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How much do you know about spring mattresses?


1. The advantages of spring mattresses

(1) Good support, that is, sufficient support, and you will not feel like you will collapse when you lie down.

(2) More robust and durable. Because of the material itself, coconut palm is easily damp, and latex is naturally oxidized, while the spring is steel. As long as the quality of the steel is excellent and the anti-rust process is good, it is not difficult to use it for 10 years. Moreover, as the spring manufacturing process becomes more and more mature, the spring will become more tough and durable by fine-tuning the formula of carbon, manganese, steel, etc.

2. Disadvantages of spring mattress

(1) It is easy to hide dirt. In addition to the spring net itself, ordinary spring mattresses are also covered with at least three or four layers of materials such as cotton, sponge, and latex. It is difficult to clean up if sweat or other liquids penetrate into it.

PS: At present, there are a few high-end mattresses on the market that use anti-mite cloth. This cloth has a unique microporous structure that can prevent sweat, dust, mites and their excrement from penetrating into the mattress, while allowing air molecules to pass freely. , It has the characteristics of waterproof, breathable and anti-mite. At present, the more famous anti-mite cloths include Tyvek anti-mite cloth under DuPont, DuPont, a very powerful material company, Tyvek, and DuPont patents for anti-mite cloth. Generally speaking, mattresses are not branded goods. , Will not easily use Tyvek, after all, the cost is there. Perlan has a mattress using DuPont's anti-mite cloth, which is quite sincere.

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