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Synwin Mattress cleaning tips



Vacuuming Use the vacuum cleaner to suck the mattress up and down and left and right. This is simple but important, in the unlikely event that the mattress will be wet and the stain will not form on the surface.
If the surface is stained, use a special detergent for the sofa or interior. These products are designed for the surface of fabrics that come into direct contact with the skin and are not susceptible to allergies or discomfort. These washing products are also particularly effective in eliminating dust mites and their waste. With enzyme-containing detergents, enzyme-containing detergents help to destroy the structure of the stains, making them easy to clean.
For stains of unknown origin, apply citrus detergent (non-toxic natural detergent) to the stains. After waiting for 5 minutes, use a piece of absorbent white cloth to "suck" or "squeak" the detergent as much as possible. rub". Or use a mild dishwashing agent.


Blood stains use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. When the hydrogen peroxide is foamed, dry it with a clean, white dry cloth. This may not completely remove the blood stains, but it can alleviate the traces. First wash the mattress with cold water (hot water will cook the protein in the blood). Use a tenderizer to wipe the blood stains because the meat can remove the protein. After that, it is washed with water and can be treated by removing rust to remove iron from blood stains.
The method of removing smoke and removing blood stains is the same as part of the entire mattress. More frequent cleaning of bed sheets, such as sheets, prevents the formation of stubborn odors.
Remove the mildew and get a "sunbathing". The formation of mildew is mainly due to excessive moisture. Find a sunny day and take the mattress outside to dry. Wipe off the remaining mold spots.
Remove urine and urine. First drain the remaining urine as much as possible. Use a cleaning agent that specifically removes urine stains (many on the market), spray on the stains and dry. After drying out, sprinkle baking soda powder on the stained area. After a night, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb it.
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