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Do children need a mattress?


Do children need a mattress?

   The answer is: Yes!!

  Every child's physical password is different,The difference between high and low fat and physical condition makes their requirements for mattresses different.But the popular children's mattress design still can't take care of every child's needs.

How to customize children's mattresses


Sponge mattress

  A lightweight mattress made of foamed polyurethane (PU) material that does not create grooves, waves or particles, and some with vertical air passages inside. The corners of the mattress are usually adhered with a harder sponge.


Latex- spring mattress

  The core is composed of latex and spring, thin and heavy. Latex can be very evenly soft under pressure; coir fiber is usually hard and breathable. The combination of the two will be better in terms of elasticity, breathability and support.

  Latex coir material is more comfortable and durable,A few points to pay attention to when purchasing:



  Soft mattresses and hard mattresses support the child well. Therefore, when parents choose a mattress, it is important to see if the mattress matches the child's body shape. Do not sink too deep or too shallow after lying down.

  Flat area

  For adults, the lying position sometimes makes sense for different body parts, but not for infants and young children. Because the child is light and the spine is straight, there is no need to provide support or relief in certain body parts during sleep.


  It is important to choose a stable mattress corner. This is to prevent children from walking on the bed, jumping, standing when they are standing, or sliding into the gap between the mattress and the bed. Except for latex coconut mattresses, because the core is very strong and does not need to be reinforced.

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