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Our company goes all out to sprint for Super September


Why Choose Us?

           Synwin mattress

Not Only Provides Customers With Products But Rather A Kind Of Value---SYNWIN


1. Qualified and high-quality raw materials:

All our raw materials are high-quality suppliers, and all eco-friendly. You can get our models to test without any quality problem. 

2. Strong factory strength:

We have two big factories over 80000 square meter in China. Each of our production links has undergone three quality inspections. We specialize in producing OEM/ODM for branded mattress manufacturers,We have served many well-known brands and engineering projects. I hope that one day you can visit our company.

3. More personalized value-added services:

If you are selling online, we can provide you with videos, pictures, and copywriting. We can help you formulate a sales plan. When your business encounters difficulties, we will work with you to find ways to solve the problem; we hope to provide your brand Continue to create value. You can consult us for any questions,We don’t just sell products, we want your business and your life to be better.

4. Just want to meet all your needs:

Maybe our negotiations will encounter difficulties, but we hope that everything can be resolved through negotiation. We will find ways to reduce your purchase cost, transportation cost, communication cost and so on. So that we can all make money and develop.

5.One-to-one professional communication with engineers:

When you have purchasing needs, our company's engineering and designers will analyze your needs and make various plans for you. Realize one-to-one professional communication until you meet your needs

6.We will always be with you, I hope we will make progress and develop together


Every raw material must pass the test before the production , 

Every finished products must pass the test before go to the market .

Main material: Detection performance

Steel wire: appearance, size, tensile strength, torsion performance

Spring: appearance, size, wire diameter, caliber, waist diameter, height, loss height, loss force value, fatigue, salt spray test

Fabric: Appearance, weight, color fastness, tensile properties, air permeability, color migration, anti-pilling;

Latex: appearance, size, density, resilience rate, tensile strength, indentation ratio, permanent deformation, durability hardness loss value, ultraviolet aging, air

permeability, ash content

Sponge: appearance, size, surface density, tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, indentation hardness, recovery rate, compression set, high temperature aging, resilience, static compression fatigue, air permeability test, ash content

Replacement of brown cotton: Appearance, size, density deviation, indentation hardness, determination of compression set, rebound rate

Hot-baked cotton: appearance, size, weight, tensile strength, fluorescent agent content, tear strength, high temperature aging,ash content

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