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Dongguan and Foshan, who is the future of China's furniture industry?

Future of China
Dongguan and Foshan, who is the future of China's furniture industry?

On the map of China, there is a magical and unique place. The Pearl River rushes forward and meets the blue South China Sea, creating a fertile and legendary land. It is rich in longan and lychee, and also rich in fish and rice, as well as legends of wealth. "Go to Guangdong to get rich" refers to the Pearl River Delta. It is the source of many changes that shake China. It seems that there will never be a shortage of the freshest ideas and the most sensitive commercial sense. This land seems to have a unique power that has given birth to numerous "Oriental myths." Today's Pearl River Delta is as real as gold, with infinite value.


In fact, in the furniture industry, "Dongfo Furniture" also shines like gold, infinitely dazzling.
Dongguan Houjie /  Foshan Lecong

      Indeed, if you want to talk about the Chinese furniture industry, these two places cannot be avoided, namely, Dongguan Houjie, which is known as the "China Furniture Fair and Trade Capital", and Foshan Lecong, which is known as the "China's furniture business capital". These two famous towns in Lingnan, named after "Chinese Furniture", were pushed into the spotlight during the tide of industrial development.                  

      Some people have been asking, Dongguan and Foshan, Houjie and Lecong, the two banner places of China's furniture industry, who is the core of China's furniture industry? Who is the future of China's furniture industry?

In fact, the two important furniture industries, Houjie and Lecong, have different industrial focuses.

Houjie promotes trade with production. There are more than 400 furniture companies above designated size on a land of 30 square kilometers in the town, with more than 100,000 employees; At the same time, more than 100,000 professional buyers from all over the world gather at each famous furniture fair. 

Lecong Town covers an area of 78 square kilometers, with a total furniture exhibition area of nearly 3 million square meters. 

The different positioning of the two towns in the two cities has created different industrial styles.

 Houjie furniture manufacturing enterprises are strong, and at the same time, its exhibition trade effect can be said to be unique in the country and even in the world; 

Lecong's furniture trade advantages are also well-known at home and abroad.

As for the furniture industry, who is better, perhaps time is difficult to give a satisfactory answer.

In this transformation, Foshan furniture companies rely on the strong industrial foundation of home building materials, and take the needs of the industry as the entry point, in order to further promote the national manufacturing industry's comprehensive transformation and upgrading pilots, and build a national manufacturing innovation city, a first-tier city in China's manufacturing industry. It can be said that he has done his best. In such a general environment, 

Dongguan continues to consolidate the foundation of a famous manufacturing city, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. 

Dongguan and Foshan, one on the east bank of the Pearl River and the other on the west bank of the Pearl River, who will be the "number two" in the future?

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