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Furniture big event of the week


Big event of the week

  A large number of furniture production bases for the North American market are being transferred from Asia to Herzegovina. Including Aishili, HNI, LA-Z-BOY, FLEXSTEEL, INNOVA LUXURY, as well as domestic Gujia, Meike, Shengao and other enterprises. With Asian supply difficulties and rising costs, the shift to Mexican production seems to have become the future trend.

  It is reported that many offshore Chinese furniture companies and furniture manufacturers in some ASEAN countries said after learning that Vietnam’s blockade policy was extended to the end of September 2021: they are transferring furniture orders back to China. In the past few years, many furniture companies in the industry have moved their manufacturing plants from China to neighboring Southeast Asian countries, not only to take advantage of cheap labor from other countries, but also to avoid tariffs imposed during the Trump administration’s trade war with China. And just as the furniture manufacturing industry in Vietnam was booming, the epidemic returned and ravaged the country in the middle of this year. The local government ordered the closure of the factory, and the shutdown of the factory forced the manufacturer to relocate the factory back to China.


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