Mattresses wholesale share tips to identify the true and false of natural latex mattresses

by:Synwin     2020-07-23
Wholesale mattresses mattress, we can't or lack of articles for daily use, its quality is directly related to our health. For latex mattresses with pure natural material, does not contain formaldehyde, good elasticity, good support, good air permeability, no noise, no vibration characteristics, and was deeply loved by consumers. But the quality of latex mattresses on the market at present is differ, butch, good and evil people mixed up, some consumers may be spent a lot of money to buy a fake goods, not only inherit the economic loss, may also bear the loss that a healthy body. Therefore, the cultural relics as you identify natural latex mattresses and simple method of true and false, hope will be helpful to you. Methods a smell. Because of natural latex itself will faint smell flavor, thus, close up natural latex mattresses smell, can smell light natural fragrance. If mattess acrid smell of out or chemical smell, or full-bodied fragrance, taste, must not with natural latex but with chemical latex and synthetic latex mattresses. Method 2 see color. Natural latex mattress surface is inferior smooth, not very bright, and the surface of the mattress is exquisite, some wrinkles, with dense honeycomb pores; And chemical latex and synthetic latex, latex mattress surface will shine, tension, look very smooth, no stomata or smaller stomata is close, every grain and bulge very full, looks beautiful degree is high. Methods three touch smooth. Natural latex feels comfortable soft, as smooth as a baby's skin, sweat hand contact of natural emulsion mattress can make the latex yellow; And chemical latex and synthetic latex emulsion mattress feels very smooth, but there is no simple sense, hand touch the feeling is very real, not soft. Methods four pressure elastic. Because of natural latex has good elasticity, therefore natural latex mattresses with hand pressure will rebound quickly; And chemical latex and synthetic latex emulsion mattress pressure go down after the dent, slow rebound. Methods five tries hard and soft. When buying latex mattresses, but lay up to try to sleep, feel the hard and soft mattress and comfort. The real natural latex mattress sleep up to the waist, neck, legs and other parts of the gap will be very good support, and not hung up under oppression, comfortable and pleasant; And chemical latex and synthetic latex emulsion mattress sleep up is not hard is too soft, can not fully fit body parts, less comfort. ,。 If you think our reprint violated the Copyright Act or harm the interests of you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will deal with it in the first place.
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