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Why the hotel mattresses are so comfortable


Many people will ask about the mattress information used by the hotel. Synwin, as the professional mattress factory in hotel project area, would like to share some hotel mattress information here for friends to understand.

First, we will sort out what most customers will ask, most of which fall into the following two common questions.

1. Why are the hotel mattresses always soft and comfortable?

In fact, for foreign hotels with a certain high level, mattress items are generally listed as consumables. Generally, mattresses will be replaced with new ones within 2 to 3 years, not only for comfort, but also for hygiene issues, because they are not used in general. Use, but commercial use.

If the customer's skin becomes red after sleeping, it must be that your mattress and quilt are not clean.

Even the well-known international brand mattress merchants even have a new contract before the sale. If it is not a long-term cooperation, the hotel has not renewed in a few years, and re-purchases a new batch of mattresses from the same mattress merchant. Won't sell it to you.

2. Why do we need to mention the above information?

Because in most hotels, daily necessities or environmental decorations are usually willing to change due to changes in style (hotel decoration), but because the mattresses are wrapped under sheets and thick bed frames, customers are less likely to pay attention, so usually hotel mattresses use at least There are more than seven years, or even more than ten years.

The mattress itself is a fluffy polymer material, so it will become soft after long-term use, and the speed of softening in commercial use will accelerate.

Therefore, there are three reasons why hotel mattresses are soft.

First, the mattresses usually lie down in hotels are not so soft at the beginning, but after long-term commercial use, they appear soft. If you use it too much, it becomes soft.

Second, in addition to thin mattresses, the mattresses in the hotel are also covered by several thick bedspreads, which will become a comfortable layer similar to a mattress, deepening the feeling of covering and softness.

Third, the problem of the mattress itself, the mattress itself is already very comfortable, and adding a thick bed wrapper is more comfortable.

So, what should we do to create a comfortable feeling similar to a hotel mattress?

First, Choose a mattress with a comfortable layer, or put a layer of quilt on top

Second, the bedroom is equipped with the atmosphere of a hotel, using warm colors with low-illuminance light sources and light-pigmented bed covers

Third, maintain a low humidity environment, because the hotel’s air-conditioning is mostly turned on all the time, so in the low humidity environment of the hotel, the body will be more comfortable and more suitable for rest. Coupled with a relaxing mood during a holiday, it will make it easier for people to have a good mood. The factor of sleep, but also to keep the sleeping environment dry and comfortable.

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