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Magnetic therapy is


What is magnetic therapy mattress:

  Magnetic therapy, magnetic therapy is a pseudo-scientific alternative to the use of static magnetic fields. Merchants claim to have a health benefit in the body parts that are subjected to the static magnetic field generated by permanent magnets. These physical and biological theories are unproven and magnetic therapy has no effective effect on health or healing. The health care principle of this mattress is that it uses a magnet instead of electricity. Many varieties of health mattresses use electric heating, and electric heating necessarily has electromagnetic waves.

Expert comment:

    Some studies have investigated in recent years that static magnetic fields can play any role in health and treatment. Research on the unbiased nature of magnetic therapy is difficult because magnetic properties can be easily detected, for example, to attract iron-containing substances. Because of this, effective blinding in research is difficult (blinding is a scientific experimental method in which patients and other accompanying people do not know who is receiving magnetic therapy or substitutes) (because magnetic substances are easily distinguished, so It is difficult for users to know that they are using real or fake products, so the experiment is difficult to do accurately). Incomplete or inadequate blinding tends to exaggerate the treatment effect, especially if the effect is small. The role of magnetic therapy in longevity and cancer treatment is not supported by any research results. More realistic health requirements, the most commonly used term for pain relief, have not been confirmed by any credible principles and clinical studies.

    According to the public's attitude and scientific understanding in 2002, the National Science Foundation reported that magnetic therapy is “completely unscientific. Many suppliers promote magnetic therapy equipment through the use of pseudo-scientific language combined with the language of the new era. The argument is not supported by the results of scientific and clinical research.

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