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Pregnant women to avoid hotel mattress sleep simmous bed mattress pregnant women how to choose

by:Synwin     2021-01-30
Pregnant women to avoid hotel mattress sleep simmous bed mattress pregnant women how to choose
pregnant mother isn't suitable for spring bed sleep, this believe that many mothers during pregnancy. This is mainly because:
a, can increase the burden of expectant mothers during pregnancy or soft mattress. A lot of expectant mothers during pregnancy in the mid and late pregnancy were severe lower back pain, cause this phenomenon mainly has two aspects, one is a gradual increase in compression lumbar abdomen, and partly because sit, down posture of nerve compression is not science for a long time. So the choice of the waist has a role in supporting the mattress is a better choice to reduce the financial burden of the waist.
2, for expectant mothers love turn soft mattress, action will increase the difficulty, is not conducive to expectant mothers quality sleep.

3, when mothers side sleeping pad in the hammock on the back will be bent, spine will appear in the middle of the body curved sinking phenomenon, if long time, can cause scoliosis.
so how to choose a suitable for your mattress?
1, the first consideration should be its own weight.
your weight is an important factor in choosing mattess soft hard. In general, the heavier weight of the people choose the mattress should be harder. In this way can give the body a solid support, relieve the pressure on the shoulder and hips.
the general weight of hard and soft boundaries is 60 kg and 80 kg. Under 60 kg weight can choose soft some mattresses and medium hardness; In 60 kg to 80 kg can choose between the medium hardness of the mattress; In more than 80 kilograms of weight is best to use a hard mattress. Because no matter what kind of weight, as long as the mattress is not suitable for hard and soft will harm the spine. So when buying mattess, best himself lying on the mattress, try to sleep in the above sense, such as sleeping on the mattress, feel the waist dangling, it indicates that the mattress is too hard; If the waist and hips subsidence causes the body not in a horizontal plane, that bed is too soft, retainer force is not enough. Ideal mattress should be felt on the mattress body, your shoulder, waist and buttock completely, leaving no gaps, vertebra is natural and relaxed. Best can lay in bed more than five minutes, the mattress is really comfortable to feel it.

2, that should be considered when material is to choose the mattress is an important factor.
and your constitution deciding what to buy your material of the mattress. The constitution refers to the quality of your sleep here and anti-allergic degree.
if you have the skin of easy allergy or electrostatic, so had better choose spring mattress, spring mattress not only can prevent electrostatic generation, natural springs and bacteriostasis, easy to people who are allergic to the skin is very practical, especially for pregnant women and infants and young children; If you go to bed, so you are not suitable for use on the spring mattress, because it is a good spring mattress in turn will make a sound, without any metal composition of natural spring mattress and space memory cotton mattress does not have a voice.
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