Mattress buying guide

At the beginning, if you wake up tired or in pain, you should consider buying a new mattress, you tend to sleep better at the hotel than at home, your mattress looks rough you are in your 40 s or your mattress is 5 to 7 years old.
Use this mattress guide to help you with your purchase.
Choose one of the largest sleeper shift locations at night, and crowded rooms can prevent them from moving freely.
76x80 inch, king size standard mattress;
King of California, 72x84 inch;
Queen 60x80 inch;
Full or double of 53x 75 inch, double of 38x75 inch.
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The traditional inner spring mattress is the most common choice, usually the cheapest.
Memory foam, this is to protect astronauts from g-Force, it\'s hot-
Sensitive, in line with your body. Tempur-
Pedic is famous, but there are other brands.
Not all memory bubbles feel the same, and it takes time to adapt.
Another option is an inflatable mattress;
With this, you can choose a different hardness for each half bed.
The main brand is Select Comfort.
Unless you have tried the same mattress in the store, decide where to shop in the store instead of online or on the phone.
Product Manager at Tempur
Pedic tells us that more online customers return mattresses than customers who shop in stores.
Department stores sell frequently, and there are many brands, but they may be crowded and messy, and sales help will not be enough.
Bedding stores like Sleepy\'s and 1-800-
Mattresses and some furniture shops offer a lot of variety and are usually less crowded.
We found that the sales staff in these stores were more careful and sometimes more willing to bargain.
Start with the cheapest beds of several top brands and try to increase the cost.
Tip: The store will put the most expensive model in front.
The company store only sells Duxiana or Select Comfort, which provides particularly good service because employees can spend time with customers. Queen-
The size suit costs about $4,000 to $7,000 in Duxiana (
No bargaining)
About $900 to $3,800 in Select Comfort (
Sales occasionally).
A characteristic bed we tested Tempur-
Pedic has sales in a variety of stores, but we find that historically there are very few discounts.
Knowing the name of gameManufacturers often modifies the innerspring mattress for different sellers, changing colors, padding, quilting patterns, etc.
Each seller can then call the mattress by a different name.
Consumers are losers.
Since such mattresses are at least somewhat different and have different names, you can\'t compare-shop. (
Large chains like Sears or Bloomingdale have the same model name on the same bed in all stores, usually at the same price. )
Some mattress manufacturers provide useful information on their website. Go to simmons.
For example, you will find basic information about the company\'s flagship Beautyrest series, including TruEnergy, comfort, natural care, and BeautySleep.
Wherever you find Beautyrest, you see these names and all the beds in each row share the properties.
Don\'t rely on names to choose the right company.
The super luxury of one company may be the super softness of another company.
Plastic surgeons once suggested sleeping on a very sturdy mattress, but there was little evidence to support that view.
A spokesman for Stanford University\'s Center for Human Sleep Research says the best surface is purely subjective.
A study published in the British medical journal Lancet in 2003 shows that people with lower back pain will benefit from moderatefirm mattress.
This makes sense for several experts we interviewed.
If the mattress is too strong, it will not support the body evenly and may cause discomfort in the heaviest places (
Hips and shoulders).
If it is too soft, the sleeper may sink to the surface and be difficult to move, which may cause tingling, numbness or pain. Alan Hedge, Ph. D.
A professor of ergonomics at Cornell University pointed out that the best mattress can support the spine at any time while maintaining its natural curve.
By the age of 40, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more sensitive to pressure points, so a softer, more buffered surface will be more comfortable, says Hedge.
\"It works better to be slightly softer, because the skin is less compressed,\" he said . \". Do the 15-minute, in-
Store test don\'t be embarrassed to lie on many mattresses in the store.
The sales staff look forward to it.
Wear loose clothes and shoes that you can take off.
Spend at least five minutes on both sides and back (
If this is a preferred sleeping posture, so is your stomach).
Bring the bed home to the group for a month-
Long trials rarely change the point they formed after the first night.
In general, their opinions are the same as ours.
In a recent user survey, about 75% of store testers told us that a pre-trial mattress helps them sleep better.
Do you need a new box spring?
The foundations can be sold as well as mattresses, although they are usually just a wooden frame, surrounded by hard wires and covered with fabric that matches the mattress.
We found that companies often pair the same base with the mattress in different price ranges.
You can save money by buying higher prices
Lower price mattress
Price base.
No one will know once the bed is laid.
Should be replaced if the old box has elastic springs instead of stiff wires.
If your current foundation is only a few years old and has no cracks, distortions, creaking or \"giving\", consider using it with the new mattress.
Although most of the respondents in our recent user survey replaced their base with mattresses, about 80% said they slept better after just replacing them.
So if your spring is not broken and the structure is still in good condition, consider keeping it and saving a few hundred dollars.
If your new mattress is super thick, consider pairing it with a \"low profile\" base of 4 to 6 inch thick to reduce the height.
Watch out for \"comparison\" and if you like a mattress in a store and ask for something similar elsewhere, you may be directed to the same place --
Brand mattresses that should have the same structure, components and hardness. It\'s unlikely.
Mattress manufacturers offer a number of collections across the country, but when these brands are sold through major chain stores such as Macy\'s, Sears and Sleepy, they are exclusive to these chains.
Manufacturers do not publish comparable catalogs.
Industry insiders say retailers who claim to sell them usually spy in their rival stores and compile a list of beds that look comparable.
But when we went to three bedding chains and asked to buy mattresses similar to those we bought at three department stores, five of the six mattresses were far from us. A two-
For example, it is said that double-sided mattresses can be comparable to disposable mattressessided bed.
In the end, you can\'t know which mattress is actually the same or similar to the mattress in another store.
Looking for a comfort guarantee, some retailers will give you two weeks and months to return or replace a mattress or box spring that you don\'t like.
Everyone plays according to different rules, usually you pay the price.
We encourage you to stay in bed for 30 days in Bloomingdale;
You then have seven days to return or exchange, but you will pay the delivery fee, plus a price of 10%, up to $250.
Sears does not charge for return or exchange within 90 days.
Do not expect them to mask defects in the material and workmanship, rather than comfortable or normal wear.
They usually work for 10 years.
Warranty for Duxiana, Select Comfort and Tempur-
The Pedic has been in effect for 20 years.
Some mattress warranty does not include full replacement value;
Instead, the annual usage fee is deducted from the current retail price.
When you make a claim, the shop or the manufacturer sends an inspector to your home.
You need to show the receipt.
If you say the mattress is sagging, the inspector will check if the dip is below the allowable limit of 1 1/2.
If you remove the \"do not remove\" label, if the mattress is stained, or if the mattress is not supported evenly from the box spring or frame, a company will cancel the warranty ---
A spokesman for Simmons said this is a common cause of sagging.
Waiting for sale, bargainspecalty mattresses usually have a fixed price, but you can save at least 50% of the price tag for innerspring.
Advertisements for \"blowout\" sales make such incidents rare. They aren\'t.
If the price is good, buy it; if not, wait.
Our shoppers bought Serta Perfect Sleeper at a Sears store for $1,300 more than a week later to buy the same set at another Sears.
The \"bargain\" on the ad doesn\'t seem to be all about it, so please read the fine print.
We saw a flyer in a store boasting that the mattress saved 75%, but the footnote showed that the price tag for calculating the discount was \"probably not based on actual sales \".
\"If you are ready to shop elsewhere, you can buy it in several stores and you may get a discount.
When our reporter asked a 1-800-
Is there a better deal on the mattress showroom company website, and the salesman said that if the bed was bought at the store, he would double the value of the $100 Internet coupon.
Seal the dealAsk prior to purchase for trial period, return policy and restocking and pick-up fees--
Especially in warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam\'s Club, you can\'t try the mattress.
Also ask about the disposal of your old mattress (
Some deliveryman will take it to the side of the road and others will take it away). Insist on a no-
If the bed you ordered is out of stock, the replacement clause in the sales agreement.
Check for stains and other damage after delivery.
If you are not happy, insist on changing one.
You need to do this if you have to file a warranty claim --not-remove-under-penalty-of-
Legal label sewn on mattress. (
Don\'t buy a mattress if there is no label. )
While harsh warnings are directed at retailers and manufacturers, not consumers, if you can\'t resolve the retailer\'s warranty issue and you need to state your situation to the manufacturer, removing tags may come back to haunt you.
Labels are important because they contain identification information, fill descriptions (
Polyester, goose down, feathers, or cotton, for example)
And each percentage, whether--How many--
The material is new or old, and the details of the flame retardant.
Other labeling requirements include origin (
For example, \"Made in America\"S. A.
Imported materials or shells made in China, filled and completed in the United StatesS. A. \")
, And the name of the manufacturer, importer, distributor or supplier.
We checked the policies of Sealy, Serta and Simmons, the three largest mattress manufacturers, and all agreed that you must have a label in order to process your claim. What\'s not 100-
The percentage of transparency is enough whether the label must be permanently attached to the mattress, or just having a cut off label.
We advise you to play safely and do not move the label.
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