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How to judge whether the spring used in the mattress is good?


Take a look: First, check whether the spring mattress is evenly thick and the surface is smooth. Here is an inspection method that everyone can operate: put a long bamboo pole on the diagonal of the mattress to see if the bamboo pole remains level, if it is level, it means that the mattress filling is more evenly stuffed; otherwise, if the bamboo pole is on one side The high side is low, indicating that the filling is not evenly stuffed. Of course, the certificate is also to be seen.

Second pressure: test the surface of the mattress by hand, observe the rebound of the bed surface, and judge the insufficient filling of the fabric. Generally, a good mattress will be pressed down by hand, and the fabric will quickly return to its original shape (except for memory foam). Too much stuffing will even make the mattress top very tight, and you can feel very strong when you press it with your hands. If the filling is too little, it will collapse directly when pressed by hand, and it is almost impossible to restore the original shape. Of course, it is best to lie on the body and feel it.

Three listenings: The springs of qualified quality have good resilience under the flapping, and even springs can be heard close to the bed surface (the sound is very weak, and most people don't really have this hearing, if the fabric is thick, it will be even more difficult to hear). Rusty and inferior springs not only have poor resilience performance, but they usually make a "creaking" sound when lying on it.

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