does not accept the return or exchange of padded bedding.
This is why it is prudent to keep your old mattress during the trial period and as inconvenient as possible. Return a bedin-a-
The box is another thing.
First of all, it\'s unrealistic to think you can drop the bed back into the box.
That\'s why these retailers have developed multiple ways of returning goods for consumers, usually free of charge, and have a full refund within 100 days.
There is also the problem of throwing away the old mattress.
Throw away at least 20 million mattresses and Springs each yearand one queen-
In the landfill, the size of the mattress can reach 40 cubic feet.
This is a shame because 80% of the components in the mattress can be recycled.
However, some cities have restrictions on donating or reselling used mattresses, so please consult your town.
Step 7: Make your mattress last with innersprings, and the cleaning procedure we recommend has always been to flip and rotate them twice a year while cleaning them.
However, many mattresses today, such as pillowcases, cannot be flipped because they have a dedicated top and bottom.
Still, you want to clean all the mattresses twice a year.
To do this, peel off the bed with interior decoration accessories to vacuum cover the fabric of the entire mattress and clean any stains with enzymes
Detergent or gentle detergent and water.
Once the spots dry, Sprinkle baking soda on the entire mattress and place it for 24 hours.
Then remove the baking soda with a vacuum.
Of course, replace it with clean bedding.
Adding a mattress protector and mattress pad will protect the mattress and extend its life and promote more peaceful sleep.
Editor\'s note: The article also appeared in the February 2017 issue of Consumer Reports.
More information from Consumer Reports: The preferred tire price for 2016 best used cars is $25,000, and the less7 best mattress reported by lessconsumer Consumer has nothing to do with any advertisers on this website.
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