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Mattress Character Of Various Functional Material


image.pngLatex mattress

The latex mattress made of natural latex has high elasticity, soft support can adapt to various postures of users, and can evenly disperse the human body's endurance. In addition, there is no noise, no vibration characteristics, it is also anti-bacterial and anti-mite, the odour can prevent mosquitoes from approaching.

For the crowd: Suitable for most people, especially those who are under pressure at work


image.pngMemory mattress

It has the characteristics of decompression, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, air permeability and anti-bacterial and anti-mite. It can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body. According to the shape of the body, it can provide effective support and fit the body. It can effectively alleviate the pain of skeletal muscles and reduce insomnia such as snoring and turning over.

For the crowd: Suitable for most people except the elderly people and baby


image.pngAB surface foam mattress

AB surface spring mattress is reversible on both sides, generally, A surface is softer, B surface is harder. The soft side has better comfort, relaxes the spine, relieves body pressure and promotes deep sleep; the hard side can provide support for its spine, suitable for summer mattress. It is suggested to turn over every two or three months so that the forces on both sides are uniform.

For the crowd: Suitable for people with different sleep preferences

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