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Classification of mattresses


People nowadays pay attention to quality and details of life. Mattess is a must that every family wants to use, and there is a variety of mattresses from miscellaneous mattress manufacturers, the choice is to conducive to body, therefore, buyers must not enter erroneous zone in mattress purchase.

How many kinds of mattresses out there? Buckle up and tighten seat belt, let's find out together!

Mattess is to assure consumer to obtain healthy and comfortable moring. Mattess is qualitative various, mattesses that are made from different material can bring different moring effect.

  • 1. Spring mattress

  • This is the most traditional mattress, also the most cost-effective mattress, its cushion core is supported by spring composition.

  • The thickness of steel wire, the number of spring rings, the height of a single spring ring, and the way the spring rings are connected, these will affect quality of spring mattress.

  • So, spring mattress factory that buys spring mattress should see mattress above all.

  • Now on the market, the spring technology of Sealy mattress, a century-old American brand, has not only a long history, but also has undergone five generations of innovation. The spring technology has been very mature, and it is a brand that should not be missed by those who like the spring mattress.

  • 2. Memory cotton mattress

  • Its special material can provide you with the most average and real support, so that the parts of the body contact for a long time in the state of no pressure, do not hinder the blood circulation and do not cause fatigue and soreness, reduce the number of sleep unnecessary turn.

  • A large number of data records show that the rebound memory mattress of slow rebound can basically cancel each other with the pressure of the body, produce zero pressure, effectively reduce the number of times to turn over, make "deep sleep" time effectively extend, to achieve the effect of rapid recovery of body energy.

  • Slian Memory mattress is made of gel particle memory cotton, which has the function of slow recovery and constant temperature. The latest Beauty posture induction spring enables the mattress to have excellent supporting power, protect the human spine, and make the function of memory cotton mattress stronger. 

  • 3. Latex mattress

  • As a kind of mattess, latex mattress has extremely strong antibacterial property. Compared with other mattress materials, latex has better resilience.

  • Therefore, it can follow the outline of the body, so that every curve of the body has appropriate support.

  • The Sealane latex spring mattress USES a titanium alloy smart posture sensing spring, which helps protect the sleeper's spine.

  • In addition, the comfortable layer of the mattress is made of super-sensing resilient advanced latex, super-adherent comfort memory cotton, hard supporting foam, high-density comfort foam and soft comfort foam.

  • Mattress hardness moderate, suitable for all age groups.

  • Keep the natural curve of the spine, and then relax the muscles of the sleeper, effectively promote sleep.

Two, mattress of choose and buy what erroneous zone there is

The more expensive the mattress, the better

A lot of friends can appear such mistake area, think no matter what thing is more expensive had better, although the price is a kind of reflection of product quality, but also cannot so too one-sided measure article, to how to choose mattess likewise so, only suit oneself mattess is best.

We want to consider a lot of issues when choosing a mattress, the price is just a consideration factor, and sometimes even if the cost of a big price can not necessarily buy a very good mattress.

It is suggested here that we pay attention to the material used in the choice of the mattress, according to the market to estimate the price of the mattress, to avoid the money spent and the actual experience is not equal to the situation.

The harder the mattress, the better

Many people in life feel comfortable sleeping on a hard mattress.

But in fact the mattress soft hard moderate degree or a good, hard mattress lay while you feel is also good, but it can't perfect curve of joint human body, it makes when you sleep your body parts in a suspended state, such as the waist, so your muscles and bones will not be able to relax, this creates a lot of people sleep up to waist sour backache, than move the brick also tired.

When everybody is choosing mattess so, must choose soft hard moderate, let the body each place can get bear, your mornium quality just can be more stable sureness.

A good mattess can improve the quality of people's sleep, we should pay attention to the choice of mattess, not necessarily expensive is good, to choose a comfortable, suitable for their own mattess.

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