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What is different between bonnell spring and pocket spring?


People spend 1/3 of their time in bed, sleep well, rejuvenate, sleep well, it is simply a sin! It can be seen that the mattress is important for sleep. The first thing to judge whether a mattress is good or bad is the spring system. Just like the car's core is the engine, the core of air conditioning is the compressor, and the common springs used in mattresses are generally divided into 3 categories, wire drawing springs, round springs (also known as Bonnie springs), independent. Pocket springs, the last thing I recommend is the use of brushed springs. Due to its structural reasons, the mattress of the wire spring will generate more noise during use, insufficient support force, and short service life. High-end mattresses basically do not use brushed springs.

The bonnell spring is the most popular in the market, and it is also a type of mattress spring that ordinary people like to hear. Because of its large end face diameter, the middle diameter is small and spiral. Strong resilience, superior support performance, good balance of force, firm spring structure, good integrity, low cost and is used by the majority of mattress manufacturers, and the service life is not a problem for ten years and eight years. 

This is the bonnell spring, the spring and the spring are connected together by a coil spring to become a whole, and judging its merits and demerits depends on the following points, the thickness of the spring wire, the number of spring rings, the size of the spring waist, Spring size, number of springs. 

Separate pocket springs: The simple point is to put the spring into a non-woven bag.  (Tweed has the characteristics of breathable and waterproof, which can effectively prevent the spring from rusting. And more than the general non-woven fabric, which makes the spring not easy to puncture the bag), its biggest feature is that each spring can be supported separately, which fits the human body curve and lies in the bed. One of the two people on the mat turned over or left, and the other person was basically unaffected, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep, and the sister was lingering, and the mother no longer had to worry about my knees. Because of its complicated process, the cost is high, and the price is relatively high, which makes it the first high-end hotel in China!

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