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Why should own a Pillow top Mattress?


Pillow top Innerspring mattresses have a layer of padding sewn directly on top of the bed. This layer is often constructed of memory foam, gel memory foam, latex foam, polyurethane foam, fiberfill, cotton, or wool. The padding of a pillow top is placed on top of the mattress cover. Therefore, the additional layer does not sit flush with the mattress. Instead, there is often a 1-inch gap between the topper and the surface of the bed.

Pillow top Innerspring mattresses are available in several different firmness levels, from plush to firm. The additional layer of padding cushions the joints and provides pressure point relief.

Types of Pillow Tops

Pillow-top has a minor variation to it, known as a Euro top. As the name suggests, the Euro-style originated in Europe and is more common there. Both act as a comfort layer to relieve pressure points.

Regular Pillow Top

A regular pillow top is sewn on top of the mattress with a noticeable gap above the comfort layer, giving the impression of extra padding.

Euro Pillow Top

In a Euro top, the additional padding layer is sewn underneath the cover of the mattress making it look more flush and uniform—there is no gap, leading to better edge support. Euro top layers are comprised of foam or fiberfill, appearing thicker and denser than a regular pillow top.

Benefits of Pillow top Innerspring Mattresss

Pillow top Innerspring Mattress are great for folks who like the feel of traditional innerspring mattresses butprefer a softer surface. These products work well for those who require robust support and considerable spinal alignment but enjoy plush comfort. Stomach, combo, and back sleepers are commonly good matches for this type of firmer support.

Comfort: Pillow top Innerspring Mattress also can be fantastic for comfort and support, as this soft top layer often provides outstanding plush contouring. When the feature is paired with a coil construction, it can offeran excellent choice for stomach and combo sleepers who still enjoy a soft surface.

Pressure Relief: Pillow top Innerspring Mattress can also be just as great at providing pressure relief. Whether paired with foam or individually wrapped coils, the feature can offer superb plush. 

Durability: Pillow top Innerspring Mattress can provide notable longevity when made with high-quality materials, either lasting up to ten years when properly cared for and thoughtfully crafted.

Thermal Regulation:Pillow top Innerspring Mattress are often a great bet when it comes to cooling. When the feature is paired with a coil inner structure, the combo allows for air to circulate through the coils promoting a cooler product; and it's plush surface should st


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