Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the mattress

by:Synwin     2020-07-21
Our company is specialized is engaged in the wholesale mattresses, custom mattress, mattress to join us. Mattress factory product quality, our company flagship brand The mattress brand. Under the mattress manufacturer, and everyone together to discuss some advantages and disadvantages about the mattress. Advantages: molded by evaporation, its itself millions of porosity, permeability and due to the porosity of the surface is smooth, so it cannot attach such as mite bug, and juice has a very important characteristic is that it sends out the fragrance of many mosquitoes are reluctant to close. Good elasticity, deformation, can wash, durable. Is a good material to health; Based on rubber tree SAP, molded by evaporation, because itself has numerous pores, so it has good air permeability; At the same time, good elasticity, not easy deformation. The mattress is made by the quality is good. Its have good resilience, can prevent acarid, also can satisfy the needs of different weight, good support can adapt various position of sleepers. Is the nature of human sleep good gifts, mattress, pillow is the mainstream of the world's advanced countries top bedding. In Europe, they found, eliminate fatigue, sleep, must use natural bedding, provide ongoing support and soft feeling. Unique characteristics, can not only meet the needs of the consumers, more in line with the trend of returning to nature in the new life, is to respect themselves, the pursuit of life of comfort. So every year millions of people in Europe to buy bedding. Disadvantages: itself cannot prevent oxidation process, especially when contact with ultraviolet light, oxidation process faster. Cannot be formed, the so-called the rubber only 20% - 40% purity, most of proteins and sugars. Shall join the base class can extend the preservation time; Rubber have allergic effect, however, about 8% of allergy.
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