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Four main reason select good mattress


In fact, many years ago, mattresses became popular in all around the world, from the initial mat to the spring, then to the mat, and now to the 3E brown, 3E bamboo fiber mat. In the case that the sleeping environment created by people is more and more comfortable, people are also worried about how to choose the mattress.

Here are a few points for your reference.


work for a day, tired, sleep at night to release the heat and easy to sweat, use a mattress with good ventilation performance to keep the mattress dry during sleep, improve the sleep quality of sleepers while reducing bacterial growth, healthy sleep is guaranteed. At present, the most popular ones on the market are pure cotton fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics and knitted fabrics, which have better air permeability, among which bamboo fiber fabrics are better.Hardness is the key to choose a mattress with moderate.


The children's spine in the family is developing and deformable. The soft bed and the hard bed are not suitable. On the contrary, the mattress with moderate hardness can provide good support for the teenager and relieve the neck and hip. The pressure to relax the muscles of all parts of the body for a better rest. However, if you are a very thin or fat teenager, you should choose a softer and harder mattress according to your body size and weight.


Safety news has repeatedly reported the mattress insect incident, which makes people pay more attention to the safety of the mattress. The two topics of formaldehyde content exceeding the standard or the presence or absence of harmful substances in the material are of higher concern. The excessive amount of formaldehyde in the mattress is very harmful to the human body, and other harmful substances may also have different degrees of harm to the human body. Buying a mattress should focus on the safety of the mattress. For us, it is better to buy a bamboo fiber mattress with moderate hardness. The bamboo fiber mattress is naturally free of harmful substances, does not cause insects, has moderate hardness, and has good air permeability. Suitable for the whole family.


mattresses range in price from a few hundred to several thousand, and the natural functions and quality are different. Many people here have a higher price and better quality. Because most mattress consumers are ordinary people, they have Mattresses that are good for your family's health are urgent. Latex mattresses perform well in all aspects, but due to their high price, few people buy them. The bamboo fiber mattress is made of natural bamboo fiber, which is harmless to the human body and moderate in hardness. It has good support for the human body and is more conducive to the development of children's spine. Bamboo fiber mattresses are moderately priced and are a cost-effective mattress in mattresses, making them one of the main raw materials for the choice of ordinary home mattresses.

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