This Family Is Trapped Between U.S. Border Patrol and the Mexican Mafia

Wednesday, July 09, 2014, 07:26:16 PDTOne Saturday afternoon, Nogales, Mexico, 44-year-
Old Reuben aguiré (
Not his real name)
Considering his choice, he sat on a bench in the shade of a tree.
His backpack during the day was placed on the gravel between his feet.
He leaned on something fresh. painted green-and-
The white headquarters of Grupos Beta Nogales, the local immigration protection unit of the National Immigration Institute of Mexico-
And through reform across Kara.
From the drooping chain
Link fence hangs a banner to the passers-by or the bus \"mexicos MEXICANOS\" that occasionally departs from the city center \"--
\"We are Mexican\"
A beautiful new slogan planned by the Mexican interior ministry, promising to provide assistance to returning Mexican citizens (
Or returned)from the U. S.
A cold wind ran down the street from the west through the cemetery, leaving some rubbish and desert sand.
\"It\'s a lot easier to come from California,\" said a guy sitting on the other end of the bench, toot tered, a prison cowboy with a generous tattoo, after seven years in a federal prison in Alabama, he was sent directly here.
Reuben is 1,600 miles from his home city of Veracruz on the Gulf Coast.
He lives 1,800 miles from Carpentersville.
He and his wife had lived and worked there for 14 years, and their two daughters were born there.
His wife, Alexandra.
Not her real name)
Just around the corner waiting for the public shower. Their girls, U. S.
Three and nine-year-old citizens returned to vilacruz with their grandparents, evaded the Mafia, missed school and waited for the good news to join their parents North.
Earlier this week, the United StatesS.
Customs and Border Patrol personnel found Reuben and Adera in arroyos, the United States. S. side.
Their names appear in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Database.
As early as December, they crossed the Rio Grande River in the Pedras Hebei Department and entered Texas.
They put on dry clothes on the other side.
After about 20 minutes of walking, they were intercepted by Border Patrol personnel, who handcuffed them and lined up with 45 others sitting on the side of the road waiting for the prison transport bus.
Ten days after being detained
Profit correctional institutions in Del Rio, Ruben and Adra were sentenced to deportation (
Latest official language for deportation)
And was escorted back to the opposite side in Ciudad acia.
This time four months later, they were taken to the district court in Ariz Tucson.
He was charged with illegal entry, a felony punishable by two years\' imprisonment.
This seems to be not only a blow to luck, but also further evidence of God\'s grace, as there is no criminal transaction on his or his wife\'s record --
In addition, because there is not enough resources, in the Tucson area alone, 10,000 border patrols are arrested every month and everyone who brings agents in is locked up --
Instead, they were again sentenced to deportation.
Ruben asked the duty officer if he and his wife could be deported together.
The police told him there was no guarantee, but he would do what he could.
On Wednesday night, Reuben and a number of other migrants were placed in a van and driven to Nogales.
His wife is not among them.
When he got out of the van, they returned his personal belongings to him.
His backpack, his toiletries, his cell phone, how much money he has left
And escorted him through the side door into Mexico along the port of the entry building.
When the tragic story of 12-year-
On April, old Nomi Alvares Quale appeared in The New York Times, setting off an awakening north of the border.
To contact the parents of Bronx, the girl traveled 4,000 miles from Ecuador to the United States. S.
With strangers.
Finally, she hanged herself at the immigration shelter in Juarez City.
She was not the only unaccompanied minor trying to cross that season. The U. N.
UNHCR has issued a report stating that it is \"driven by violence, more and more American children are forced to leave their homes and families, insecurity and abuse in their communities and families. \"In mid-
On June, CBP reported that in the eight months since October 2013, it had arrested more than 50,000 unaccompanied minors on the southwest border, nearly 10 times more than the previous year.
The bipartisan immigration reform bill, which has been debated and passed by the Senate for a long time, was once again shelved by the Republican leadership in the house.
Hillary Clinton defends the Obama administration\'s record
Breaking the number of expulsions and explaining to Christiane Amanpour that parents south of the border must get the wrong impression from programs such as the child\'s delayed entry actionS.
As children, many criteria are now met and may be allowed to stay a little longer.
\"We have to send out a clear message: just because your child is crossing the border doesn\'t mean the child will stay.
\"At the end of June, Obama called the federal emergency administration to expand detention facilities near the border and asked Congress to provide $2 billion in emergency funds to strengthen border security and deportation.
Protesters in Murietta, California
Shout \"Go home!
\"A border patrol bus carrying immigrants turned from a Texas overflow facility to a station there, forcing it to travel to a processing center 80 miles away. Meanwhile, U. S.
Citizens of remote Arizona towns like Arivaca and Sentinel do their best to provide water and safe places to rest for dozens of migrants who continue to hike through the community every day. The U. S.
It\'s been $18.
According to the Homeland Security budget, CBP and ICE work together for £ 3 billion a year.
CBP has increased by 100% and ice by 73% since 2003.
We recently awarded $145.
Signed millions of installations with an Israeli defense company
The technical monitoring system on the Arizona border Integrated Tower.
We have more and more Predator drones patrolling the border, which costs an average of $44,800 per person.
Despite trying to join 11 million or more undocumented immigrants living in the United StatesS.
Significantly lower than a decade ago, last year we repatriated as many Mexicans and Central Americans as possible
In the order of half a million people.
According to a report [pdf], as of 2012 U. S.
The policy resulted in the separation of 660,000 children from their parents.
Ruben spent the night on a bench in the small hallway, the waiting room in the INM processing office.
Here, each passing person is printed, photographed by a fingerprint, and within a few minutes an official stamped and signed repatriation certificate has been issued.
This is the only document for many people.
This is a ticket for them to get certain basic services provided by the government or a small number of non-governmental organizations in the short term after their expulsion, including showers, meals, if any, to change one dress
A one-minute phone call, a mattress to sleep for one or two nights, and even a subsidized car ticket to return to the interior of Mexico if they want.
At this stage, some people accept bus tickets, quit and go home. Others—
It seems that the vast majority of people, no matter what they go through or how many times they go through --
Not ready to give up yet.
An officer of humane repatriation, another branch of INM, asked not to use his name and told me that although it became more difficult to cross the border every year --
He cited hundreds of deaths in the desert, after jumping from the top of the border fence to 30 feet m on concrete and rocks, broken legs, improved surveillance techniques, long-term violence and abuse by criminals
More than 80% of deported people turn right and try again.
At the other end of the corridor-
Humanitarian volunteers call it a chute\"
Square Pesqueira is a pedestrian alley lined with dentists, pharmacies, and liquor shops catering to the shrinking number of visitors from the United StatesS.
There are also members of the Mexican Mafia.
\"This is a dangerous place to get people off the bus, especially in the evening,\" said Peter Neeley, father of Kino Border, a two-state Jesuit organization that provides humanitarian assistance --
Meals, first aid, plasteroff clothing—
Mexico has more than 100 migrants a day.
\"Smart people will stay until the morning.
\"And so-
The so-called drug war, the Mexican immigration problem since 9/11, has created the ideal market conditions for the United States. S.
The State Council says transnational criminal organizations.
Most media use the word \"cartel.
\"Who are you talking to here? it\'s all mafia,\" said Nili. Mexican Mafia.
\"In Mexico, the mafia controls the border.
It often operates drugs and people in cooperation with police and other local authorities.
The harder it is for people to cross the border, the easier it is for them to be attracted to criminals, and the more likely they are to fall into a trafficking system.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said in May: \"When international migration is administered only by border control, in order to \'keep people from entering, \'\" human traffickers and smugglers will surely succeed.
\"According to the estimates of the Heritage Foundation and the Coalition Against Trafficking in women, the annual value is as high as $20 billion, the people --
It is profitable to do business.
According to U. S. media reports, second only to drug smuggling. N.
The Office for Drugs and crime is likely to rise in the next few years.
Experts say up to 1.
Mexico has 2 million victims of human trafficking every year.
Including at least 20,000 children (
That is to say, there are many people. S.
So many media reports in recent weeks).
Along the migration route-
From the southern border of Mexico to the United States. S.
Line and above-
People are extorted, kidnapped, extorted, trafficked as Labor, sold as sex slaves, or simply raped and murdered by a representative of one or another criminal organization.
Several of the immigrants I \'ve interviewed in Nogales have stories like this: watching people get thrown out or moved under a train, or get shot, or family members get taken away with a gun, no one will ever see it again.
Those who reach the border
Whether they\'re from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador, they\'re all the way down the freight train (
All three countries are considered one of the most violent countries on Earth)
Or flashing out of the chute five months after being detained.
Arizona\'s profit Correctional Facility, followed by a late
Expulsion at nightare easy prey.
The State Department says the state of Sonoma, especially the rugged desert country west of Noga, is a \"key area for international trade in drugs and human trafficking.
\"In the most violent years --
Known as the war on drugs
About 2007 to 2011
Nogales has a high share
File kidnapping, terrible gun battles, beheading and other underworld executions.
Now that the Sinaloa cartel has consolidated control over the area, the streets of Nogales are surprisingly quiet and the organization is able to focus on business: in this case, it is the business of exploiting immigrants
\"They think immigration is a commodity,\" Nelli explains, pointing cleverly at several young people on the ridge above the soup kitchen at the Nogales Kino initiative --
He called these men the Watchmen of the Mafia.
\"They are better off patrolling the border than our own border patrol.
The mafia will stop you if you try to walk through the desert or through the wall.
You can\'t even get close to the wall.
It costs $300 to $600 to get out of Mexico.
No guide or anything. ”Guides—
Known as Pollios or coyote.
In the absence of any guarantee, only $4,000 to $5,000 may be charged to the transit area.
They work independently, but according to various sources, they have to donate most of their income to the Mafia.
From the ridge, puntos watched a line of immigrants enter the soup kitchen through the gate and presented their repatriation certificate to bodyguard Armando.
\"I am an immigrant myself,\" he told me . \".
\"I spent 25 years in Phoenix.
\"Then he told me that his sister tried to cross the border in Matamoros two years ago and no one heard from him anymore.
His job now is
It is called enganchadores to enter from immigration.
These are also independent contractors whose expertise in the trafficking business is to make friends with people who have been deported or other immigrants who have recently arrived to provide them with a convenient way to work, place of stay or cross the border
Enganchadores can range from $100 to $150 per person-
A drug dealer testified in 2012 that he often gets $800
Shipping immigrants for the Mafia
Nellie ran around himself.
With the Mafia.
A typical frontier character, a fearless old foreigner priest from San Francisco, with a white beard and a long beard, he was obsessed with spinning between his fingers when talking, he evaded bullets in Compton and survived the Salvadoran civil war, as he said, \"they shot everyone in my house.
The Mexicans knew he was Padre Pancho.
He wore a white cowboy hat and drove a good car.
Use a dresser truck with the words \"PANCHO.
\"As the assistant director of education for the Kino initiative, he leads regular field trips to student groups from across the United StatesS.
There are even some from abroad.
He showed them the place where the immigrants passed through the fence, a pile of old clothes and food wrappers, trails in the desert, the chute where the immigrants got off after being expelled, there is also a \"rape tree\" dotted with women\'s underwear \".
Capantsville, sick
A typical middle class.
Suburban United States of 37,000 people in the west end of Chicago, with neighborhood cooking, children\'s bicycle rodeos, high house foreclosure rate, municipal budget deficit, Hispanic or Latino with a population of more than 50% (
45% Mexico).
Reuben and ARRA have lived there for 14 years and rented a small apartment.
She does all kinds of work.
Their children go to school.
Reuben worked for 11 years on a construction worker.
He told me, \"We built everything, the mall, the fire station, the school.
\"On the weekend, he played with a group of people from mikacan on the local football team.
Reuben made a lot of money, especially when compared to the $3 per hour he occasionally made tiles in Veracruz --
When you have a job
And then in 2009, happy with their eldest daughter (and legally)
The building is located in the first grade of a public elementary school in capantsville, just like it is all over the United States, and begins to fall apart. S. Jobs dried up.
Ruben has been working at a KFC for a while, trying to piece together revenue through a job introduction.
On 2011, Ruben and Adela counted their savings.
Over $16,000
Packed the girls up and went back to Villa cruise to buy a small restaurant and live a happy life ever since.
The situation with Veracruz is not very good.
What they can afford is not so much a restaurant as a tortillas stall.
The school was disappointing, with 40 to 50 students in each class, no high school-educated teachers, and no running water in the bathroom.
There was violence on the street.
Soon, a representative of the armed arm of the Gulf Cartel, Los Zetas, appeared in the restaurant, which is often considered the most violent of all criminal groups in Mexico. (
A Mexican border agent said to me: \"The mafia is everywhere. ”)
They are asking for 5,000 pesos ($400) per month for protection.
Reuben can\'t afford that much.
Then they asked where his daughter went to school.
Ruben and Adela packed up their families again, fled the city, and moved to a small pastoral area in the countryside with Adela\'s parents.
They have no job in this country.
The money has run out.
Reuben called his cousin in Mexico City.
They went to America. S.
Embassy, see if something can\'t be resolved, this is a temporary visa for them to re-enter the United StatesS.
Because the girls are American. S. citizens.
Ruben is not sure what exactly they are told, but it seems like it will take forever.
Ruben discussed it with Adela.
They decided that, despite the risks, the best plan for the whole family would be to get the two of them working to restore their connection and life in capentsville.
As soon as they get there
They told themselves
They will find a way to reunite their families.
At the same time, it would be better for the girls to be with their grandparents.
\"One thing that Congress does not understand is despair,\" Neeley said . \".
\"They made these rules in Washington.
They don\'t even think about how they affect humans.
\"It\'s a broken system,\" said Michael Vaughan, director of operations for execution and removal at Sacramento.
\"It doesn\'t work.
Ruben spent most of his first night in Nogales, fearing how long his wife might be detained somewhere in the United States, or that she might be subject to so-called lateral repatriation, it is a \"delivery of consequences\" mechanism whereby detainees are deported to another border station in hundreds of miles --
Sometimes thousands of miles away.
Go down from where they were picked up.
Again, the goal is to convey the message that it is not worth trying to cross.
Ruben was very pleased that his wife was sent to Nogales\'s chute the next morning.
They spent three days using the kindness of the Jesuit and others.
On a row of metal picnic tables under the roof of the corrugated tin hut, desert winds came in through the fence and they ate two decent meals a day --
Breakfast and lunch
Accompanied by 80 to 100 other immigrants
The old man wearing the Dodgers hat and the cardinal jersey tried to go to alentown, Pa.
Prior to his birth, his father was raided and deported from a mattress factory there.
His uncles, aunts and cousins are Americans. S. citizens.
It all seemed to him to be a great adventure: they had been hiking in the desert for eight days before they were caught, and one of the nights they would try again.
His father had a theory that most people were caught for taking part in large group trips.
\"It\'s better to go alone,\" he said . \"
There are also some people whose records are slightly stained.
There was a woman who had a violent boyfriend in Phoenix.
She said he was 25 years old for murdering another woman.
Her mother died and they found her driving after drinking.
She had been in detention for 15 months before she was deported.
There is a single father from guanawato, who has five children in Phoenix, between the ages of five and seventeen, all born there.
Since 10 years ago, he has not appeared in court for drunk driving.
That night, his daughter made dinner at home and they found him peeing on the tree on his way home from the liquor store.
They will let him say yes.
Say goodbye to his children before taking him.
Before the food was served, the sisters told them about their rights and the magic of positive thinking.
Like everyone else, Reuben and ARRA sit and listen patiently.
Neeley talked about how non-human policies can make it easier for government agencies to work effectively.
They recited the Lord\'s Prayer together.
After that, some immigrants helped wash the dishes.
Ruben and Adela did their best to stay away from the streets.
In the evening, they slept in three bunk beds, sleeping in male and female dormitories, sleeping in a private shelter on the other side of the town.
In the afternoon, behind the fence of the Grupos Beta, the immigrants spent time on the bench, playing football, waiting for the phone, and trading rumors about how to get around the Mafia.
The question is not whether to try to cross the border again, but how and where.
Some of them talked about the diamonds and jobs driving trucks around the United States. S.
Utopian marijuana farm in Northern California
There was also talk about immigration reform.
\"A lot of Latinos support Obama,\" Ruben said . \"
\"He promised reform. Y nada.
\"Al contrario,\" said the man with five children in Phoenix.
On the contrary.
Two Honduras appeared outside the fence in the wind, breathing the air.
One of them wore the hat of the black truck driver, which said \"High Maintenance \".
\"We almost died,\" he said . \"
They talked about how they tried to walk down a well into the hill on the west side of the town.
The shabby path to the end of the border fence found himself with a gun on his face.
The other end of the gun is a few teenage gangsters. puntos.
They want money.
After two months on the road and railway from tegucigarba, Honduras did not have pesos.
In the end, puntos gave in and told the migrants to run back to town to find some money.
\"It doesn\'t matter if we need a month or two,\" Ruben told me . \" He did not care about the story of Honduras.
\"We\'re going back to Chicago.
The next morning, one Sunday, Reuben and ARRA were at the bus stop.
They told a volunteer of a private immigrant their name and hometown --
The aid foundation operated by the bus company in exchange for a glass of arroz con leche for breakfast. His brother-in-
The law is from the States.
He told him there was a place outside of Mexicali that they could walk in for half an hour.
He told him he would pick them up on a highway outside California on Wednesday morning.
All they have to do now is go to Mexico.
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