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Hotel spring mattress RSP-ML4PT sold 40HQ

Hotel spring mattress RSP-ML4PT sold 40HQ

Synwin Hotel spring mattress RSP-ML4PT sold 40HQ

Synwin, since 2007, as professional in spring mattress, Synwin successfully cooperation with different chain customers. Like hotel, chain store, apartment. domitory, home bedroom and individual house etc.

The following cooperation cases are all real transaction customers of our company. We have already sought the consent of our customers, in order to let more customers know and find us. For more information about our factory, please email or call us and we look forward to your visit.

Pillow Top RSP-ML4P spring mattress 40HQ container, America customer.

Partner country: America
Customer type: Dealer
From where you are exposed to customers: Internet
The product and quantity purchased by the customer: Spring mattress, 40HQ container, Model number:RSP- ML4PT, hotel spring mattress.

Total value: 44820USD

2018.6 10, we know from each other at our website( , and get inquiry to add wechat. and would like to set up business together.

Our professional sales manager Mr. Bill Chan, quickly add Joel and further talk.

meanwhile, Joel worried about the quality and not sure for the hardness. Thus, Bill suggest Joel for RSP-ML4PT hotel spring mattress. Finally. Joel came to our factory, and try the hardness. RSP-ML4PT hotel spring mattress is perfect fit for America customer. Finally. He selected this mattress as this order.  Finally, for the confident of Synwin. Joel select not inspection for our mattresses. Now, They ready to order the others containers soon. Thanks for Joel support again!

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