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Is it true that the pocket springs that are popular around the world?


There are mattresses of all kinds of materials on the market today - latex mattresses, sponge mattresses, spring mattresses so on. Among them, spring mattresses have been loved and welcomed by consumers for hundreds of years since the invention.

Over time, the production process and product design of the spring mattress have undergone many new changes, and the independent spring mattress is one of the innovations. Many consumers will ask for an independent spring mattress when they buy a mattress. Good and bad, we have a good understanding of it before we know, then go with springmattressfactory to see the advantages and disadvantages of the independent spring mattress.

Independent spring mattress introduction

The independent spring mattress is an innovative work of the spring mattress. It is specially built according to the new requirements of the sleeping mattress. What is the "independent", the springs are made into an independent and connected arrangement, and then ordered. Bonded together to form a bed net, its role is to allow each independent spring to balance the force, independent support operation, can stretch and shrink, called independent spring mattress.

Is it a separate spring mattress?

“Is it a separate spring mattress?” is a question for many consumers. Independent spring mattresses have their own advantages and characteristics, we can judge and compare. Synwin spring mattress factory reminds: Hot-selling mattresses may not be suitable for you. You must try to lie on your own.

Advantages of a separate spring mattress

Advantage one

The inner spring of the independent spring mattress can be independently operated to support the force, and the silent mode is turned on. The turning body does not interfere with the sleeping partner, ensuring comfortable and stable sleep, and can effectively promote deep sleep and improve sleep quality.

Advantage two

The independent spring mattresses are made of high-quality spring steel wire and wound into a "independent barrel shape". They are sealed in a non-woven bag through a compression process, which has good air permeability and can effectively avoid the noise generated by the friction between mold, insects and springs.

Advantage three

According to the ergonomics, the independent spring mattress can be divided into three zones, five zones, seven zones and nine zones to balance the force on the human body. It can flexibly flex according to the human fit curve, protect the ridges and keep the spine naturally flat. The straight posture allows the muscles to fully relax, relieve stress, reduce the number of turns during sleep, and create a good sleeping environment.

Disadvantages of independent spring mattress

Disadvantage 1

In order to ensure the balance of the force of each part of the independent spring mattress, the elasticity is good and durable, and it requires manpower for long-term maintenance and regular flipping.

Shortcoming two

Independent spring mattresses need to be cleaned regularly to prevent damage to the mattress from wet and moisturey items. Long periods of humidity can affect the life and performance of the spring. This is also a place where the individual pocket springs are insufficient.

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