purge the plastic from your weekly shop, have a tea break that won\'t pollute the planet and could your mattress be making you ill: how to break the plastic habit

Ten years ago, few people packed their own reusable bags at the supermarket checkout.
Now when the cashier asks if you want to buy a 5 p bag, it\'s rare to hear anyone whisper \"yes \".
It took some time, but the habit of saying \"no\" to plastic bags and always taking reusable bags did get caught.
Things that were once considered normal behavior have been reversed.
For most of us, this small lifestyle change has become a habit and has a great impact on the environment.
In the week of the Daily Mail, we are running a new book by Canadian couples shangtal praxis and Jay Sinha, \"Life without plastic,\" they are experts in finding clever ways we can all reduce plastic.
The couple are passionate about believing that by making small seemingly insignificant changes, we can reverse the tide of plastic hills, which are threatening our planet.
In the battle to reduce some plastic, this is never more necessary than this, plastic has become a common part of food shopping.
Unfortunately, the number of plastic packages used to cover food does not seem to drop.
In fact, it seems to be increasing.
It is estimated that British supermarkets produce 1 million tons of plastic packaging per year, equivalent to more than a quarter of the total plastic use in the UK.
Food once sold in easyto-
Recycled glass cans or tin cans are now more \"convenient\" to put in tough environmentsto-Recycled plastic
Lined with four waves of Kashmir.
Fruits and vegetables, once sold separately, are now wrapped in layers of plastic.
They sit on a plastic tray, sealed in plastic packaging, and may even be stuffed into an extra bag for better measurement.
The end result is the list of groceries being wasted-
Use plastic that is difficult to recycle.
But things may be getting better.
Teresa May announces 25-
Eliminate the annual strategy for all unnecessary plastic packaging and advise supermarkets that they make plastic
There are free parts in their store.
Iceland responded immediately with a commitment to end all plastic packaging
Make brand food within five years.
Earlier this week, Asda announced that it will not only pack plastic from its own-
Label the frozen food and it will also change the polystyrene pizza base to cardboard.
It will also change color plastic beverage bottles to transparent ones so that they are easier to recycle.
However, these changes will not happen overnight, so in the meantime, apart from holding your hand --
Woven wicker baskets at local farmers\' markets (
Is also a choice worth considering)
What can you do to change the status quo?
The answer is yes.
But while it\'s relatively easy to cut the amount of plastic used in the kitchen and bathroom, just like ordering or going to a restaurant --
As we showed in this week\'s speech
Broken series-
When you shop, more commitment and dedication are needed to reduce your expenses.
But you can really make a difference.
Today, chantar and Jay explain how smart, cheap and easyto-
Adopt a way to reduce single
Use plastic at home. . .
Start your own war against packaging real no
In supermarkets, plastic lovers can easily be found: they are the ones who carry marijuana or cotton bags in big food stores every week.
But rest assured that even the re-use plastic bags will work properly.
In order to achieve the goal of reducing plastic, you only need to take some small steps.
Don\'t feel guilty about using plastic, and be proud that every time you reuse that bag, you\'re saving a bag from a landfill.
Bringing your own bag is an important first step.
Once you get used to it, you\'re ready for the second step.
Cut off every single pieceuse plastic.
Always keep in mind the goal of minimizing plastic consumption.
This may mean walking through plasticcovered two-
Avocado bag on cardboard in shape (Even plastic)
Tray and choose a loose avocado instead.
This may mean it will take longer to pick onions, apples and potatoes from loose vegetable areas rather than in advanceWeighing plastic-wrapped bag.
This works best if you are ready to invest in a reusable cotton mesh bag.
Instead of these fragile plastic bags you should pull a roll in the fruit and vegetable aisle.
You can buy them online for around 1 pound, or you can shop online.
Colorful French-
3 Style. 95.
Better yet, invest in ZPM carts
Dolly shopping bag set with two fruit and vegetable mesh bags, three washable, reusable shoppers and two box shopping bags (
The picture is zpm, £ 15. com).
Using your own fruit and vegetable bag like this allows the cashier to see the item clearly.
Then, when you go home, the food can be transferred directly to the fridge and the bag will help keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.
Bags can also be cleaned easily when necessary.
Pat yourself on the back if you can find the cheese
Wrap with your own protective wax layer instead of plastic, or go to the deli counter and ask for a large piece of cheese wrapped in paper instead of plastic.
In fact, if that means you can avoid buying pre-orders, it\'s worth making friends with your deli and Butcher
Weighing meat and shrinkage placed on a polystyrene platter-
Wrapped in plastic
If you really want to win your Ecology
Wings, take a portion of the pan that can be packed (from £2. 90, vegware. com)
Go to your deli when you buy hummus, gravy and olives etc.
Or, carry oil proof paper and your own container.
Tell the clerk if you have to. You\'re plastic. intolerant.
You may encounter resistance.
In the name of health and safety)
But in some stores they may agree with your environmental goals.
It\'s always worth taking the time to patiently explain that you\'re trying to minimize plastic consumption.
Remember, if you only inspire one person to make small changes in one\'s own life, you will double your efficiency.
Even if you receive an expression of confusion or an angry sigh, remember, in the end
For example, do not use plastic bags at checkout
Will become the new normal.
Millions of liquid and refrigerated food products come into our homes in plastic containers as needed.
Because plastic is easy to waterproof, it is the preferred material for liquid products, so buying liquid has become one of the trickiest parts of plastic
Shopping is free.
You may still find mayonnaise and ketchup wrapped in glass in natural food channels, but manufacturers have gradually replaced more and more glass with plastic, proving them by saying it costs moreeffective.
They also believe that customers prefer lighter plastic packaging that is not easy to break.
But if you always choose glass when you are out shopping, you can change that attitude.
Embrace the local farmer\'s market and find the closest zero to you
With a little detective work, you might find a \"zero\"
There\'s a scrap shop near you.
There you will find the food in the bag or in the huge dispenser and you use it to measure or weigh as if you were filling your own container (or paper bags).
Visit plastic garbage.
Go find the nearest one.
Some other stores, even if not zero waste in a strict sense, allow you to refill your bags, glass jars and stainless steel food containers. (
It\'s convenient to carry a marker pen with you to identify the food you put into each container. )
This service is available at the Whole Food Market store in London, but you don\'t have to trek to the capital --
Many Lidl and Morrisons stores now sell some items (
Such as nuts and fruits (including cherries of the season)
Weigh in bulk with paper bags.
Some of the larger branches in the Netherlands and Barrett sell loose nuts, snacks and dried fruits that you can buy in your own bag, as well as a supplement to oil and vinegar.
Il Gusto, an upscale gourmet restaurant with 13 branches in the UK (ilgusto. uk. com)
Supplements of oil, vinegar and spirits are provided. Field Fare (field-fare. com)
Farm stores across the country sell frozen fruits, vegetables and baked goods taken out of the freezer.
Field Fare encourages shoppers to take bags by themselves, so food can be put into frozen containers when you get home.
You can also reduce your plastic usage by buying long-
Live as much food as you can and pour them into your existing container.
You can buy five by searching online
L container for almost anything, including mayonnaise and tomato sauce (eatbig. co. uk).
Using the same small container repeatedly can save 8 bottles.
The same is true for soap, shampoo, body wash and body wash, all of which have five options
The ascending container of Outofeden. co. uk.
Visit natural cuisine. co.
The UK offers a wide range of household cleaning supplies and healthy foods such as muesli, nuts and seeds.
Ban bottled water and buy bottled water insteadfizzy or still.
Save your money and replace it with tap water.
The glass jar in the refrigerator can be refrigerated.
You can also make your own soda with soda water.
Crystal version (
£ 149 sodastream. co. uk)
It comes with an attractive glass bottle.
You can even create your own proseck by drinking some white wine!
Have a cup of tea break that will not pollute the planet and come back with your milkman!
By cutting off the plastic milk case and arranging the delivery of milk to your door with glass bottles, your plastic imprint is greatly reduced.
Go to Fanta Merman.
Net to find out if the milk will be delivered to your area.
You just have to rinse your used milk bottle and leave it outside the door and take it away the next time you deliver it.
Glass bottle juice is also available for many services.
No delivery cost, but the price of milk is a little more expensive, about 81 p per pint (
Compared with 50p of large supermarket).
If you have already used a cup of coffee
To make coffee, or to make coffee in metal. on-the-
The stove is very strong, and then give you one.
Won Pat behind his back.
We are all concerned that the standard filter coffee machine will drip boiling water through plastic, which may allow toxic chemicals to penetrate into your coffee.
The worst coffee comes from mini-pod machines —
Plastic scourge!
Because of their size, the frustrating amount is finally buried (
Small plastic items often fall into the recycling network)
Pollution ,(
You can\'t rinse the coffee grounds clean before recycling)
Complex combination of plastic and foil on the lid.
If you do have one of these machines and feel guilty after reading the above, don\'t despair: you can find biodegradable compostable pods (£2.
Ten people, 99, Okadocom).
Nespresso responds to criticism by offering a free recycling service.
When signing up.
Com get free recycling bags (
Need 200 pods).
When it\'s full, you can download a free tag and send it back to the Nespresso recycle (
Into more recycling bags).
It is a good idea to use the Italian style metal stove top steam coffee machine (
See options, right).
You can also find glass or stainless steel pour
Drip the head of the chef\'s shop, such as the Hario Coffee drip (£35, steamer. co. uk).
If one of them is paired with a paper filter that can be reused or combined (£2.
100, 80 moral supermarket. com)
You have a sustainable plastic. free coffee-making system.
Put plastic in your tea?
Few people realize that there is plastic in the tea bag.
The worst criminal is a slightly shiny premium. priced pyramid-
Mesh tea bags shaped like plastic
That is because they are made up of it.
But even the ordinary paper tea bags are sealed with plastic glue.
6 billion tea bags are used annually in the UK, most of which are used with heating
Sealed polypropylene.
This is about 150 tons of accumulated plastic waste, they either pollute the food waste compost collection or enter the landfill.
Notable exceptions are tea bags made of corn starch instead of nylon, and 100 biodegradable Pukka tea bags, stitched with some cotton thread.
Cooperation last week
Op announced it will produce it itself-
Brand Fairtrade 99 tea bags do not contain polypropylene and will be available by the end of the year.
Real hard working plastic
Disgust can try to use your own reusable tea bag filled with cotton (£6. 100 to 99, tea-direct. co. uk).
Or, to make things easier, put some leaf tea in a metal tea ball (£6, whittard. co. uk)or use an old-
Tea filter (£3. 49, robertdyas. co. uk).
The easiest way is to use a teapot with a \"basket\" such as John Lewis\'s glass teapot (£22, johnlewis. com).
Whittard, a high street chain, also sells a wide range of loose tea and coffee (
Paper and cardboard bags)
And put these in your own bag or container.
Did your mattress make you sick?
How to check your bedding most mattresses today are made of polyurethane foam which is very flammable so manufacturers need to douse it in flames
Flame retardant chemicals.
We believe that these chemicals may endanger your health over time.
Mattresses made of natural rubber and covered with wool are naturally not
It\'s flammable anyway.
You sleep most of the day, so it makes sense to make sure your bed doesn\'t slowly make you sick.
If you can\'t afford it allnatural high-
At least make sure your pillow is healthy.
Your head is in direct contact with it for a few hours a day, and tiny plastic particles may enter your lungs when you breathe in.
Most pillows are synthetic fillers made of foam or plastic fiber.
Choose a feather, down or wool if you can afford it.
These materials are also easier to recycle.
It is estimated that 167,000 tons of mattresses are sent to landfill sites every year in the UK. Many companies (
Like John Lewis and dreams.
If you buy a new mattress from an old one, I will provide a recycling fee of about £ 25.
Alternatively, you can arrange for your local council to collect about £ 26.
There are also independent companies that provide the same service (
Collection, for example.
Com will remove and recycle the mattress and bed for £ 32.
99 single mattresses).
Many parts of the mattress can be recycled, but it is worth mentioning that natural textiles such as cotton and wool, wood and natural latex may break down in a few years, synthetic fabrics, foam metals and plastics could last for decades, or even centuries.
Natural fiber mattresses may be more expensive than foam or synthetic materials.
For example, John Lewis natural collection (johnlewis. com)
The price starts at £ 499, compared to £ 49 for the cheapest mattress made of synthetic materials.
The silk solution is a luxurious polyester fabric that can be glued together with cotton or even bamboo bedding if you can.
Silk is another natural option if you can afford luxury goods.
Wool, as a natural antibacterial and moisture-proof material, is an ideal choice for keeping warm. Wool-Duvet (from £49. Room 90. com)
The top of the mattress makes sure you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
This is the perfect excuse for PARQUETWood.
Laminate flooring and synthetic carpets are difficult to recycle and will eventually be landfill.
Please consult the local government\'s recycling program or visit carpetrekirguk. com.
We do not encourage you to tear off laminate flooring and synthetic carpets overnight and invest in wood and natural fiber, however, it would be wise to know the possible dangers of plastic flooring and incorporate that knowledge into it the next time it is planned to be redecorated.
The laminate floor is actually a synthetic floor layer, usually made of melamine resin and fiber board materials, fused with a large amount of chemical glue that may contain formaldehyde.
The gas of toxic chemicals may leak out in the first few years after installation (
If your floor has been placed for a while, then there are fewer reasons for attention).
The same ideal
The plastic carpet is 100 wool or silk (
Which can be more expensive)
Because they are usually Chemical, coconut shells, jute or Kenma
Free, it breaks down faster when the landfill is no longer suitable for use.
We are also concerned that synthetic carpets contain nylon or polyester fibers that may break and disperse into your house during wear and tear, filling your lungs with tiny plastic particles.
The consequences of breathing in this particle are still unknown, but regular breathing with plastic is not ideal. Moreover, wall-to-
The carpet usually includes very strong glue that releases toxic gas for a long time after installation.
Ideal plastic
The free floor is natural wood, sealed with oil, not with protective polyurethane varnish. GO ECO-
Chic bamboo fiber synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon tend to be degraded, which means that exposure to light every day will spread potentially harmful plastic particles into the air.
Choose natural fabric or wood or bamboo blinds as much as possible.
Louise Atkinson adapted from life without plastic: Practical stepsBy-
Page Street Publishing\'s step-by-step guide to avoiding plastic to keep your family and planet healthy was published by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha at £ 13.
99©Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha 2018
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