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The Benefits and Economic Advantages of Pillow Tops


The Benefits and Economic Advantages of Pillow Tops

A pillow top mattress is a good choice for people who are looking for a comfortable bed, but require more support than a memory foam bed or latex bed.


What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

     A pillow top mattress isn’t very different from typical mattresses. The bulk of them are firm and are actually an innerspring or coil mattress. 

    The additional layer of padding sewn to the top is what makes these mattresses different. The pillow top is generally at least two inches thick to provide comfort. In the past, consumers have complained about pillow tops shifting, but nowadays the pillow tops are stitched better.

    The padding that makes up a pillow top can comprise of several different materials, including cotton, latex, memory foam.


Benefits to Pillow Top Mattresses

   These mattresses are affordable. Most mattresses that people associate with comfort, like memory foam or gel, are highly expensive. Pillow top mattresses are cheaper and more affordable.

    Pillow tops relieve aches and pains. These beds are especially helpful to side sleepers who have hip and shoulder pressure points.

    Not likely to produce chemicals. Many popular mattresses, especially foam mattresses, are infamous for off-gassing, or producing harmful chemicals. Pillow top mattresses are less likely to do so.


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