Why we shouldn\'t wait to go to Mars

Editor\'s note: aerospace engineer Robert zoblin is the chairman of the Mars Association and the author of the case of Mars: a plan to solve the red planet and why we have to do so, simon & Schuster recently updated and re-released.
In the view that \"Mars can wait.
Ocean can\'t, \"it was recently published on CNN.
Amitai Etzioni said that we should postpone the exploration of Mars because the sea has a higher priority.
Although I am most concerned about ocean exploration, the fact is that many institutions, including the United StatesS.
The Navy, the navies of other countries, academic institutions, research organizations, companies, and James Cameron personally have sufficient funds and equipment to implement.
The idea that we need to suspend space exploration in order to provide the necessary resources to explore the ocean is absolutely absurd.
So let\'s call it this way: the argument that we should explore the ocean and not the space is not an appeal to search for the ocean, but it\'s just an insincere way to give up our efforts to reach the red planet.
But why should we try?
There are three reasons.
Reason #1: for knowledge.
We now know that Mars once had an ocean in which life could develop from chemistry. But did it?
If we can find fossils on the surface of Mars, or find existing life in today\'s groundwater, it will indicate that the origin of life is not unique to Earth, and therefore, the implication reveals a universe full of life and wisdom.
From the perspective of human understanding of the true position of the universe, this will be the most important scientific enlightenment since Copernicus.
Robotic detectors can help in such searches-which should be done actively-but they are not enough in themselves.
Fossil Hunting needs to be able to trek through unimproved terrain, climb steep slopes, do heavy work and subtle work, and exercise very subtle perceptions and on-the-spot intuition.
Astrobiology research requires the ability to drill, sample, cultivate and study life from Martian groundwater.
All of these skills go far beyond the ability of the robot rover.
Field paleontology and Astrobiology require human explorers and real on-site scientists.
Reason 2: challenge.
Countries, like the people, thrive without challenges.
The space program itself needs challenges.
Consider: between 1961 and 1973, driven by the lunar race, NASA\'s technological innovation speed is several orders of magnitude higher than it has been since, the average budget in real dollars is only about 10% more than today (
$20 billion per year in 2012, and now $18 billion). Why?
Because it has a goal, its scope is beyond its grasp.
If you are not doing anything new, there is no need to develop anything new.
The Apollo program has also been a powerful stimulus to the economy, reaching an economic growth rate that has never been seen since.
The challenge of forcing NASA to accept Mars is by no means a waste of money, but the key to getting the country real technical returns and much needed economic stimulus from the space dollar. A humans-to-
The Mars program is also an adventure challenge for every child in the country: \"Learn your science and you can be part of creating a new world.
\"In the era of the Apollo program, the number of American science and engineering graduates doubled.
Intellectual capital will continue to benefit the country.
In the next 10 years, there will be more than 100 million children in our country\'s schools.
If a Mars program only motivates 1% of people to receive science education, the final result will be more than 1 million scientists, engineers, inventors, medical researchers and doctors, innovation, creating new industries, looking for new medical methods, strengthening national defense and increasing national income for decades have dwarfed spending on the Mars program.
Reason 3: for the future: Mars is not just a scientific curiosity, it is a world with a surface area equal to the sum of all continents on Earth, having not only supports life, and support all the elements needed for technological civilization.
Despite looking hostile, the only thing standing between Mars and habitability is the need to develop a certain amount of red planet knowledgehow.
Those who explore there first can and will.
Mars is a new world.
Millions of people will live there one day.
What language do they speak?
As humans continue to enter the solar system and beyond, what values and traditions will they cherish and spread from there?
When they look back at our time, will any of our other actions be compared to what we do today to achieve their society?
Today, we have the opportunity to be the founders, parents and shapers of a new, vibrant branch of the human family, and by doing so, mark our mark on the future.
It is a privilege not to be despised.
The views expressed in this comment are only those of Robert Zublin. why mars? ? . . . . . . .
When we arrived at the Jupiter satellite Europa, there was life on Europa, and there was a 80% chance of life on Europa. . . . . . . . . . .
But Mars is as cold as dry ice and there is nothing on Mars. What you\'re talking about is the 6-month difference (to get to Mars)
Or 13 months to Jupiter.
The psychological impact of space flight away from Earth on anyone will be harmful, but arriving at the above destination after 13 months will be very important for most people.
Not to mention, we know very little about Europa, but have visited Mars through the rover.
In addition, travel a short distance first (Mars)
It would be better to prepare for a longer journey (Jupiter).
Once we know what radiation is
So that we can prepare accordingly.
Thav, what he said is to send a robot that can melt on the ice surface and place an autonomous submarine in the sub-surface ocean of Europa.
Yes, we know more about Mars, which is a better reason to go to Europa to find out what we don\'t already know.
The Europa on its surface is covered with at least 20 km thick ice, and the surface temperature ranges from-549 F to -234 F.
You may want to bring a hat when you go, because it\'s much colder than dry, it\'s as cold as liquid nitrogen!
Of course, something is happening under the ice and it can be very exciting to find out what it is, but maybe we should overcome the challenge of dry ice Mars before liquid nitrogen Europa.
The moon was cold too, but we didn\'t do much there, and of course we didn\'t drill 20 km of the tunnel.
At sorbet and cold temperatures, Europa seems to be something worth chewing on.
Mars is a gentle place.
124 F to 68 F, which is more feasible for people in suits.
For all those who \"stay at home.
You know, there are people who are aware of the profits of space exploration and are willing to spend the money. . .
Because they realized it was an investment.
You cannot stop the desire of many of us to explore what God has before us.
We will get there no matter the cost, we will be the first to get the benefits! !
You \'d better laugh at those who are desperate for war!
I just don\'t understand why so many people don\'t want a part of this legacy?
Thank God, someone has the courage to get out of the cave! ! \"Investment \"?
So when do we spend so much public money on the moon?
If you put down your iphone and ipod and do some serious research, you may find out how many new technologies we use in the civil and business areas, which are acquired from the Apollo program. (
I\'m not even talking about military technology because I\'m sure you\'re going to laugh at it and all I\'m talking about is civilian technology).
You already have it.
Or, if you like to live in your own ignorance, then turn off your phone, wireless product, computer, satellite TV anyway, when you need it, refuse to use half of the equipment in the hospital and remove half of the components that contain unique compounds in the new car.
In addition, you can also visit NASA\'s website for research.
Now turn it back on and thank NASA for its manned space program. You\'re welcome.
This is an investment in the country, not a share dividend.
It stimulates the economy, creates jobs and promotes education. a minute . . .
This is not what \"investment\" means.
When I invest in something, it means that I have partial ownership of the resulting profit.
When Apple invests in technology, do you expect them to be content with no profit and the phone can play games in their hands? Are you serious?
The Apollo program gave birth to all modern computer technology.
The moon race has driven the study of integrated circuits, and now almost all modern electronic devices have integrated circuits, including the car you drive to work, the shift manager you punch in when you get there, or the computer you use to complete the quarterly revenue report.
NASA\'s moon mission has actually spawned a multi-trillion-dollar global technological revolution.
It\'s your reward, bud, you \'d better thank it.
Now I understand.
You are not looking for something that will promote our society and civilization as a whole.
You just want someone to give you some cash, right? Pathetic.
@ JimiJonsJohn, your technical history is a bit off, but you missed all the points despite that.
The key is ownership.
If we do not publicly have the technology that public funds are used to develop, we should not call it \"investment \".
Neither you nor I will make a direct profit from this technology.
When we use it to develop a business model, we may make an indirect profit, but this is not part of our \"investment\" in any sense.
Someone needs to know who Neil deglass Tyson is.
Lucent, let me make it clear.
If I \"invest\" in the child\'s future, I should get a return on investment in the form of cash or cash equivalents, right?
If so, hey son, come over and get me some cash! NOT.
If you run your family like a company, I feel sorry for you.
It \"exists\" in the form of open source technology provided by NASA research \".
Return on investment comes in a form other than cash.
Open your eyes or turn off your computer and internet connection.
@ LucentskyYou really need to look into the word \"invest\" until you type something.
We all have it if we use taxpayers\' money! ! ! ! !
Do you want to get a return from space exploration?
You\'re short-sighted-
Stupid \"this is a stupid economy \"!
Our economy in the Apollo program has created a miracle for the country\'s economic and technological development.
However, you want to know if you can make millions of dollars from space projects.
Their payments are human progress, not just the numbers you have on stock markets and bank accounts, which is clearly the only thing you care about.
But you are not alone most of the world\'s countries from the rich OPEC say that Wall Street\'s banking companies, like Merrill Lynch, have not done anything for the world, but as the economy gets into poverty, the world sucks out and retires in a more luxurious way every day!
Yes, I may be tired of the direction of the global economy, and I want to quit, but that is not without good reason.
Isn\'t the tax on IPod sales a return?
Technology is not the only thing from NASA.
NASA has contributed more to our way of life than all wars add up, with NASA receiving the least amount of money.
Mr. Bravo, you have a good mixing.
I appreciate your efforts to advance the debate and respond wisely.
As for the fact that you obviously need to ask for monetary compensation for the fruits of the other labor force, please allow me to guide you in getting direct benefits from the Apollo program, if these technologies developed by Apollo had ever affected your poor Neanderthals
Like being, count yourself in luck.
There are so many things that cn mainly goes back to the space program in the communication program.
It\'s not just walking on the moon, we have to deploy a lot of things to get there.
Satellite, modern communication I. e.
Mobile phones, small computers, GPS, all of which trace their roots through space programs.
In order to reach the moon, many aspects of technology have been used and improved and even invented.
Open a book or at least open your browser and search for it.
Because life already exists, there are 1000 reasons to go to Mars.
People, animals, high technology.
First, look at the computer you just entered or the phone you are using.
Where do you think this technology comes from?
You\'re wasting your time on this idiot. . .
That\'s why I think there should be IQ requirements for voting.
Then you will always be looking for something that you can\'t touch-the stupid people are unlimited, according to all.
The light in the refrigerator suddenly turned on-
When the moisture fades-there will be more infinity, you will continue to look for it, and you will become less and less without an answer other than intuition --
Addicted to some curiosity that you seem to want to explore.
Alcohol drinkers, whether they know or not
Enter no with the same journey-
People\'s land every day
It\'s sad, just like you think there\'s something \"good\" going to be in addition to the money for astronauts and researchers; it will not.
Let\'s call it a \"black hole\" and leave it there.
In the eyes of most people, what you seek is something you will never reach.
I note strongly that it seems that all contributors are under 30 years old.
With such a \"big stupid idea\", watch you make sense --eyed does.
Where do you put your sages-you know, those who really know ,(
Not your smartphone announcer)about stuff ?
\\ Yes, it\'s a dazzling spread, but so is dancing with the Stars.
Please take it to Mars if you leave the ground.
Maybe the answer is simple, no answer.
Man, I feel bad for you!
Do you live in a coffin? . . .
BTWwe left the ground a long time ago, baby! !
In fact, as far as we know, the universe is not infinite-it\'s just incredibly big.
The universe is definitely not infinite.
When you look out at night, most of what you see is dark, there are some white spots that we call stars.
If the universe is really infinite, there are an infinite number of stars when you look at the sky at night, all you will see is white light.
Even though I suspect I\'m feeding trolls, I still have to reply to the article.
I have to ignore those diseases.
Since there is no real comparison between the two, an attempt is made to compare intellectual curiosity with alcohol abuse.
I find it very sad that you see your desire for knowledge and understanding and your ability to dream as negative qualities.
Seriously, you have my mercy and I can\'t imagine how sad the world is for you.
First of all, I encourage my students, and every young person I am fortunate enough to influence, to make their dreams come true and believe that they can create the life they want!
Only big dreams can change the world, even if people like you complain that there is no need to change.
The beauty of this universe and the reason why Mars is worth pursuing is because dreams are worth pursuing and the benefits to all mankind are real.
Other replies have covered this area so I\'m not going to be there again.
The knowledge that going to Mars can provide us can help us to better understand ourselves and our universe, and any attempt to understand ourselves and others will not be wasted.
People judge and condemn the extent of children\'s falls so quickly and how terrible they are.
So why are we so willing to refuse the opportunity for them to know themselves, to know each other and to know us?
Why should we deny them the opportunity to gain experience and wisdom?
You are welcome to stagnate and aspire to a simpler era \";
\"But some of us are mature and we understand that our job is to make progress.
Move forward, run forward, fall forward. . .
No matter how slow or not elegant it is in time.
If you hate cnn, why are you on their website?
Next, \"they are not small dreams, but small people\", you are the little people standing in front of the greatest dream of mankind, to explore.
Small people like you have made continuous progress throughout history in order to improve the lives of all.
I believe that the human spirit can achieve our collective goals.
Few people will get this, but in fact, for those who come up with the argument that \"infinite stars will whiten the whole sky\", it\'s been made by some very simple calculus and red --shift.
If the universe is infinite (
Not to say, this is unlikely)
The wavelength of light emitted from an infinite number of stars is getting farther and farther, and will gradually approach the limit.
The sky is not all white, but very red. shifted light.
Actually, we call it background radiation.
There are many other possible theories that can describe the phenomena that we have observed, and the razor of Occam just suggests the preferred current razor (
It\'s not that it\'s more likely to be true, it\'s just that it\'s preferred as a model due to less unknown numbers).
Nevertheless, it would be wise to review this crisis before describing the current functionally perfect predictive model as \"truth.
That is to say, yeah, Mars!
To the man who poop.
Because it is infinite, it will explore space.
Or more likely)
So exploring it will never be \"done \". . .
Why do you want to do anything?
Why do you want to explore? why do you want to explore?
Why take risks in life?
Why learn anything?
I mean, from some point of view, all scientific exploration is useless, because unless you are Isaac Newton, you will find out very early that you will never change that corner, all the secrets of the universe will be revealed (
Newton is crazy).
For those who are only likely to care, squeeze out every possible profit from every possible effort. . .
Wow, I really feel sorry for you.
Your life sounds empty.
Although common in sci
In science fiction films, important manned space travel is physically and physically impossible.
However, for scientific, technical and defense reasons, it is essential to continue working on the space exploration program. I do radiation-
NASA induced cancer research so that we can send people to Mars.
This work is directly applicable to patients receiving radiation therapy for cancer.
For all those who oppose the Mars mission, you are indirectly opposed to finding a cure for cancer. Hyperbole much?
Or have you forgotten that we can support cancer research directly?
I totally disagree.
First of all, you need to leave your troubles out.
The blind devotion to God has set us back thousands of years in scientific progress, so let\'s go beyond that.
Next, what investment do you mean?
We will learn how to package a person for a few months and shoot a celestial body?
Why do you think point B is the surface of Mars, not the surface of the moon, we will learn more?
I agree with the first article that we need to fully explore the planet before we leave to explore another planet.
There is a lot to be found under our ocean, not on the hypothetical sea floor 50 million miles away.
So, at what time, we \"fully explore [d]
To satisfy your curiosity?
I agree that there will be a lot of discoveries in our oceans, but that doesn\'t mean that this is the only place to look.
According to your own logic, I can come back and say that there are many discoveries in our atmosphere (
Or push band, or * fill in the blanks *)
So we shouldn\'t be exploring the ocean yet.
The rope will never end, so we end up doing nothing. @Mr.
Spook. -fully explored? Hmm.
I think I would say make the most of the existing land, including unfriendly areas like the desert and the Arctic.
Underground options, and below the ocean.
As for trying to place colonies in the atmosphere, it would be a great pioneer in colonizing Venus, as we currently only expect hospitable conditions above the surface of the Earth.
However, sulfuric acid rain is a problem. . .
My view of the ocean on Mars is that in the near future, the ocean is more likely to have a higher prospect of benefits.
I\'m definitely not suggesting that we never leave this planet, but I don\'t believe we\'re on the moon, so Mars is incredible. (
Yes, Princess cue Bride).
I also hope that the vast amount of experience we have learned from colonial oceans can easily be transferred to another place where the colonial environment is bad.
First, let\'s take \"gawd\" out of the equation \".
This fantasy has nothing to do with exploration and even the creation of the universe.
We should go to Mars because it is a good thing economically and technically.
As we saw in 1960s, it will bring jobs and technological innovation.
This means new and more efficient manufacturing processes.
In addition, studies that cannot be carried out during travel, on Earth and on Earth.
The transfer of funds from the military to NASA and private enterprise development will be the main economic stimulus.
Not only for the United States, but also for the global economy.
It will also bring much-needed social growth that will eventually stop humans from acting like the only intelligent life in the universe (we aren\'t).
At the same time, we can develop applications for manufacturing and raw materials on the moon.
It can also be the launch pad for the Mars mission, because there is not so much gravity and atmosphere to overcome, so less resources are needed.
This plant, the future of human beings is not on this planet. LOL \"God\".
You are like a child who has never been told that Santa is not a real child. Mars is D. O. A. .
Mars is nothing more than a fool doing a job in vanity similar to building a pyramid in Egypt.
It makes no sense for a country with $8 to $12 trillion in debt.
Unlike the moon, the moon has the potential to become a source of rare earth elements and helium
Chinese and Russians understand that iron is buried in the soil of Mars, and there may be some bacteria.
Nothing but that.
We have a lot of iron without having to build a sustainable colony from scratch.
Even Obama\'s asteroid mission makes more sense, because at least you can prove that if we had to launch an asteroid from orbit, we would have done that.
How do you know? Been there?
It is called research dumb.
Helium 3 is a known isotope that can make fusion power a reality.
Think about it, cheap electricity.
I agree with the moon and helium. 3.
Make the new state of Salem a world of cheap energy and security. .
Chinese and Russians will go there. .
Spanish and Portuguese investment in the new world is not performing well. .
First of all, President Obama said to you.
Show respect.
Second, why do you claim to know the composition of Mars compared to the moon\'s abundant minerals and gases?
We also don\'t have enough knowledge to illustrate that one is good for resources and the other is not good for resources.
Third, are you sure why the pyramid was built? Or even how?
At this point, I\'m pretty sure it\'s all speculation.
If Obama is worthy of respect, he will respect him.
Mars does have its purpose.
People\'s space is main, and I think it will be a more pressing issue in the next ten or twenty years.
But, in addition to the direct value of Mars as a source of land or raw materials, developing new technologies for the many challenges Mars will face will be a real reward.
I believe this is also a major point of view for Op\'s work.
By reaching Mars and taking on all the challenges that come with it, we and our children may benefit from technologies that we can\'t even imagine at the moment.
The author\'s point of view on inspiring children is correct.
We worry about STEM (
Science, technology, engineering, mathematics)-field-
Students who are ready, but we have no reason for them to aspire to the STEM field.
Mars is one reason.
This is probably our best reason.
Kids don\'t care \"you can make more money in STEM jobs\" or \"you can always find a job \". They have a big dream.
Bigger than those of us who \"grew up\", they will either meet the challenge or wonder why we as a nation, as a nation, I don\'t want more.
What I\'m saying is that I think if we as a nation want to regain our place at the forefront of technological development, we have to go to Mars. Really?
Because humans have the most important work on this planet.
Have you confused \"respect\" and \"like \"?
Anyway, all the people in that office are permanent gentlemen. President.
I\'m glad you decided to insult him with the freedom he represents.
One of the things that makes me proud of being an American. \". . .
Iron is buried in the soil of Mars, and there may be some bacteria.
Nothing but that.
\"The bacteria found in the Martian soil would be the idea --
Exciting discoveries are even hard to imagine for biology.
Is there any DNA? RNA?
When did it separate from Earth bacteria or is it completely different?
What does it metabolize and what waste does it produce?
The discovery of the bacteria themselves is enough.
Scientist, you are playing with a strange idea and seem to be fascinated by it.
I don\'t see any point except that you may need a job, and that\'s what you like to do-Daydream at NASA.
I assure you that this is not a valuable political or practical solution other than a billion dollars.
A mile long curiosity
Let go, man-there\'s not much evidence to live, like your skin or my skin, will endure)
A trip to Mars, or B. )
The environment of the Earth itself.
In my own opinion, if a scientist can\'t accept the whole problem-if one exists-then he or she has nothing to do with it.
Again, as a space engineer, your happiness is not what I care about and should not be.
It seems that this is a whole
You and a few others, I can\'t support a United Nations like engineers at all. thought-through ideas.
How will you get there?
From here on, dude.
He already knows how to get there.
If you read it, you will know that he wrote a book about the subject.
Climb out of your cave
Thank you for assuring us that you know what is worth and what is not worth for us. . . dude.
The interesting point is that if a comet appears directly in front of us, you will be the first person to want to go out.
Whether you like it or not, combining the number of people already present on Earth with the current birth rate and mortality rate, we need at least 1 person.
The Earth will continue our current path.
This is the problem.
It is a mistake not to explore our universe.
Learning history is a step in preventing mistakes and understanding humans better.
We haven\'t changed much except technology.
The logic is simple.
You will not learn what you have not tried or done.
The key to education is logic.
I say that if we can or cannot, we must pursue and develop anything in order to improve the chances of infinite human survival.
We lack real logic, as long as we continue to feed each other and feel that we need to be a controlling factor in order to survive and live a fulfilling life.
The more we learn, the more we can unite for our common cause.
The closer we get to a better life for all humanity.
We must eliminate the need to hope and earn the future for all to have and live together as earth people, to be educated, healthy and United and to live a better life for all.
Let\'s go out.
We have always been Explorers. why stop now?
We will never know the whole truth.
We must continue to explore history and the future.
I want to impress me with the wisdom of our human beings.
I want to know everything I don\'t know. Don\'t you? . . . .
Space exploration is no use other than giving really smart people something to do and giving them the chance to come up with cool gadgets.
What if there is life on Mars? so what.
What if there are millions of other planets on a planet like this, and people are doing the same thing as us? so what.
You are planning your fantasy vacation home when your house is on fire.
The main purpose of space exploration is to use public funds for research and to concentrate wealth in private hands.
This is very much like war in this respect.
There is nothing good for most of the public, but they have to pay for it and they have to be told that it is crucial to win the game.
Wow, it\'s totally fake.
Despite my opposition to war, I cannot ignore the technology and progress that has been brought to ordinary citizens.
The benefits of space exploration are the same, except that it is also an adventure that does not involve killing people.
Well, I don\'t think it\'s really a method of social control, not that there are actually a lot of people who really want to explore space.
I understand this desire, but I want to go to Russia to catch salmon, but now I have bills and other things to worry about.
We have bigger problems, and yes, we have limited resources, so we can\'t do everything at once.
Any technical \"benefit\" comes from investment in research funding.
The goal of the moon or Mars is only to convince the public to accept funding for the study.
If we use public funds democratically, if the public really wants their money to be spent on this kind of research, there is no need to sell a story of \"moon landing mission to beat the Russians.
It is also important to know who benefits directly from this technology. You or I? Likely not.
What can take advantage of this technology and make a profit from it is the concentration of private power.
It\'s like how taxpayers finance the development of computers and the Internet because they are told they need high military research funding to support the U. S. S. R.
But the real beneficiaries of the study are companies like Microsoft and Apple that make trillions of dollars on taxpayers.
A funded invention
Lucent, stop posting, just turn off the computer.
Then throw it out the nearest window.
Obviously, NASA\'s innovations don\'t exist in your world, so you shouldn\'t admit their benefits indirectly in reality.
Well, it\'s obviously not a benefit in your case, because you just show us your ignorance.
The life of this planet is limited.
So unless life escapes it at some point, the existence of life on this planet is meaningless. . . .
It may be meaningless, but we can hope to learn in the future. . .
Let\'s start by escaping the prison of this planet, where our heritage is destined to be destroyed. . . . . . . exactly. .
Some people here don\'t see this and don\'t think so much from the box.
That\'s why he or she calls himself a muscle rather than a brain. .
I agree with you.
Bogota is science!
Who cares about major scientific discoveries when you have beer and video games!
You have just proved that there is no life on Earth.
What an absurd argument1.
For \"knowledge \"?
The answer is this. . .
There is life outside the Earth. There. Satisfied. 2.
\"Challenge \"?
Don\'t you think we have enough \"challenges\" already? 3.
For the future \"?
I think most people would agree that if we were to spend trillions of dollars on Earth, all of our future would be better, by contrast, to launch it into outer space, send dozens of people to Mars. . .
Sitting in a shelter. .
Take a few walks. . .
Take pictures of the Earth. Yeah. . . don\'t ya think?
Is life confirmed on other planets?
Your irony is notable, but it is certainly the most likely scenario.
Of course, why don\'t we shut down all the universities and transfer all the money to social projects, because in any case, \"research\" doesn\'t really do anything for ordinary people. Education?
Hey, who needs it. . .
You obviously don\'t.
You obviously don\'t look at the US budget.
If you do, you will know that it costs trillions of dollars on Earth.
Then you will also know that 1/2 of your taxes per dollar are paid for NASAs budget.
You pay $1000, $5.
Great value for McDonald\'s.
No matter how much we spend on Earth, a comet is gone.
The technology we have developed on Mars will help to stop these comets. \". . .
Trillions of dollars. . .
\"First of all, please allow me to point out how naive it sounds to repeat in this way.
Secondly, please get your facts from other sources other than unresearched blogs.
NASA\'s budget is about half of the national budget, and it\'s just trivial compared to the amount of money we waste on a lot that\'s not worth the effort.
Many unimaginative little people commented on the article.
One reason the author has not mentioned is: the desire to explore is in our nature, Mars is the next logical place.
One might say that if you want to take a sustainable path on Earth, all you have to do is kill about 6 billion people and then all the shortages are gone for a while.
I think it would be foolish not to try to extend our field to the nearest neighbor in the universe, the moon and Mars, but I don\'t think we currently know how to build a truly self-sufficient colony on Earth at this time.
We need to do this, but we need to address how to do it first.
Completely correct-the author shows deep ignorance of human physiology and physics, and his article lacks logic.
However, funding a vibrant unmanned space program is essential for ongoing scientific, technological and defense purposes.
We are basically right to send humans to Mars.
Rocket is not the use of UFO to get there in a few minutes.
The impact on humans at such a fast pace makes no sense.
The rocket was the technology of 1960s.
On that day it worked for the moon.
I won\'t kill you in three days.
Civilization already living on Mars, the locals are very similar to us.
Find out the facts first.
Google IMAGES \"Jerry Lehane Mars\" seeslideshow acct # \"jlehane3\" more than 1000 photos, including life, people, animals, fossils and high-tech on MarsThey have anti-
Gravity technology on Mars
It seems to me that the moon is more dangerous than Mars.
John Lear says there is life on Venus and I can\'t confirm or deny that yet.
I designed 1987 Mars rover.
JerryThe argument that \"we should not go to Mars until we solve the problem on earth\" is a very flawed argument that the person who made it should be ashamed to call himself.
What\'s the difference between saying \"we shouldn\'t build roads before global peace!
Or \"we shouldn\'t fix our health care system until we eliminate hunger.
\"This is not-or proposition.
We can\'t just spend the value of one unit on one thing.
There are many things we can do.
Moreover, we will never fix everything on Earth.
So it is the same to give such an argument as saying \"let\'s never go to Mars.
\"If we should not go to Mars until we fix everything on Earth, and we cannot repair everything on Earth, we should never go to Mars. This is America.
We are not cowards or idiots.
We should be the richest and most powerful country on Earth.
We should be the home of the brave.
We are going to the moon.
We\'re better than that.
What kind of America do you want to live in?
Who colonize another world, or who stands by while others colonize another world?
Why do Americans on both sides of the aisle suddenly feel like we can\'t do anything?
We were told we couldn\'t afford to solve poverty, we were told we couldn\'t afford to take care of patients, and now we are told we can\'t afford to go to Mars.
I refuse it all.
We can do whatever we want. Yes, I agree. Screw the poor.
All we need to do is wrap ourselves in the American flag and fly magic to Mars to start fixing the world.
I hope you\'re in trolling because you \'ve shown a perfect example in other ways, proving this seriously flawed argument I\'m laughing.
No, not \"screw the poor \".
No, there is no Mars magic to solve the problem of the poor.
Cheer up, but we can actually do more than one thing at the same time!
I know. crazy, right?
You can actually have a space program to feed the poor!
If you feel some kind of dizziness right now, don\'t panic, it\'s normal when your whole idea of reality is canceled --
Swing like this.
If you\'re a troll. .
Need more cowbell
Boy, I have news to tell you that there is no unlimited amount of resources on this planet.
A major problem in this country is that the distribution of wealth is terrible, and a space project will only exacerbate the problem by concentrating public funds in the hands of a few people.
Despite what they are trying to sell you, it is unlikely that paying for a happy trip to Mars will be any better for humans than flying to the moon.
If this does not awaken the pessimists, then their hearts start to stink when they are young, unless they are already petrified.
We can afford it. we can afford a lot.
Why spend money on golden teeth?
According to this logic, I bet you are \"screwing the poor\" every day \".
Do you have a pet?
Is there something you really don\'t need?
Every time you do this, you screw the poor. Pet food?
What about human food?
Is the computer you use to type in information more important than providing a roof for homeless families?
What if, in the search for Mars, we developed both food sources and cheap natural housing?
Yes, because I believe that without NASA, you will have a good idea to invent your own wireless technology, which led to the birth of the technology industry and the telecom industry, so how much work is there?
If we don\'t invest in NASA half a century ago, we will use landlines and standard TV.
But no, I believe there will be less work in the long run.
The term has nothing to do with you, because the only important person in your life is you, and the benefits to yourself.
How about considering a better life for your offspring?
If not space flight: 1.
My phone won\'t be stuck under my car seat because it doesn\'t exist. 2.
I\'m not going to take a nap on my alarm clock because my super comfortable memory foam mattress doesn\'t exist. 3.
Since we have not made progress, my medical physics class will be much simpler. 4.
I have most likely visited the bottom of some ultra-deep trench myself as the safety standards on my plane are not very high. 5.
The fact that the zipper on my Jack doesn\'t work can actually be annoying because Velcro doesn\'t exist.
The list continues.
If I am not mistaken, there is a good chance that velcro\'s invention will pay for all space exploration so far.
About a few times.
What\'s the improvement of the economy?
This is just one of the things I listed above.
I don\'t even really mention all the progress in cancer and bone density research that is the result of \"just Exploration.
\"I\'m sure there are countless other things I \'ve forgotten or just know nothing about myself.
Mars is millions of miles away, we don\'t have much to need now, or if we perfect the exploration technology here on Earth, when we go to Mars, not only will we get better equipment and training to do that, but it will cost a fraction of what it is today.
Unless we have better technology and are able to use our resources more effectively when we get there, there is no point in colonial space.
We shouldn\'t go to the moon because we have better technology now.
Moreover, according to this argument, no one should have come to the Americas because no one invented modern ships in the 15 th century.
Hell, no one should leave the cave because there is no sharp step on the feet of the cave man.
Half agree with your guest and half agree with your Jonathan.
If the competition for renewable energy on Earth is as fierce as the competition for \"Red Planet\", I think the environment around us will be good.
The space race and some renewable energy.
Are you a huge fan of Star Trek? . . . . Be honest.
So many people hate them saying we can\'t, we can\'t, we can\'t. that\'s your 1st problem. two going to Mars is the next step to help save the Earth.
As this article says, there will be more than 100 million children in our country\'s schools in the next 10 years.
If a Mars program only motivates 1% of people to receive science education, the final result will be more than 1 million scientists, engineers, inventors, medical researchers and doctors, innovation, creating new industries, looking for new medical methods, strengthening national defense and increasing national income for decades have dwarfed spending on the Mars program.
It\'s worth it, or you want to live in a world without motivation.
If you\'re happy sitting in a shed watching TV and have less than average intelligence, go ahead.
The rest of us, smart people, understand that exploration is not only the only way to save the planet, but also the only way to save the small amount of natural resources we have left.
Just as our ancestors set out in the vast ocean, many people think that the ocean is flat, so we must look up at the stars.
From Mars, we can mine asteroids, which can provide us with enough wealth to pay any price we pay in the process.
Who says it\'s supposed to be us, if we share the cost with the rest of the world, it\'s cheaper, right?
It\'s the right simple idea to get there cheaply and we can use nuclear energy. It has been used in our Navy for many years and it works better than using what we use now
In addition, NASA has designed an atomic ship that can work.
It\'s not as difficult to get there as you think, it just takes advantage of the gray matter called the brain. Yes sir.
There is no reason not to do so.
If we can create an atmosphere there. . . .
If you change the artwork on the surface of Mars, you will get more support and press a few buttons so that the flag patch on the suit is Chinese, not American, and maybe in the car
Stick it to the opponents, if the United StatesS.
Keep it conservative, backward-looking course. YES!
People just don\'t understand-
Nothing on Mars.
Its gravity is slightly larger than the moon, and its faint atmosphere is poisonous.
Because a, there is no atmosphere, B, it is as cold as dry ice, so we can\'t transform it into land.
Now, is this enough to quell the hopes of all the little kweer Mars hippies?
Do it on the moon or in orbit;
The rescue is closer, and it will not take two years to arrive. Wait a minute. . .
We can\'t transform it
It means changing the temperature and atmosphere)
Because the weather is cold, the atmosphere is bad?
Seriously, Oscar?
You also said, \"I can\'t paint my house yellow because it\'s white. \"?
\"I can\'t fix it because my car is broken \"?
\"I can\'t make a fire because it\'s cold \"?
Oh, there\'s a lot of stuff there. It\'s a planet.
It\'s made of things.
Iron, nickel, phosphorus (
By the way, we have run out on Earth), oxygen (
That\'s why the dirt is red), and so on. Oh, and land. Lots of land.
Most people think there is some value to the land.
Nothing to burn.
What do you do?
Everything you do needs a nuclear reactor. Cause (like I said)
It was a two-year trip and the sun was just a small place.
No solar energy, only nuclear energy, after years of hard work (
And ten million dollars)
You need one more)
Gravity to suppress any air you make, B)a man-
In order to make everything warm, orbit star was made.
You really need to use a different analogy.
The Earth\'s atmosphere was designed to sustain life.
Mars can hardly do that.
First of all, it is too far away from the sun, not warm.
So bring your space suit and keep warm with a lot of energy.
Second, without the gravity of the Earth, you can say goodbye to your bone mass and muscle strength.
Power like gravity can help keep you in shape, unlike fat people.
You know, when you go uphill, because it\'s harder than going downhill.
So in order to maintain your strength, you need to exercise more on Mars.
Not to mention a zero gravity trip for nearly 2 years, which will do damage to your body.
Don\'t worry, once we run out of most of the important resources on the planet, including rare earth minerals in China\'s virtually monopolized electronics, all of our favorite products and lifestyles become completely unusable, they will complain why we don\'t go, why do we want China to have all the deposits on the moon and Mars?
Not only will they have you, they will have your future.
And your children.
These critics may also be open to lynching.
They should start with themselves.
The article your politician doesn\'t want you to read: Get your facts straight.
There is an atmosphere that is thinner than the Earth, but is important enough for the probe to land by parachute.
Temperature depends on many factors, but sometimes it is enough to melt the ice.
One day, humans can live in protected shelters.
Please quote your sources instead of some broken Wikipedia pages.
@ Judge Dredd: Have you seen a photo of the Viking Lander who arrived on Mars in the 1970 s?
They are the size of a small jeep-the ship is loaded with electronic equipment and legs in order to keep the unit upright when landing.
If there is no atmosphere, what do you think will happen to these things-they will fall like stones and be destroyed in the impact.
Of course they have parachutes.
Look at the thousands of photos on the Internet)
, There is no reason to have a parachute unless there is an atmosphere that can create resistance.
Here\'s a source: it doesn\'t need to look too far to find that Mars can become as warm as 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but the average temperature is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Of course we can transform Mars into Earth.
We send a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that has already warmed the Earth every day, and while I\'m sure you don\'t know that the greenhouse gas on Mars is 300 times that of carbon dioxide, the trouble is relatively small.
Also, if we heat it to enough temperature, then the frozen carbon dioxide deposits on Mars will begin to be converted into gas, which will warm the earth, so we can convert more carbon dioxide into gas and so on.
Why don\'t we \"mine\" the scientific \"gold mine\" of the International Space Station \"(yeah. . . right)
Before we go to Mars for another $10 trillion.
What will we do when we get there? Oh Yeah. . .
Take more photos of the Earth. Whoppee!
We should use trillions of dollars to launch a fruitless war to keep the military industrial complex alive.
Sending people to Mars has a major problem: they will all die or die from radiation before they reach Mars.
Any extended travel outside the Earth\'s magnetic layer and the ozone layer will give astronauts a lethal dose of radiation.
Humans do not have any technology to overcome this problem or any promising technology on the horizon.
The Moon astronauts spoke with their eyes closed about their experiences in radiation and flash.
NASA knows that it is the death penalty to extend your stay on the moon or to travel on Mars without an invention shield.
The whole premise of this article is that unless we try to do something we haven\'t done before, the solution won\'t come up.
If you don\'t try to go to Mars, there is no incentive for innovation in the shield you describe.
Think before posting.
Interestingly, when we promised to go to the moon, we had the same technical problems.
Many scientists believe that flying in Van Allen will kill themselves.
We don\'t have a shield to bear the pain of returning to the atmosphere. . .
The list continues.
But somehow, we \'ve developed new technologies to handle all of this.
Called the insurmountable problem of going to the moon.
This is the point of committing to something that has never been done before.
How to discover.
Agree and add the fourth reason: \"Occupy the Highlands or they will bury you in the Valley \".
I am concerned that since people do not want us to find anything that shows that we are not alone, there have been some mistakes in the past Mars missions. . .
Or not alone in the universe.
There is some theory that we will not go because of the agenda of the religious right wing, they just don\'t want us to prove that they are wrong.
We need to go to Mars to show that we are not alone in the universe! Baloney!
We are not alone.
There may be only 10 trillion planets in our universe, thinking that we are the only intelligent life is a completely arrogant, outdated origin --
Focus on scientific thinking.
We should accept that we are not unique and find ways to identify civilizations that are millions of years ahead of us.
This should be NASA\'s top priority.
Oh, the robot is doing better.
When the rover can last for several years and drive miles, why send someone 400 yards for a few days?
In fact, two guys, a good Rover and some scientific equipment can do what the last three rover has spent nine years doing in a week.
Those Rover are not r2 2.
They are very simple machines compared to the living human brain.
They are completely controlled by humans millions of miles away, where the simplest instructions may take 20 minutes to get there.
Compared to the real geologists in the field, this is very clumsy and time consuming.
At this time, going to Mars is no more important for us than going back to the moon.
Make a bit of a successful transformation, and then I\'m more interested in Mars.
Agree and add the fourth reason: \"Occupy the Highlands or they will bury you in the Valley \".
From the Korean War
The same is true of gravity mountain.
Want to stand at the wrong end of a very large rock in space?
You capitalized the big stone.
But yes, a world where at least some of us can escape in catastrophic events will be better than death.
Has anyone heard of the Serpo project?
A coalition has been reached that has made the Serpo project a success and that can be done again.
For further space exploration, the government must share their secrets. SERPO?
Man, it\'s pure BS.
I think you may have seen too many fantasy movies.
This is ridiculous.
Our space science community must face up to reality.
This guy\'s behavior is ridiculous, innocent or self-willed.
From the nano level, his concepts of \"challenge\" and \"new knowledge\" have little scalar level that can be applied.
Marine, human thinking, agriculture, energy, health, aging and more research areas
We need the greatest scientific challenge.
When we hunt down ghosts in outer space, many of these areas lack resources.
I am not saying that there is no point in this goal;
But the initial \"challenge\" was not intrinsic.
It will send the Russians to the moon and let us accept this, which is the real beginning of it.
Guys, give some space to the rest of the science.
We have not yet proved that humans will not go crazy in tin cans for seven months just to reach Mars. . . . . . .
Can you drive through the country without stopping to stretch your legs?
Try to stay in your RV for 7 months.
I didn\'t open the window to smell the air, go out for a walk, etc.
The trip raised many basic questions at the beginning. Wrong.
When you don\'t know what\'s going on in the world, why do you open your mouth and pat your gums?
Some of the crew spent 520 days simulating the trip.
Should go to Mars, but many of you seem to lack the wisdom you need to understand why.
Go back to your facebook, twitter, and TV.
They also simulated a 2nd-square-meter Earth to simulate a long journey, and people slipped out.
In response to the space station, it is much larger than any space capsule designed to go to Mars so far.
We have yet to prove that we can do it.
The contraction has been watching for a while. I\'ve been fol;
Since Gemini, the space program has started.
I am familiar with many difficulties in simulation experiments.
The problem with \"simulation\" is that you know you\'re on Earth and you can exit the simulation for anything that goes wrong.
Without walking out of the tin can for 4 months, you can embark on a journey without return.
Now put your tin paper hat back on and climb back to your mom\'s basement.
\"We have not yet proved that humans will not go crazy in tin cans for seven months just to reach Mars.
\"Astronauts have been on the international space station for longer. O. K.
Relax, Dexter.
I will give you a Rubik\'s Cube if you settle down a little.
There is no danger to the earth and no danger to human beings. . .
After 200, there will be much less human beings. . .
In any ecosystem, when a species
It will not grow further in the end, so it will shrink to a sustainable level.
In our case, war and disease are most likely.
Anyway, I don\'t want to be alarmist, but we are more likely to be stable at a healthier level (and lower)
If we waste all our resources or ruin our atmosphere, will the final level disappear? Agreed.
\"People-there is no danger to the Earth, and there is no danger to human beings. . .
\"Tell the dinosaur.
Oh wait, they\'re extinct because they\'re not smart enough to develop techniques to avoid or survive Chicxulub
Like the extinction. It\'s all bad.
Here, we can learn a lot of ways to solve the problem.
Also: there is very little intelligent life on Earth, what makes people think it will be different elsewhere?
The author did not realize that the Soviet Union was economically defeated because it spent more money than it could afford.
Maybe they want America to go the same way.
Same idea as I still have check, so I still have to have money.
When we get back on our feet, we can consider investing in space.
All I know so far is that we got Teflon & Tang and some good memories but they didn\'t pay the bill.
Ten items derived from space exploration: 1.
To protect the infrared antenna, NASA has developed an invisible support-translucent multi-Crystal alumina.
Scratch-proof glasses developed for astronaut helmet visors3.
Memory foam mattress-designed by NASA to cushion seats during the landing of the spacecraft.
Ear Thermometer-infrared thermal sensor developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Sneakers footbed-spring for modern sneakers comes from Apollo moon boots 6.
Telephone communication-mobile tower, satellite telephone, satellite TV;
Everyone thinks it is necessary to reach astronauts in space. 7.
Smoke detectors-modern smoke alarms are based on smoke alarms used in skylab8.
Road and runway with slots-NASA tested setting grooves in concrete to divert water to make landing safer. 9.
Cordless tools-the free operation of astronauts in space requires convenient cordless tools. 10.
Water filters-so far, astronauts also need a way to keep drinking water clean in space.
Pozin: the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union has little to do with the Soviet space program.
The fact that they are still shipping our people there shows some things.
The Soviet economy collapsed because military spending was out of control, no one was responsible except for the general and the design bureau, and made more weapons and missiles than they wanted to use in five wars.
Read Hoffman\'s dead hand.
It will give you some insight into the cause of the crash.
Similarly, it is not the space program that the United States really wastes money;
Compared to the trillions of dollars we spend in Iraq, this is hardly a drop in the ocean.
The Apollo program for 60 and 70 years is less expensive than what we spent in Vietnam (
Not to mention life).
This is a huge waste, not space exploration.
People drink soup before space flight.
But NASA has outsourced most of the work. . .
They retain the right to use, but the company they work with retains intellectual property rights. . .
The first integrated circuit was developed by Texas Instruments. why?
Black and Decker have developed smaller, more powerful, and longer lasting batteries for their drill bits, why?
How about the padding in your favorite football player\'s helmet?
Frozen food? Infant Formula?
Sports bra, temperature-controlled clothing, swimsuit?
NASCAR for the Reds?
The Teflon was actually developed before NASA, and as part of the Manhattan project and our nuclear program, we worked hard to make centrifuges that were not self-destructed at such a high rate.
It is found that the Earth is round, not flat.
It\'s okay if you want to stay in the dust.
Don\'t decide what I spend on.
He means a life of wisdom.
Don\'t be sarcastic anymore. this is a practical problem.
Philosophical, life problems elsewhere in the universe have been solved.
We are not discussing whether we can go there. We know we can.
We may not be able to thrive or even survive there, but the question of whether we can get on Mars is not even a problem.
What if we did that?
Even if we do not thrive or even survive, we will create the evidence we seek-life beyond Earth.
Now that we know we can do that, you might as well think we have.
This means that we can come to the conclusion that if we can explore the universe, we will find that others have done it.
So we shouldn\'t go there because we can?
There is no point in this.
Yes, it sounds better before I run out of beer.
That\'s why the government should spend money on beer for everyone, not space exploration! Seriously.
People die every day on Earth, and we are wasting our resources by throwing them into black holes.
Almost literally. )
Solve internal problems first
If we shut down space exploration, people wouldn\'t die?
Where do we put them all?
We need more space. ! ! ! !
\"When there are problems at home that need to be solved, why sail on board? !
\"Seriously, idiots like you have made me wonder how humans have achieved as much as we do.
Maybe going to Mars can help us solve many problems on Earth. . . maybe not.
But nothing can be solved without trying.
Explore to help expand knowledge.
To put it simply, it nourishes us and gives us the motivation to grow.
The problems on Earth can be solved (
It seems difficult though)
No need for omita Mars exploration agenda.
We always have internal problems.
We can never solve all the problems.
You can go anyway.
When the US government decided to stop spending trillions of dollars to maintain its military presence in dozens of countries, when it stopped spending trillions of dollars to hunt random Arabs, when it stops paying trillions of dollars that it really doesn\'t have and gets rid of the debt. . .
We will go to Mars.
If the GWB lets us into Iraq, we can do the Mars exploration mission together, go there, scoff at the Chinese when we get back, and there\'s still money left for public schools and cancer research.
To be honest, what we should look at is the advanced technology of space travel, rather than using the edge capabilities we must have at the moment to find our way to Mars.
Should we do stunts for $2 trillion or advanced physics?
This is a very difficult problem.
We should stop taxing people in our society and let them payto-
People who can complete Mars and other tasks can start work.
They don\'t want or need your money.
They just want you to stop taking them.
Turn this into an argument at the tea party.
Go somewhere else.
Turn it into a way of political discussion-go somewhere else and look at your political views with you, Ian.
What\'s going on with the Tea Party debate?
There\'s no political element in your monster statement.
I propose to raise funds from individuals globally.
Who is willing to contribute when you have no return? I do.
I am not an American, but I can certainly donate at least $50 because I am proud that I have contributed to the first step forward for humanity.
7 billion people.
If you 1 (
That\'s 7 million)
Donations of $50 amounted to $0. 35 billion. What?
You said it wouldn\'t take you to Mars?
Well, maybe you see the problem now. . .
I fully support Mars.
In fact, I strongly approve of going to Mars.
This is just a very small problem.
It cost a lot of money. Maybe the U. S.
This should have been considered before spending trillions of dollars on the war since 2001.
Travel to Mars was supposed to pay.
It would be cool if we could vote when paying taxes.
Those who want to go to Mars can designate a fraction of what they pay.
Idiots who want to start a war can pay for them.
This is a good idea!
A check box for the US federal governmentS.
A $50 tax bill can be voluntarily withdrawn.
There should not be a record of who paid these $50.
This should be a goodwill without return.
One thing to do for those who want
Then there should be a box on the tax bill that pays $1,000 voluntarily.
Each of these people will engrave their names on a plaque on Mars.
If one of the 20 Am Americans chooses this (
I simplify here and pretend that every American fills in his tax bill, regardless of age)
That\'s about 15 million Americans.
This amount is as high as $15 billion.
Now we have at least one start.
In addition, Americans should be able to volunteer donations of any size directly to the special Mars fund.
Who knows, maybe some extremely wealthy Americans will donate a lot of money.
I think there is a wrong assumption here.
Technologies developed for the Apollo program (for example)
Probably already repaid the world economy many times for the cost of the Apollo program.
Whenever we push envelopes technically, we tend to develop new technologies.
World War II gave US jets and computers.
The Apollo program is pushing us to develop micro-robots.
These chips have driven 1980 of the computer revolution and 1990 of the Internet revolution.
What will Mars give us?
Who knows, we won\'t know unless we try.
I would also like to contribute directly, but there is a small problem.
What happens if this study leads to a cure for finding cancer (
Like an example)?
Who should benefit?
Only 7 million? Or everyone?
We do not pay car insurance after we need a claim, you paid before and hope you will never have an accident.
You won\'t be paid until you work.
You prove that you are a good employee and will be paid later.
We need to learn to make sacrifices first.
I am an avid science enthusiast and grew up in the brilliant achievements of the Apollo space program, but it was a cool time to smoke, it is OK to shoot your secretary in the back, baby car seats are these metal devices that will knock out the baby\'s teeth if you are in an accident.
In other words, the world today is a very different world.
We have a large uncontrolled deficit in government spending, a wealthy class that refuses to raise contributions to a fair share, and more troubling is
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
Send your inquiry

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