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Are spring mattresses good for the body?


A quality spring mattress is good for the body.

  Spring mattresses are more cost-effective than ordinary mattresses. And now some people say that sleeping on a spring mattress is good for the body and good for sleep. The spring mattress is divided into five layers sequentially from the inside to the outside: spring, felt pad, palm pad, foam layer and textile fabric of the bed surface. This type of spring mattress is generally warm in winter and cool in summer, and is easy to clean. The technology of spring soft mattress is quite mature. It is easy to clean, has good permeability and resistance to punching. Its hardness and support to the human body are relatively moderate, and the price is the highest. The quality of the spring and Lai play an important role in the comfort of the mattress.

  Traditional spring mattresses, all springs are connected together, if one person turns over, the whole mattress will tremble, which is not conducive to continuous sleep at night. The current independent pocket spring device can support the body weight well, and the body will not feel uncomfortable due to pressure. The five-zone design mattress supports the five different parts of the limbs, so that the back has a relaxed state during sleep. The shoulders and buttocks are naturally sunken, the head, waist, and legs are well supported. The waist and back limbs don't need to work all night to change the unnatural spine state, so they can naturally sleep well all night.

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