Asthma cases up in the U.S.

Asthma cases are on the rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
New statistics show that the number of people diagnosed with asthma in the United States has increased by 4.
The period from 2001 to 3 million was 2009 per cent.
A new Vital Signs report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday showed that nearly one of 12 Am Americans was diagnosed with asthma.
The cost of asthma rose from about $53 billion in 2002 to about $56 billion in 2007, an increase of about 6%.
Asthma is a lung disease that can lead to severe breathing, breathing difficulties, chest tightness, and cough.
Patients can control asthma symptoms by medication or by avoiding things like smoking and air pollution that exacerbate their condition.
Asthma triggers are usually environmental issues that can be found anywhere, including schools, offices, homes, outdoors, and anywhere mold or allergic stimuli grow.
Although many patients are educated in asthma, the explanation for the increase in asthma incidence remains a mystery.
\"Despite the improvement in outdoor air quality, we have reduced two common causes of asthma-secondhand smoke and smoking --
Asthma is increasing . \"
Paul Garbe, director of air pollution and respiratory health at CDC.
\"While we don\'t know the reason for the increase, our priority is to get people to better control the symptoms.
\"The report found an increase in asthma diagnosis across all population groups between 2001 and 2009, although the proportion of children who reported asthma was higher than that of adults (9.
6% compared to 7. 7% in 2009).
The boy\'s diagnosis is particularly high (11. 3%)
The highest increase in the incidence of asthma is African-American children (
Almost 50% increase)
From 2001 to 2009. 17%of non-
In 2009, the highest incidence of asthma among black Hispanic children was among ethnic/ethnic groups.
\"Asthma is a serious lifelong disease and unfortunately thousands of people die every year and it increases the cost of medical care in our country by billions of dollars,\" said Dr CDC director . \"Thomas R. Frieden.
\"We have to better educate people on how to manage their symptoms and how to use drugs properly to control asthma so they can live a longer life while saving medical costs.
\"This report coincides with World Asthma Day, an annual event sponsored by the Global Asthma Initiative.
To reduce asthma cases, the following suggestions are made by CDC.
* Improve indoor air quality in asthma patients by smoking
Laws and policies are broadcast free of charge in public places, including school areas and workplaces.
* Teach patients how to avoid asthma triggers such as smoking, mold, pet dandruff, and outdoor air pollution, * encourage doctors to open inhalation of cortisol for all patients with persistent asthma, and provide patients with an asthma action plan on how to manage symptoms.
: Clinicians, health educators and other health professionals are encouraged to conduct home environmental assessment and education meetings within and outside the clinical or hospital environment.
If asthma is growing and expensive both in the US dollar and in people, why is CDC proposing to terminate their asthma program?
Medical costs have risen, the article says.
Some companies are making the money to use it for a selfish agenda, that is, not finding a cure or reason for all asthma and continuing to provide treatment.
This is the biggest problem in the free market healthcare system, why do any companies find any treatment when they can provide treatment and continue to make money. cha ching!
The CDC is cutting projects because Congress has cut their budget.
Interestingly, the CDC reported that smoking and second-hand smoking have been greatly reduced, but there are more and more asthma patients, but they still pay attention to smoking and second-hand smoking.
The other \"it doesn\'t work, let\'s go ahead and do that \".
As for the study, CDC did some research and their main focus was on the list of infectious diseases and other disease data, and NIH did a preliminary study.
Oh, the National Institutes of Health has also cut its budget.
Republican message: save money, die!
I suspect the numbers will continue to rise because the numbers include \"self\"
Reported asthma.
Self-reported diseases and diseases are difficult to confirm.
In addition, asthma also has a strong connection with the number of families of dogs and cats living indoors.
The number of families with cats and dogs living indoors has just surged in the past 20 years.
Asthma and Allergy doctors do a great job of helping those with asthma, if the patient can afford the medicine.
I think that in order to learn again what we already know, there is little need to spend more on research.
@ Mike-the cost is up but I still have to pay the bill.
Asthma is mainly severe. overwhelmingly)
A disease that lacks vitamin D.
Raise your vitamin D level to 50-80 ng/ml, 25 OH.
Work like charm!
The discussion ended. p. s.
Five years later, despite protests from pharmaceutical companies and negative news, the world will recognize this fact.
I don\'t know what your doctor said, what he did, or what he didn\'t know.
Supplement vitamin D in the healthy range of 50-80 ng/ml works! ! ! ! Period!
Why is there no mention of recent news reports that the use of Tylenol by pregnant women is considered to increase the chances of developing asthma in infants?
For almost anyone, especially children, is it possible that the current preferred drug, yitone, is responsible for a sharp rise in asthma, especially in children?
Must be all chemicals and contaminants in the air. .
Your opinion on air pollutants and chemicals is right.
Although I have a doctor, I don\'t think I am an asthma patient.
Prescribed inhaler because I have frequent attacks and when I am exposed to something, these things are very terrible, usually in the air of the meeting room, or dust and mold on the leaves in autumn
I only prescribe twice a year, no problem for weeks.
In the past year, two things that have really increased asthma have been the oil plug.
Not gel plugin
Ins and fabric softener with pearls are tiny plastic pearls of fabric softener that can release time so you can smell the fragrance in 5 days or more.
These don\'t bother me at the same time because I \'ve never introduced anything new to my environment, only one at a time.
When the electricity/heat hit the scented oil, I started coughing and couldn\'t stop. I finally coughed and couldn\'t breathe.
When I put my clothes in the dryer, those plastic pearls got hot and I started coughing and couldn\'t stop.
After a couple of weeks in both cases, I decided that I had a problem because apart from the fragrance oil plug-in and fabric softener that I have been using for 20 years, I didn\'t introduce anything new to my environment.
When I took these things out of my house, I didn\'t have any more problems.
People need to educate themselves about the chemicals around them.
I think this is the respiratory syndrome virus and the current treatment.
Through modern day care, babies are exposed to this destructive virus many times before the age of 3, which is when their immune system becomes strong enough to withstand the virus from invading the lung tissue.
Studies have shown that in children with respiratory syndrome before the age of 3, the incidence of asthma is 3 times higher than in children who are not exposed.
If the child has multiple times, the ratio is 5 times that of the unexposed child.
The current treatment is to wait until the child has difficulty breathing before giving it steroids.
My point is that this treatment regimen may do more harm than good because studies have shown that lung inflammation bounces when steroids stop.
So the doctor asked the baby to take these drugs for a few months.
These children are too young to accept these lung infections or take such powerful drugs, and I am sure they will have a long-term negative effect on their airway.
Doctors need to start vaccination and quarantine programs for respiratory syndrome virus. No it is not.
In fact, vitamin D levels are declining due to rising body mass index and widespread obesity.
Increased body fat means less circulating vitamin D in the body. Period.
End of discussion! Meh. I have asthma-
Seriously, I almost killed me a few times, asthma.
A few years ago, I couldn\'t afford the medicine for a while, and I was hospitalized many times.
If I don\'t find a way to get the medication, I may be in an asthma state and die.
I \'ve seen a lot of people diagnosed with asthma who have very mild symptoms.
I am willing to be the one who is diagnosed more frequently.
Or asthma.
You should be the first person to know that mild asthma can become very, very severe asthma in a few minutes.
Google searches for vitamin D and asthma.
Vitamin D is cheap, but much higher than the government recommended.
Most likely, you lack vitamin D, which needs to be repaired.
For a few months, 10,000 IU per day, get your vitamin D level to the best range and then stay at 5000 IU per day.
You will feel better.
There will be a lot of information on the vitamin D Committee website.
Under the research section on the left, you will see asthma studies, click on them, and you will see a list of papers on the pub med website showing a close connection between vitamin D deficiency and asthma.
In addition, at the Vitamin D Council, go to the newsletter file on the left and go to the latest one to read about the doctor
Investigation and CDC on vitamin D
In fact, they are covering up the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and acting as if nothing was the case.
This is completely contrary to the paper on the postgraduate entrance examination.
They ignored a lot of evidence.
At least for now, because in the next few years, there is a possibility that new vitamin D-free drugs will be available. Dr.
Deluca from the University of Wisconsin has obtained more than 100 patents for different vitamin D to treat all types of diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency, which is now common.
Actually, I think mild asthma is more serious.
Those of us with severe asthma know to take it seriously enough and what to do when we have an asthma attack.
Patients with mild asthma are not used to it and may be discounted or do not have a respirator on hand, so when they have an attack, the chances of being hospitalized and/or dying increase.
Asthma is asthma.
In image, there are two types of asthma. . .
Most people have asthma, which is terrible and unpleasant.
Then you can kill your asthma, the kind of asthma that will let you vent.
Unfortunately, all vitamin D in the world will not be of any benefit to asthma, but this exaggerated approach does have a great benefit to vitamin manufacturers.
Lou, you\'re a 33-level idiot.
A veritable descendant of idiots extends from a long list of idiots to a very missing link.
Google the rest of Mark Twain\'s letter to snake oil salesman.
And Google\'s excess of vitamin D.
Idiots like you can cause people to become seriously ill and die, causing children to unnecessarily suffer from mental retardation and birth defects at birth.
Destroying a healthy kidney.
So take your Bigfoot and idiot somewhere else.
It\'s better to be 6 feet on the edge of the cliff.
Wzrd, me and many others, will implore you to keep your scathing comments for the real \"33 degree idiot.
\"You and many others should be aware that health and nutrition are the possible causes of asthma, or at least the main aggregation factor, as well as many diseases that the traditional medical community\" treats \"with drugs.
I have heard of more serious diseases (even cancer)
Arrested, even often with mega-
Take vitamins and diet.
I\'m not qualified to say if a vitamin
D treatment will help patients with asthma, but no doctors in the United States-because 99% of doctors have little or no training in nutrition.
So, they, or you, or anyone who can be said to be really trying and successful --
Is vitamin therapy and diet stupid?
In addition, there is no scientific evidence that high doses of vitamins can cause any disease, and the claim of birth defects is completely strange.
Consider more Latin deaths (
Inadvertently caused by a doctor or surgeon or medical or diagnostic procedure)
More than all cancer cases combined.
Asthma is fatal in our home.
For some unexplained reasons, boys in our family are more likely to have asthma than girls;
The attacks on the boys were also more serious.
Asthma cannot be taken lightly.
My sister chose to breastfeed her child just because she read that breastfeeding has some benefits for asthma.
Her baby has asthma.
Even though she and her husband are victims, they knock on the wood for free.
I was diagnosed with asthma in October when I finally went to the hospital.
I think it was caused by all the mold and bacteria on the gas/wall I was working at the time.
There is no doubt that exposure to this has been a success for nearly four years.
I had to pay for college.
Almost killed me. ?
You need an air filter and a chair to sit down and see the tuition!
I\'m getting stronger and stronger.
I\'m not going to say that the company I work for has mold or worse. . .
The situation has obviously gotten worse in the last 3 years. =[
Nicole, I\'m not sure.
My son is under 2 years old and we are pretty sure he has asthma.
Every time he has an ear infection, he begins to have difficulty breathing until the extent to which his sides and collarbone skin are retracted, he will breathe and wait.
His hospital record says \"asthma status\", although the pulmonary doctor will not officially tell him until he grows up.
You will die if you can\'t breathe.
Whether it\'s happening once or frequently, it\'s a serious thing and worth DX.
I\'m not talking about your son.
Doctors avoid the diagnosis of asthma in infants and young children because it is often misdiagnosed (
Their lungs only need to grow and mature).
What I\'m talking about is people who have had a few slight breaths but have never had a complete asthma attack.
I\'m not saying they don\'t have asthma either. they do.
I\'m just saying that this may not add as much to doctors with a lighter condition like diagnosing asthma.
My youngest child was diagnosed with asthma at 17 months because of airway cramps during surgery and then coded after two hours due to an asthma attack.
My oldest child is taking medication about the same time, but they haven\'t diagnosed him with \"asthma\" yet \".
They call it reactive air disease.
Even though they said my youngest child must have severe asthma, now we see a pediatric pulmonary doctor.
The increase in asthma is measured by cash (
No inflation adjustment)appropriate?
Regardless of the cost of treatment, isn\'t the incidence more appropriate?
Not in government research.
Simply put, the government tracks the cost of a disease, including treatment costs and loss of population productivity.
Otherwise, the national leadership will not care.
The continuation of the era logo. . .
The \"plague\" was added \".
These are not isolated situations.
Health problems, food problems, natural disasters and man-made disasters seem to occur more frequently. . . . .
Luke 21: 10 and said to them, \"the nation will rise, and the country will rise.
11 There will be a big earthquake, plague and food shortage in one place after another;
There will be terrible sights and great signs from heaven.
I think you forgot to post the rest of the quotes and I don\'t know where Luke is talking about asthma.
Even with health care, asthma drugs are expensive.
Both of my children have severe asthma and take singular ($50 a piece)
Shu panting, one takes dental floss and the other takes Advair.
Every time I buy medicine, I know I have to pay at least $200 a month. It\'s insane.
If their purpose is to promote the treatment of asthma symptoms, they really need to make it easier in some way for those of us who have to spend so much on drugs.
The only way to reduce costs is to reduce the astronomical cost of developing new drugs.
This means relaxing the restrictions.
It\'s a deal between a safe drug or a cheap one. . . you choose.
Probably allergic to food additives.
As an adult, I developed sensitivity to shrimp that caused severe asthma.
I don\'t eat shrimp or lobster. I\'m fine.
But I am very concerned about shrimp products in other foods, as well as fish or animal feed.
It is not food additive allergy, but food allergy.
How can this be surprising?
Given how the air in this country is, every citizen has no asthma, which surprised me.
Until recently, the Environmental Protection Agency and Congress did not really ask the company to be responsible for the toxins they threw in the air, A lot of us grew up in our 70 s and 80 s and it was really bad compared to the present, so now people have asthma and should not be surprised. . . .
This is a lifestyle that Congress allows, and before we stop eating animal products, including dairy products, my wife is suffering from severe asthma.
I bet it\'s to reduce dairy and eliminate your asthma.
Nutrition from animal sources is absolutely necessary for health, and there are not so many dairy products.
Humans have been eating animals for thousands of years.
But cows are a relatively new source of food.
I eat a lot of \"animal products\" and always drink and a ton of milk.
I stopped drinking milk and my asthma disappeared at once.
Never come back
I haven\'t had asthma for years, and if there is, I eat more meat than before.
His son was only 6 years old when he had eczema.
Doctors say this is an early sign of possible food allergies and asthma.
From birth to almost 2 years old, he has been breastfeeding.
During the whole process of breastfeeding him and drinking rice milk, I also completely stopped dairy products (
I was told that one of the common causes of eczema in infants is milk intake by breast-fed mothers).
So, my son never drank milk in his life (
He is now 6 years old).
He has asthma and does not show signs of asthma until he is about 2 years old (
They call it reactive airway disease).
He is also allergic to wheat, nuts, eggs, and yes, he is positive for the milk allergy test.
He still has eczema on his leg, but thankfully there is no eczema elsewhere in his body.
He was six years old. strictly)
He doesn\'t have wheat, eggs, dairy and nuts, but he still has asthma.
Same as Indonesia. . . . .
The sad thing is that the air quality is getting worse and worse every day and we are willing to bet there is toxic chemicals in the mattress.
Not only is it a normal spiral spring mattress, all new memory foam products are made of oil and they are known to be \"out-gas\" (i. e.
Release their chemicals over time).
Given how much time we all sleep and breathe in the air right above the mattress, I am sure that these chemicals are irritating substances that cause asthma and other respiratory diseases.
The best option is to buy an organic, non-organic
More expensive toxic mattress. There are all-
Natural wool mattress is available.
Not cheap, but you can buy it if there is a problem with your regular mattress.
Also, you should change the mattress at least every ten years and the pillow every two or three years.
Sleeping on an old mattress and pillow can cause a variety of poor breathing.
Well, I have mild asthma, but due to our Congress and pharm lobbyists, they banned the $13 asthma inhaler and now force me to buy it urgently for $45. . .
Shorter than the old one.
Second, they always told me to go and buy advair, oh wait, it only cost me $190 as well. .
My insurance company is no longer insured for my very expensive respirator.
How to live without breathing?
I don\'t think they care.
If you are lucky enough to be in MMJ state, medical marijuana is also very helpful for asthma.
The food was very effective and the relief lasted for several hours.
With so many strains now, it\'s easy to find something that works without making you too weak to work.
So, smoking is one of the main causes of asthma, do you suggest that we smoke to help with asthma?
Explain the logic, if any.
Oops, sorry, I reread the post.
You\'re talking about food, not smoking. My bad. Carry on.
To put it simply, asthma is the progression of the allergic process, and there is no more
Tested/untreated and allowed to relieve allergic asthma before age 48.
By performing a simple IgE allergy blood test for infants with 1st allergic symptoms, asthma can be prevented. e.
Eczema or strong genetic tendency. .
Once the food in question is tested ID\'ed> to adjust the diet, the problematic environmental allergens are neutralised through a child-friendly, drug-free, self-administered immunotherapy allergic drops,
Through blood testing and immunization
The allergy drops Association has clinically proven weapons to break the allergy/asthma cycle.
I ask medical professionals to stop \"managing, controlling and treating symptoms\" and use immunotherapy to eliminate the source of allergic diseases/progress.
Stephen is allergic to you.
I had asthma when I was a child-about 6 months ago, 25 years later, the symptoms recovered for no reason.
The drug did not control it.
I removed all the wheat and dairy products from my diet, the symptoms disappeared after two weeks, and the headache and gas disappeared.
I tried again and my symptoms came back within a few days.
It\'s not that it\'s a way to treat everyone, but it\'s worth a try.
It\'s not entirely surprising that reducing dairy products will improve your asthma symptoms.
Dairy products can cause inflammation in some people, which is very harmful to your body, including your lungs and heart.
Pharmaceutical companies don\'t want us to know what can cure it.
They just want to sell US drugs that are overpriced to help reduce the symptoms.
But keep in mind that even if the tap water contains chlorine, a similar compound is produced.
But I think it might be worth further research.
My son had severe asthma when he was a child.
Air control played a very small role.
Food is the main reason for his breathing.
The filling and additives in the food affected him.
Cotton seed oil, palm oil, dyes in corn, food and beverages and more.
I really believe that many doctors in this country have neglected that food allergies are a trigger for asthma.
Your opinion on food allergies in Frankfurt is absolutely correct.
This is a good book worth studying.
Nourish tradition.
Fallon and Mary Enig.
A lot of good information.
See if you can give your child milk instead of past milk.
Good luck to the rest of the world?
How about where your average shabalun inhalation cost (
Most of us use the same method to treat our asthma)
About 5 cents?
I have a reactive airway that is slightly different from treatment.
When I get really bad, only the steroid injection works.
However, when I went to the hospital to tell them this, they insisted on treating me with a nebulizer twice and only gave me a shot if they were not working. . . .
Ways to improve my bill
You have to learn about your body, such as avoiding damp cold or allergen stress.
My symbicort, I don\'t take it the way I should, because 150 of it is an inhaler that lasts for a month. . .
Now that I have insurance, I will go back. . .
But we have to make many choices.
This is an air freshener with a scent.
They will kill me.
We are overwhelmed by chemical smell products, they are toxic!
My asthma is caused by an artificial scent-which has been increasing over the past decade.
For some reason, manufacturers think they need to add artificial scents to everything.
Think about what\'s under your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, what they spray in your car after washing, what you use when mopping the floor, the cream you apply on your face and hands
When I talk to others about my problems with artificial odors, I find that more and more people have the same problem.
Another problem is that the immune system becomes \"damaged\" due to the use of all the \"antibacterial\" cleaners \".
I think it\'s still true that children in farms/pastures and families with pets have less asthma than children who don\'t touch \"dirt.
Oh, what makes things worse is that they even add artificial scents to the food. . .
This discussion provides many reasons for the trigger of asthma.
If we look at it from another perspective, is the number of people with asthma increasing, or is more and more symptoms classified as the general category of asthma.
Asthma attacks can be symptoms of another problem, such as food allergies.
Then, is the patient diagnosed with asthma and thus increased the count?
I think this growth is due to more issues being incorporated into the asthma category.
The purpose of this article is to \"encourage doctors to open inhalation of cortisol for all patients with persistent asthma \".
FYI-both parents died of chronic lung disease, I have chronic lung disease, my daughter has acute asthma, and all six grandchildren have been diagnosed with asthma.
When both parents of the child smoke, they are trapped in a toxic cloud unless the child runs away.
If the child suffers from illness as a result, please let the parents take legal responsibility.
If you would like to keep an eye on the whole article, you should note that it mentions that the incidence of asthma is still rising despite limiting/banning smoking in public areas.
Therefore, it is not possible to accuse smoking of being the only cause of asthma for anyone, otherwise the incidence will begin to decline once all the diseases are destroyedout anti-
The smoking law was passed.
Well, I have to respond to your comments.
I was in Los Angeles a few months ago.
Pollution hangs over the city like dark clouds.
I am outside the hotel because, God forbid you to smoke on the balcony.
When someone is jogging around me, almost behind a city bus, pretending to cough because I\'m smoking, I\'m thinking about my own business.
I will be the first person to admit that cigarettes are a very bad idea.
But look around with your eyes wide open.
As I grew up, more parents smoked in closed cars and houses.
Asthma has risen rapidly recently.
I think it\'s hard for you to wisely blame other people\'s asthma on smokers. I\'m just sayin.
Some cases diagnosed with asthma are actually allergic reactions.
Once the allergy is treated, \"asthma\" disappears.
This happened to me and my son.
We have been using sterod inhaler and preventive drugs for many years, but they never worked.
So we took more powerful drugs.
Still not.
However, \"asthma\" disappears once my child is allergic.
So I stopped taking my asthma medication and started taking antihistine every day and my \"asthma\" disappeared as well.
I was diagnosed with allergic bronchitis again.
Now, as long as we control allergies, the three of us have not had \"asthma\" for years \".
In order to prevent unnecessary treatment from being ineffective and prevent children from being excluded from two school activities, it is necessary to distinguish between true asthma and allergic bronchitis, if this is the route they want to take, future work in the Army. It\'s easy (lazy)
To diagnose asthma, it is difficult to find out what triggers asthma and to correctly classify it from asthma.
I believe our families and schools are becoming less energetic and we refuse to make the children dirty outside and also lead to an increase in health issues as their bodies do not develop natural exemptions as before.
Despite my son\'s allergies, they often play outside and are healthier today than most people of their age (college).
Of course, they are still allergic to pollen, but it is easy to treat without affecting their lifestyle.
They are very outdoor people and there is no breathing problem anymore.
What is not mentioned in this article is that although the population of asthma is growing, deaths from asthma attacks are decreasing.
Some studies have shown that as fewer people work outdoors, our personal environment becomes more sterile and we lose our natural resistance to triggers.
This is related to allergic injections.
You will get a photo of your allergy to this substance to enhance your resistance to this substance.
The biggest reason for the increase in asthma population is that asthma diagnosis is more frequent and earlier.
I have severe asthma and good health insurance.
The medicine is killing me!
My solution is to find out the Buteyko method.
Breathing exercises helped me get rid of all the medications and brought me back to health and felt like I was 20 years younger.
Yes, I still have asthma, but it\'s not that expensive.
I hope you have urgent medicine on hand.
2nd hand smoke theory is so much.
@ Craig: very good.
Figure, incidence of smoking and second smoking
Although the number of smokers has plummeted, the number of reported asthma cases is still increasing.
Recognize that one does not lead to the other without genes.
However, due to the increasing number of people with breathing problems, I can understand why the government and who are still trying to combine these two problems.
The decrease in smoking means a decrease in the number of asthma attacks, but there are many asthma attacks.
I would like to know if there is the same problem with air quality in China compared to ours. . .
How about perfume-
Free place to work/plane, etc?
Whenever a person with a strong perfume sits by me or walks past me, I suffer from a terrible asthma attack, but every time I bring it up at a meeting, I get eyes --
Scroll in response.
Everyone said I was too-
Very sensitive, but they are not people who breathe, cough and breathe.
Perfume is one of the most common causes of asthma.
I can\'t believe the hospital is the only place to implement the \"no smell\" policy. I agree Sarah.
While I don\'t have any bad effects on perfume or smell, I don\'t even wear it to work.
I know a lot of people get headaches/nausea because of the smell.
I don\'t understand why people take a shower with perfume. . . . .
In our office in the ladie restroom, some people spray almost a whole can of lyesol, and you almost suffocate when trying to use the restroom.
I think I \'d rather smell the stink and swallow Lesso!
Looney is not mysterious at all.
It was not until industry began to discharge large amounts of harmful chemicals and pollutants from water into the air that asthma became a huge problem.
Go to a community that is not affected by industrial pollution and tell me how many asthma patients you have found.
I have lived in this city all my life and have had asthma since I was 2 years old.
Surprise surprise, when I went camping in the mountains, there was no attack at all! Hmmmmmm.
I hope you can go camping a lot. : )
As there are more and more dirty things on Earth, there are more and more diseases of dirty things we make.
I grew up in a small Florida town in my 40 s and 50 s and have never heard of asthma.
At the age of 60, some children from the big cities in the North moved down, and some of them did.
I ask what the first question is because I have never seen anyone who has it.
If you think the price in the US is high, check out the rest of the global sewer system.
China and India = we have 100 each country. lol. . .
If you \'ve never heard of asthma in your 50 s, it\'s a bit wrong, and the article wisely points out that education is the key to solving asthma problems.
Dare to solve our drug problem with education?
Is education helpful for teenage pregnancy?
Does education fix our welfare system?
Does Consciousness and education repair our education system? LOL. . . .
Education is a scapegoat.
Does anyone think education is the key to solving everything? Maybe, just maybe, the problem is not caused by lack of education?
We will not even be one of the failed educational systems in the world.
LOLYou needs to change the phrase to \"failed education system \".
\"That\'s why McDonald\'s and other chain stores have photos of their food because the cashier is too stupid for anything else.
Did you get change for 85 cents for 8 cents and 1 nickel? The man cannot calculate with coins.
When the Republican party finishes the US vouchers, the quality schools will be charter schools, private schools, Christian schools and white schools in 10 years.
The pictures in this article are misleading. The open-
Mouth suction technology is no longer recommended due in part to switching from CFC propellant to HFA device.
Most asthma educators would recommend closing at least
Oral technique using Chamber/gasket.
Asthma is a very serious disease.
I have two cousins who died of asthma attacks, and several cousins who have been in the emergency room and hospital for a long time because of asthma attacks that are not controlled with a respirator.
One of my cousins-17-has used a lot of steroids throughout his life to control asthma attacks;
He looks like an 11-year-old boy.
Steroids are holding him back. .
But it looks like an 11-year-old is better than dead. . .
This article on the increase in asthma in the United States interest me because I am doing a research paper on mental science about \"fear in the atmospheric region.
\"The disease is a huge sign of a heightened fear of some kind of terror or attack.
The only real cure for asthma is to believe in the healing prayer of Jesus Christ.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Please don\'t put the spirit and science in the same sentence.
Bad things always happen, people always get sick.
It is part of the human race and has nothing to do with Jesus.
I have not heard of a reliable case of someone being cured by faith.
Is this related to insufficient fitness for children and adults?
\"Despite the improvement in outdoor air quality. . . . \", said Dr. Paul Garbe,. . . Huh? ?
The smog in Phoenix was the worst since I moved here in 1998.
I can no longer jog or ride a bike due to smoke burns in the trachea.
For very mild, almost no asthma medication is required
I have asthma from the beginning of my child until the last 3 years.
When I travel to the mountain plains of Colorado at an altitude of 10,000, or along the Pacific Coast Highway, all of a sudden, I no longer need medication! I\'m a right-
Inclined people with social colors, but I don\'t see anyone who can deny that smog is just a terrible problem that has a direct impact on health.
I have to move.
This is too bad. it was very good 10 years ago.
Did the CDC not hear about pollen?
I get asthma every spring and fall.
Did the CDC tell me that I was only with smokers in spring and fall?
There are many reasons for the increase in asthma.
Some of them are more lethal infectious factors than in the past.
Although a lot is due to the history-
In places close to life and the workplace, there is an increasing use of chemicals.
People apply themselves with a lot of strong cologne/perfume and use a lot of \"air freshener \"(oxymoron)
And discard pesticides in the yard and at home.
Finally, in the name of \"energy efficiency\", we are breathing circular air all day, and the air is full of annoying crud.
All of these factors also work together, so the effect is not additive, but almost geometric series.
The bottom line is that we have moved away from a healthy lifestyle, we need to balance the use of chemicals, get more outdoor time, and so on.
Only when you are selective and wise about what you use, it would be better to live through chemistry;
More is certainly not better!
As more people are paying attention to the size of federal debt, they have lost their breath.
It is not air pollution that causes asthma, but diet.
I cure my asthma by removing all the dairy, refined sugar and soy.
Now, after 30 years of suffering and the slaves of the porpoise, I have had no symptoms for more than two years.
Asthma is caused by unbalanced good/bad bacteria in the gut.
Check and correct your flora and most likely your asthma will disappear.
It\'s too simple for doctors to know.
But hey, there\'s more than one porpoise
Billion dollar industry. .
Look at the hygeine hypothesis.
Based on the research I have read, it seems to provide the best explanation for the increase in asthma and allergies so far.
Asthma, especially in children, is directly related to vitamin D levels in the blood.
People/children with dark skin have more common and severe asthma. Why?
Because of the blood circulation of people/children with dark skin (blood level)vitamin D.
If you are obese, or listen to the doctor\'s naive advice on avoiding sun exposure, you will have a much higher chance of developing asthma.
It\'s 100% right to look at epidimiology asthma and see me.
I don\'t care what your doctor doesn\'t know or refuses to tell you.
The doctor just wanted to sell you something. . .
Doctor\'s visits, medicines, and endless treatments that do not help prevent diseases.
By increasing and maintaining vitamin D levels, you can reduce and prevent asthma regularly.
Raise your vitamin D level to 50-
80 ng/ml, 25 Oh, see what happens? Told you so! ! ! !
This is valid and there is no dispute.
As vitamin D levels decline, the incidence of asthma increases.
High BMI and obesity lead to a decrease in vitamin D levels.
Fat stores vitamin D, which is not available to the body.
Except that you will stop the cold and flu and feel 20-
25 years younger
Vitamin D deficiency/deficiency is at the heart of almost all early onset diseases, including allergies and asthma.
Study it!
The healthy range of blood vitamin D level is 50-80 ng/ml, 25 OH.
This was proposed by experts who have studied for 30 years.
They know the problem better than your current team of doctors or doctors.
Test your blood levels and raise your vitamin D to an evolutionary standard.
Farewell to asthma and severe allergies (
When the vitamin D level is at the lowest level, the worst in springthink about it? )
Throw away the dangerous drugs.
I live to prove how it works, and thousands of people understand that!
I have not smoked so much (
Or catch a cold, flu, or miss a day\'s work and feel great every day)in 6+ years.
If you ignore this basic fact, you will suffer unnecessary pain.
Get some vitamin D3 (
Not the D2 trash that the doctor wants to sell you/give you)
Improve your blood levels throughout the year and for life.
Asthma is a serious disease, but it pales in comparison to our biggest killer heart disease and cancer.
Check out Research re: Vitamin D and cancer/heart disease. . . .
My asthma deteriorated when I started using HFA propellant-seriously!
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