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How to choose a spring mattress


Synwin, as the professional manufacturer of mattress for over 14 years, offers the different mattress for clients all over the world, Such as spring mattress, roll up mattress,foam mattress and hotel mattress, etc.

Today, Let's talk about How to choose a spring mattress.

1. Fabric quality. The fabric of the spring mattress must have a certain texture and thickness. The industry standard stipulates that the weight of the fabric per square meter is 60 grams or more; the printing and dyeing pattern of the fabric is uniform; the sewing needle thread of the fabric has no defects such as broken threads, skipped stitches, and floating threads.

2. Production quality. The inner quality of the spring mattress is very important for use. When choosing, check whether the surrounding edges of the mattress are straight and flat; whether the cushion surface is full and well-proportioned, and the fabric has no slack feeling; press the cushion surface 2-3 times with bare hands. The hand feels moderately soft and hard, and has a certain degree of resilience. If there is a concave or uneven phenomenon, it indicates that the quality of the spring wire of the mattress is poor.

In addition, there should be no spring friction sound in the hand; if there is a mesh opening or a stretching device at the edge of the mattress, open it to check whether the internal spring is rusty; whether the bedding material of the mattress is clean and smell-free, and the bedding material is normal Use hemp felt, palm flakes, chemical fiber (cotton) felt, etc., and do not use recycled materials from waste materials, or felts made from bamboo shoot husks, straw, rattan silk, etc., as mattress pads. Use these pads Will affect physical and mental health and service life.

3. Size requirements. The width of spring mattress is generally divided into single and double: single specification is 800mm~1200mm; double specification is 1350mm~1800mm; length specification is 1900mm~2100mm; product size deviation is specified as plus or minus 10mm.

The above introduction is about how to remove spring mattresses and how to choose spring mattresses. There are actually many different benefits to using spring mattresses. First of all, the price is relatively low, and there is a good quality guarantee, and it can be used for a long time. However, the home director must know how to choose, including considering different fabrics, production methods and size requirements, so as to be able to play a better advantage.

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