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What are the pros and cons of a full spring mattress?


This article is talking about pros and cons of spring mattress from professional spring mattress, Synwin Global Co.,Ltd. On the below are different takes on spring mattress in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.


Spring mattress compares mattess of other material is more sturdy durable, therefore, spring mattress if the first choice for mattress purchase.

The newest spring mattress that has developed breathability and impact resistance are enhanced greatly, its soft and hard degree and the support strength of human body is more reasonable, the body also won't feel unwell because of pressure.

We who work all day find it easy to find the most comfortable position no matter how we move during the night break if we could sleep on spring mattress bed.

Next is defect of spring mattress, in order to ensure the quality of spring mattress, steel wire surface inside spring has rustproof chemical substances when selecting material for spring mattress factory.

Interlocking spring beds can cause tension in the muscles of the cervical and lumbar spine, neck and shoulder stiffness, and back pain.

Independent spring-lined mattresses use a lot of super glue to fix the interlining inside, and the interlining, with up to three layers in the middle, is where dirt is.

At this point, most of us should be looking at the eco-friendly springboards when looking for spring mattress.

There are also other mattress buyers' different points on spring mattress:

Advantages and disadvantages of full spring mattress: 

Disadvantages: Full spring mattress is arranged into a linear integral spring into a double-layer reinforced fiber sleeve without spacing.

In addition to advantages of linear integral spring mattress, its spring system is arranged in parallel with the human body, any bed rolling, therfore, spring mattress will not affect the side of sleeper.

Advantages: The pad has good elasticity, good support, strong air permeability and durability.

However, the disadvantage of traditional spring mattress is that all springs are connected together, a turning movement, the whole mattress can be movable, not conducive to the night of continuous sleep.

Most comprehensive takes on different spring mattresses:

Link type spring mattress: string individuals with spiral wire spring together,  it become a community of "stress", for spring mattress although slight rebound, because spring system is not completely accord with human body engineering design, single point, a compression spring mattress for bed will involve each other, the durability of spring force is poorer, prone to collapse.

Bag independent cylinder spring mattress: this spring mattress is with each independent body spring pressure inside after filling into the bag, connected and arranged in order.

Its characteristic in each spring is that all individual spring of spring mattress do operation independently, which can separate telescopic, each spring to fiber bag, or cotton and viscose each other again in the spring bag between different columns of glue, so when two objects with in bed, one turns aside, the other party is not subject to interference, but in the long run individual independent spring mattress easy to gradually lose flexibility.

Three, linear upright spring mattress:  this sprin mattress is formed and arranged by a continuous line of fine steel wire, from the beginning to the end of a body.

Its advantage is adoption of the overall fault-free structure spring, along the natural curve of the human spine to appropriate and even support, but this spring structure is not easy to produce elastic fatigue.

More info about spring mattress, stay tuned,

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