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20GP Spring Mattress Purchasing Affair

20GP Spring Mattress Purchasing Affair

Synwin Mattress

“lie on one cozy mattress , hold up one warm milk, listen to one light music,watch one interested book in the quiet night with gentle breeze ” It can’t be more enjoyable than that after been through whole day crazy busy working.

Above all we talking about is base on one good mattress.We take pride in manufacturing a mattress which not only suit your physiological curve to release tense muscles but also make you fall asleep peacefully at night. Synwin use the high quality material like density foam and original latex and other material to creating the mattress. We aim to bring you sweet dream at night and refresh you on the morning that you can keep going on to fulfill the program and chase your dream.


20GP Pocket/Bonnell/Continuous Spring Mattress Purchasing Affair

Client- Ms.Ei Ei Khin From Myanmar

Type- Five Mattress Shop

First of all, i want to thanks Ms.Ei Ei Khin trust us and give us chance to start a new long friendly business relationship for our both side.

We met Ms.Ei Ei Khin on the Alibabab a few months ago and she sent us a requirement via  Alibaba. Its no doubt that she bring her requirement compare to another supplier as all of us will did when we need to purchase something. After the strict selection of product quality and sales representitive service by herself. Finally she made an order to us and willing to begin the new long business relationship.

As the mattress manufacturer with 10 years experience we offer some professional suggestion and solution when we came to some details from product structure to feature and colour match. Its not enough just talking about the mattress itself and on the other hand one of most important thing is how to light out the mattress characteristic and bring the better sleep experience to client. After a few day discussion between us we reach a common ground and start our producing plan.

Finally,Its very glad to hear Ms.Ei Ei Khin goods news about the mattress are very popular in her shop.

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