Wholesale mattress mattress manufacturer outsourcing plastic film tear how to deal with

by:Synwin     2020-07-11
Many people are not willing to tear up just buy mattress outsourcing plastic film, this kind of practice is wrong. Mattress plastic film must be torn down, otherwise the consequence is serious. Mattress manufacturer production, will in reserved a small hole on the side of the mattress, this is not a redundant design, but fully consider personal amount of sweat, that sleep is for the sake of personal consideration. Tear mattress outsourcing of the membrane, they can keep the body between the mattress and have an effective breathing, mattress is not used during the day will automatically send out of the process of the moisture. Mattress if you don't tear the film layer, there will be more bacteria and mites, also can make the mattress internal structure damage, will be squeaky when people turn over. In addition, studies have shown that a person at night sweat quantity has litres of water, if wrapped in plastic film, the moisture will directly adsorbed on the bed sheets, bed was uncomfortable, seriously affect the quality of sleep, affect human body health.
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