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Spring mattress is good or mat is good


Spring mattress is good or mat is good

There are spring mattresses and mats on the market. Are spring mattresses or mats good? Today is by PChouse answers you one by one. Spring mattress is good or brown mat is good from its excellent Look at the shortcomings. 1. Advantages: The coir mattress is made of coconut shell outer fiber.

The mattress made of the main raw materials, natural material, warm in winter and cool in summer is its main advantage, sucking Better wetness but poorer gas permeability, while spring mattresses are not only breathable but also hygroscopic Good, the elasticity is better than the coir mattress, and the resilience is better. In contrast, coir mattress Harder, more suitable for adolescents with a developing body and a better middle-aged body. 

For people to use, the spring mattress is moderately suitable for a variety of different weight groups, using morewide. 2, shortcomings: coconut palm mattress maintenance is not easy, the indoor environment requirements are higher.

Indoors should be kept ventilated and ventilated at any time. The moist environment is easy to breed bacteria and mites.

In comparison, spring mattresses do not need to pay too much attention to these, maintenance is easier, just regular

It is inverted and ventilated, and it has good air permeability, which prevents the mattress from being moist and bacteria and dust mites.

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