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Spring mattress classification


Spring mattress classification

A spring mattress refers to a mattress with an inner spring to provide support and a cotton or other material spread on the outside. Its advantages are better support and breathability, but not durable, easy to deform and collapse. The earliest spring mattresses were mainly connected springs. A thicker diameter spring was connected and fixed by steel wires. The hardness was higher, the sleep was firm, and the support was good, but the elasticity was less obvious and easy to be involved. If you sleep in a fixed position for a long time, or sit on the side of the bed and the four corners, or do not turn the mattress regularly, it is easy to cause depression and fatigue fatigue. Later, with the advancement of technology, spring mattresses have further developed types such as bagged independent tube spring mattresses, line-mounted upright spring mattresses, and bag-shaped linear spring mattresses, which make the mattress fit the human spine and reduce spring Interfering with each other for a more comfortable experience.
1.The linear monolithic spring mattress is of moderate hardness and has ergonomic benefits, which can provide comfortable sleep and protect the health of the human spine.

2. Free-standing pocket spring mattress can fit the human spine delicately.
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