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Internet + era, Synwin mattress opened the window of the world


Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet has become a very important component of the Earth. Whether it is country or race, whether it is eating, drinking, or studying, we are used to finding everything we need online. McLuhan said: The medium is the extension of people. Yes, it is. Through the network, we broke the limitations of time and space and extended the scope of knowledge to the whole world.

For export-oriented companies, the Internet is an epoch-making tool. Through the network, we opened the window of the world, and when we saw the world, we were also seen by the world.

Synwin mattress is a company that is good at making and seizing opportunities. In addition to actively participating in various large-scale related exhibitions at home and abroad, Synwin mattress also invited professional designers to create Chinese official website and English official website (www.springamttressfactory.com) for each of its three brands. As the general manager of the company, Mr. Deng, often visits all over the world and deeply feels the dependence of people from all over the world on the network, he pays special attention to the operation of the official website (www.springamttressfactory.com) and organizes relevant personnel to conduct training.

Synwin mattress network marketing training course

Synwin mattress's sales clerk are all proficient in English. They also participate in the operation of the official website on a daily basis. Many salesmen have successfully developed high-quality customers through the official website. On February 25th, the deposit of a Canadian customer of Kelly in the export mattress group arrived and became her 15th official website customer. Another customer is also ready to place an order.

Q: Kelly, can you briefly introduce the process of taking the order?

A: In mid-March, the customer found me on the official website and said that they were interested in our mattress products. I sent the catalogue of our company and the quotes of several hot mattresses to him. Then the customer gave me a price feedback, and I recommended him several other mattresses based on his price. Later, he then responded to the specific requirements, we slowly communicated the details, adjusted the mattress structure under the premise of ensuring the quality, and finally ordered a cabinet (large container), basically this is the case.

Q: What is the nature of this customer? Did he come from the show?

A: No, he found it directly from the official website (www.springamttressfactory.com). He has not been to our exhibition, nor has it been to our factory. We have not seen each other, and we have not communicated by telephone. He is a large furniture store in Canada, similar to the domestic red star Macalline. If this cooperation is successful, it should be placed one after another.

Q: How can we promote the transaction on the network platform?

A: I think there are mainly the following aspects:



As long as the customer sends an email, I will reply immediately, never dragging, so that customers can feel my enthusiasm. Because of the time difference, this is a challenge for people doing international trade. In addition, a quick response can avoid customers looking for comparisons and can hold customers tightly.



In fact, this customer has asked for more requirements, including handles, bags, trademark embroidery, delivery and so on. He got a container and made a total of six styles, both in the middle and low grades. It was very troublesome to do so, but I decided to follow him one by one according to his requirements. All that can be satisfied is as satisfying as possible.



A professional business will not be answered by a customer. I know what information he wants to know, then I will provide him with a full set of services, including regular information, price, packaging, delivery, packaging, payment methods, etc., all sent to him at one time. In this way, the guests will feel that I am professional and will be willing to cooperate with me.

Q: How do you think you can achieve high efficiency, good service and professionalism?

A: The most important thing is to be very familiar with the company's products and processes, so that you can recommend the appropriate money according to the customer's needs, and can quickly give answers when he has questions.

Q: Compared with the exhibition, what do you think of e-commerce?

A: Actually, the Internet is a wonderful thing, just separated by one layer and invisible to each other, but at this time we can be more professional. If it is at the exhibition site, when we talk to the customer, some questions cannot be answered immediately, and the customer is not willing to talk to you. So the network is also a good channel.

In order to promote online marketing, the company implements a more generous incentive policy for customers who are developing the network. The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. The company has already opened up a fertile land for everyone, but in the end it will not be able to harvest the sweet fruit, or whether the individual has worked hard.

To achieve a company, in fact, is also to achieve oneself, let us unite and realize the dream of the heart!

For more information about our official website (www.springamttressfactory.com), please email: mattress@Synwinchina.com, I look forward to hearing from you.

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