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Does the mattress also contain formaldehyde?


   According to the investigation, the pollution hazard of the mattress is mainly from the materials used. In order to obtain the maximum benefit, some black-hearted merchants often choose some fabrics with formaldehyde and some sponges when choosing mattress auxiliary materials. The accessories of the mattress, when these accessories are filled to a certain level, the toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde are several times more than some furniture and decoration materials. According to the average sleep time of 6 hours a day, the harm can be imagined. How serious is it.

  In addition to the use of formaldehyde-containing fabrics and sponges, some merchants also use coir or mountain brown as an auxiliary material for bed filling. The mattresses with coco and mountain brown as excipients are more serious than formaldehyde because they are made in bed. When using the mat, it is necessary to use a brown sheet to achieve a certain hardness and strength, and the strength and hardness of the brown sheet often need to be achieved by a large amount of adhesive, and the use of the adhesive will inevitably release formaldehyde from it. The cause of excessive formaldehyde. Therefore, in addition to formaldehyde, Chengdu reminds everyone to carefully review the mattress and understand what the filler and accessories inside the mattress are.


  For some luxury mattresses, there is also a certain amount of formaldehyde emission, but it is better than those made by black-hearted merchants, but everyone should pay attention. Because most luxury mattresses use a mixture of urea and formaldehyde to form a urine aldehyde resin bubble when using the filler, but the mattress made by the filler requires a strict technical process, if the manufacturer's technical process If the standard is not met, then the mattress will decompose formaldehyde from it and cause harm to our body.

In summary, the pollutants released by the mattress are also everyone's attention. When you choose the mattress in the interior decoration, try to choose the mattress produced by the regular manufacturer. You should have an understanding of the filler in the mattress. Don't blindly figure cheaper, pay a penny, and it's not worth it to buy a mattress that exceeds the standard.


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