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How to judge the quality of the mattress?~ look at the mattress spring system


One third of life is spent in sleep, and mattress is one of the important factors affecting the quality of sleep.

To judge the quality of a mattress, the most important thing is the spring system.

In all mattress spring systems, there are three types: wire drawing spring, circular spring (independent chain spring) and independent bag spring. Experts said that generally buy mattresses, try not to choose wire-drawing spring, because the noise of wire-drawing spring is relatively large, the quality is poor, generally high-end mattresses will not choose wire-drawing spring.

Reed features: the whole mattress has a separate reed firmly put together, so that the whole mattress into one. And the spring and the spring do not friction each other, no noise, can sleep safely.

Characteristics of Independent Bag Spring: Some people must be confused, what is called Independent Bag Spring? Simply put, each individual spring is loaded into the bag with a non-woven bag after pressure, then arranged in a chain, and then glued together to form a bed net. Independent bag spring mattress because each spring body is individually operated, independently supported, can be independently retractable, so lying on one of the two people turn over or leave, the other person will not be affected by the slightest, can ensure a safe and comfortable sleep.

Each independent spring is loaded into a non-woven bag and spliced into a bed net under separate force without interference. A spring is compressed and the surrounding area is completely unaffected, so the mattress fits better.

Now the better mattress spring system on the market is circular spring and independent bag spring. Independent bag spring is better than circular spring.

1. The structure of the independent bag spring is small on both sides and large in the middle, so when extruding, it can be clearly seen that the springs do not friction with each other, that is to say, zero noise can be achieved.

2. Because of the independent telescopic function of the spring, the mattress's plane force is even, and it won't oppress the capillaries of the human body, so as to avoid the feeling of soreness and fatigue.

3. Compared with the circular spring, it has better flexibility, more soft mattress feel and higher comfort.

Experts say that there will be a phenomenon of using a circular spring as an independent bag spring in the market. How can we distinguish the mattress with two kinds of springs when we buy it?

1. It's very simple. Touch it with your hands.

When consumers buy mattresses, they can touch the mattress spring system from the side. Independent bag springs are olive-shaped, small at both ends and large in the middle, while circular springs, on the contrary, are large at both ends and small in the middle, and are concave. So when the two springs form a plane, we touch each other with our hands. If we feel that the springs have been pushed several centimeters, there is the feeling of steel wire, that is the circular spring.

Another kind of businessman is more cunning, may make the outermost layer into a separate bag spring, inside with a circular spring, so that the owner can not distinguish by "side touch" method. At this time, everyone can press the mattress, if a place is pressed down, the surrounding is not affected, that is "non-interference" independence. Springs in vertical bags!

2. "Look before you touch, simply identify the fabric of the mattress"

Mattress fabrics on the market are basically the same now. Now there are knitted fabrics, patchwork knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, spinning knitted fabrics, printed fabrics and so on on on the market. Generally, the middle and high-end mattresses are woven fabric, patchwork knitted fabric and spinning knitted fabric.

3. To distinguish mattress from fabric, there are two main aspects: one is weight, the other is wear resistance.

The weight of mattress fabrics, that is, the quality of unit area, is an important index to evaluate the quality of mattress fabrics. The non-conformity of the weight of mattress fabrics will affect the service life of mattress.

4. What about the weight of the fabric? First look and touch!

We can see clearly that the density of knitted fabric is very high and the gap between the thread and the thread is small. It feels thicker, smooth and delicate. If you press hard, you can feel the resilience obviously, and there is no sound. And mattress wear resistance, experts say, this is not hand can be felt, but to be detected by professional machines. A good mattress can last up to 15 years.

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