sealy mattress company heir choked on own vomit in brutal murder. but was his killer framed?

A deputy to the Bergen County Sheriff led aflin Tyrie into the courtroom of James satelli, a judge of the High Court of Hackensack.
Wednesday\'s conviction relief hearing. 12, 2018. (
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Thomas Moriarty, senior media in New Jersey, reports.
It was not until 2006, more than a decade after the crime, that Swiss police sent Afrim Tairi back to the United States. S.
Trial in the violent death of the heir to the Tenek mattress company
In the November S, two others were convicted together.
1995, deadly blow to Howard Lewis
The heirs of the family are licensed to operate the Sealy Mattress Company.
Business in Patterson
In 2010, Terry was eventually sentenced to 80 years in prison.
Now, after eight years in prison, 49-year-old Terry may have found the opportunity to be free: his colleague
Defendantsallegedly admitted to a \"prison lawyer\" that Terry had been framed and that he had never killed the mattress heir.
\"If it is true ,(
New evidence)
Counsel Ernesto Cerimele told the High Court judge James Sattely at a hearing that it could have an impact on the lives of an innocent person. \".
Hearing in HackensackCerimele and co-
Lawyer Henry Klingman is now asking the court to overturn Terry\'s conviction and put him on a new trial.
However, the assistant prosecutor in charge of keeping Tairi in prison argued that the second-hand claim could not be confirmed and did not meet the legal standards of the new trial.
Between the lawyers in the duel, there is a network of trial testimony and a lengthy court document linking Macedonian immigrants to the murdered community robbers and accountants --turned-pot trafficker.
Howard Lewis, the victim of the deadly Tenek robbery, is the family heir to the Sealy Mattress Company
The licensed business in Patterson. (Google)
The money on the warehouse floor killed the son of the founder of Patterson\'s factory and the robber of his grandson Lewis, who followed him home from work on November. 8, 1995. The 49-year-
The old lawyer who lived with the mother was later referred to by the lawyer as \"mental and physical challenge\" and called to distribute cash on the floor of the warehouse.
After beating and restricting Lewis in the garage, his attacker ransacked the house and put his 86-year-
The old mother told Lillian Lewis that she is now
According to the court documents, the motionless son only felt the effect of sleeping pills.
Her first responder to the 911 call found Howard Lewis dead the next day.
Star floor bedroom
Ledger reported at that time.
He was choked by his vomit.
The deadly Tynek robbery was a three-family invasion by Bergen County investigators who eventually tied up with two Paterson men Felix de Herce and Edwin Torres. a short-
Used to be an employee of the mattress company.
All three robberies were terrible.
The first was the Staten Island restaurant owner and his wife, who eventually succeeded in kidnapping the couple\'s adult son, who escaped from the attacker\'s car in Patterson.
The second house invasion of the Englewood Cliff was suspended after a brief struggle with the owner.
Former Lewis\'s residence in Tenwick. (Google)
After the arrest, the prosecutor reached an agreement in the same interrogation room. both of them were involved in Tairi, who said that Tairi was the leader.
Investigators soon realized that Terry was gone.
There is much less in this country.
According to the records of the Court of Appeal, Tairi was arrested on 1996 on unrelated charges in his home country Macedonia, but law enforcement authorities were unable to ensure his extradition at that time.
Torres and Deyes were both found guilty while at large.
When Thai returned to AmericaS.
Torres was arrested in Switzerland in 2006.
And then serve 60 years in prison-
Agreed to testify at Tairi\'s trial in exchange for the prosecutor\'s recommendation that he be eligible for parole within 30 years.
In the stands of 2009, Fernando Torres-
Major witnesses in the state
Told the jury that he and diyes met Terry in a pool hall on the Patterson River Street.
He said that after learning that Torres had money problems, Terry had recruited them to participate in the robbery.
In its judgment of 1996, Afrim Tairi (left)
In recent photos taken for national prison records. (
Record and N. J.
Correction Department photo)
According to the summary of his testimony, there was no slightest evidence that Terry was involved in all three robberies and picked all three houses they were targeting.
Terry, he said, was also a participant in personal fatal injuries to Howard Lewis.
However, Cerimele argued on Sept that there was no \"single evidence\" other than the testimony that Tairi was involved in the crime. 12 hearing.
Nevertheless, the jury in front of Judge Donald Venetian convicted Terry of all the charges against him, including the first
Murder and kidnapping.
State records show that he was detained by the state on January. 12, 2010.
According to Steven cartonski, the testimony of torles is a lie.
East Brunswick certified public accountant katons was sentenced to life imprisonment on 1994 for operating a cannabis distribution warehouse in Piscataway.
The correctional records show he is eligible for parole next year.
Steven catons, who is serving a 30-year prison sentence for genetic drug trafficking, filed an affidavit with the court claiming that Edwin Torres and Felix de Herce had admitted to the robbery spree(
Records of the Superior Court and photos of the corretions Office)
His soul can\'t rest. . .
During his time in prison, kartonski was called a \"prison lawyer\" who helped other prisoners deal with legal cases \".
According to two sworn statements issued on 2012 and submitted to the court last year, he also met de Herce and Torres, who were held at Trenton State Prison in New Jersey.
Cartonski said Diez admitted to him in 1999 that he and Torres \"framed a foreigner because they were unable to name the other people who actually participated in the robbery.
Diez is said to have said that he and Torres played football in Paterson, not in the pool, and Diez only agreed to sell him a fake driver\'s license and passport for $5,000.
Cartonski said that at the time of his death in 2005, Diez told his new friend that if Tyrie --
Then still at large.
\"He is worried that if an innocent man goes to jail for something he has not done, his soul will not be able to rest,\" cartonski said.
Afrim Tairi on the left and Henry Klingeman, the lawyer sitting on the right, listened as Counsel Ernesto Cerimele, speaking to High Court Judge James s at a hearing on Wednesday at Hackensack12, 2018. (
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Fearing that the \"father of the country\" would let tattletorres, cartonski said he started assisting the legal work a few years after \"Diez died,\" and allegedly went further, determine that a family member of DeJesus and a neighbor criminal are the real accomplices of the robbery.
Speaking of the potential testimony of Kadonsky, Cerimele said: \"This will serve as the basis for the complete expulsion of the accused . \".
Lawyers say the criminals in the community are Alexander Cowen of Patterson.
Regional drug dealers and sticks-
A person who is called \"Father country.
Dennis Rolon, a man arrested using a Lewis credit card, told investigators DeJesus to instruct him to buy clothes worth $750 and bring them to the exam
Cartonski claimed that Fernando Torres believed Cowen was the third participant in the deadly tiinek robbery, not Terry.
Torres and diyes are said to have agreed to frame their foreign acquaintances as they fear police approaching.
Cowen is the only one who can link these people to Lewis\'s killing, \"they\'re afraid the father\'s Congress will roll,\" kartonski said . \".
Bergen County assistant prosecutor Anthony tallico addressed the high court judge James satelli in the trial of the newly submitted evidence in the Afraim Tairi case (
Seat in orange jumpsuit)
Wednesday afternoon.
2018 in Hackensack(
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I asked why they didn\'t just say father country was the third person in all the robberies.
Torres said he had to go.
\"The police are approaching,\" kartonski wrote . \".
On May 1996, shortly before Diez and Torres were accused of robbery, Cowen\'s bullet-
Along Interstate 40 in North Carolina, the body was found full of loopholes.
Local television station WRAL reported at the time that his car appeared in the next county and burned to the extent that \"the aluminum side melted into puddles and the rubber bumper evaporated.
A police chief\'s department official told the television station that the killing of Cowan appeared to be the work of \"experienced criminals.
It\'s not clear who killed Cowen.
When asked why he and DeJesus are not just giving Cowen a namenow dead —
Cartonski claimed that after their arrest, Torres said they were worried that \"they would catch another body\" and were charged with death.
The Bergen County attorney\'s office won\'t buy it.
On the one hand, assistant prosecutor Anthony tallario told Judge satelli last month that the same basic argument was made by Terry\'s original defense counsel --
His client was framed.
In the trial on 2009
Prosecutors say the new bill is \"another criticism of the same apple \".
On the other hand, Fernando Torres submitted a four-year report in July.
He admitted that he knew about kardonski, but denied all of his charges.
On Wednesday, a Bergen County Sheriff led aflin Terry out of court at judge James satelli of Hackensack. 12, 2018. (
Aristid economy, New Jersey | promotes media. com)
However, in the affidavit, does the alleged confession confirm that he did speak to kartonski about his case when he drafted a legal petition in the federal court on 2008, but \"in these discussions, I have never hinted that Afrim Tairi has not committed these crimes.
\"I don\'t know my father\'s country, and I haven\'t talked to him.
Fernando Torres said.
\"I didn\'t tell him these things because they didn\'t happen,\" he continued . \".
\"My testimony will not change if it is called to testify in any other proceeding, because it is a fact.
Talarico said: \"Even if kartonski\'s testimony is considered acceptable evidence, it will only challenge the credibility of Torres --
The jury \"had the opportunity to evaluate\" this in his first testimony.
\"This is not necessarily an independent evidence of guilt or innocence,\" the prosecutor said . \" He argues that this does not meet the legal threshold for defending the new trial.
Judge satelli, who has not yet ruled on Terry\'s new trial motion, said in court last month that he must first decide whether to consider cartonski\'s testimony.
The parties have not yet received his preliminary decision.
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