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Mattress Material Characteristic


Material play their important part inside mattress

Pocket Spring 

1.Spring with heat treatment

2.Non woven fabric durable and strong 

3.Independent support 

4.Noiselessly when turn over in bed 

5.Breathable and moistureproof


Bonnell Spring 

1. Spring with two times of heat treatment 

2.Durable and strong 

3.Strong bearing capacity

4.High elasticity


High Density Foam 

1. Pure non-toxic 

2.Soft skin-friendly 

3.Relaxing sleep 

4.Good resilience 

5.Enhance sleep quality


Memory Foam 

1. High resilience 

2.Good for blood circulation,Promote deep sleep 

3.Reduce the turns 

4.Release stress and sleeping problem


Gel memory foam  

1. Cooling antipyretic  

2.Superior soft  

3.Temperature sensitive gel  

4.Relieve the body’s pressure  

5.Reduce muscle pain and enhanced sleep maturity time



1. Reduce pressure points  

2.Deep care of your spine and bones  

3.Anti-bacteria and mite-proof 

4.Natural and breathable  

5.Spine relaxation and recovery at night


Non woven fabric 

1.Durable and Breathable  

2.Insulation and protect material  

3.Good extensibility  

4.Not easy weathering 

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