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How do I choose my mattress


A good rest is synonymous with good health, mood and energy.


That is why it is very important to make sound decisions when choosing the mattress.


Synwin uses advanced systems and materials, which guarantee the best quality so that you sleep deep and renew every day.


What should I take into account to choose my mattress?


1) The Firmness

2) The Structure

3) The Surface


The firmness ranges from 1 to 3.

These mattresses reduce the pressure point and almost eliminate them.

It is not recommended for infants or people who are heavier.

Although they are very soft, you will feel that you are sinking or your back is still bent, which can have adverse consequences for your body.

The firmness ranges from 4 to 7.

They are the most common on the market because they are not so soft or so hard and fit almost everyone.

They are ideal for pregnant women and babies.

The firmness ranges from 8 to 10.

They are abrasion resistant and highly durable, which is why they are often used in hotels.

It is generally recommended for people with spinal problems or muscle discomfort and for people who are overweight.

This type of mattress has a different hardness on each side.

They are perfect for couples who are looking for the ideal and firmness for everyone.


1) Spring mattress 

Bonell Spring
They provide stability and adapt to the shape of the body.

The support they provide will depend on their number of turns (ranging from 5 to 8) and the diameter of the spring: the smaller the diameter, the stronger the mattress.

Springs range in diameter from 6 cm to 9 cm. Synwin is characterized by high quality and robustness.

Pocket Spring
These are self-contained springs that are packaged in the fabric and are ideal for those who sleep as couples because they absorb motion when one of the two rotates, preventing movement on the other side of the mattress.

In addition, if there is a weight difference between the two, the spring system adapts to each user, preventing the lower weight from sinking or swinging to the opposite side.

2) Foam
High-density flexible polyurethane foam, 22kg/m3 to 35kg/m3, meets different needs, always providing comfort, support and softness for a restful night's sleep.

The thicker the foam, the stronger the mattress. Doctors usually recommend high-density foam because it adapts to the shape of the body to achieve a good posture.



It is the part that covers the foam and fiber inside the mattress, and it comes into contact with us when we sleep. We have found surfaces made with different types of fabrics and fabrics.

It is a cool, durable fabric made of cotton, wool or viscose. This fabric helps to maintain the desired temperature.

It is a mesh fabric, quite resistant, which gives a high sensation of freshness when in contact with the skin.

Polyester fabric
They are affordable, color, pattern design is very rich, durable, decorate the room







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