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Analysis of mattress knowledge from Synwin

Analysis of mattress knowledge

In today's fast-moving society, many people are in a state of sub-health, so a good quality of sleep becomes more and more extravagant. Many people use sports bracelets to detect their sleep quality overnight and find one night. Good sleep quality is really a luxury. There are also many people in medicine who believe that a good bed plays a key role in providing the right support and comfort. In fact, most doctors also ask the patient what mattress they are using to treat the back and back. For those mattresses that are collapsed or bumpy, the doctor will advise and advise the patient to choose a mattress that suits them. It also fully explains the benefits of a good mattress to the human body, not only helps the health of the back of the spine, but also prevents diseases, improves the quality of sleep, and avoids mental and physical diseases caused by insomnia.

From the mattress material, it can be divided into natural latex, spring mattress, memory foam, palm mattress, sponge, gel memory foam, 3D mattress, each mattress has its own characteristics.

Natural latex mattress, softness, water-absorbent latex mattress can adapt to sleepers' various sleeping postures, sleep more comfortable, but relatively soft, suitable for people who prefer soft mattresses. However, the elasticity and the ventilation are insufficient, so the mattress is easily wet.

The spring mattress is divided into a connected spring mattress, a bag-independent spring mattress, a wire-mounted vertical spring mattress, and a wire-integrated spring mattress.

Although the joint spring mattress is slightly elastic, the spring system is not completely ergonomically designed, and the whole body is moved, and one of the springs is involved.
The bag-independent tube spring mattress presses each individual body spring and then fills it into a bag, and then connects and arranges them. The utility model is characterized in that each spring body is operated individually, independently supported, and can be separately extended and retracted, and each spring is installed in a fiber bag or a cotton bag, and the spring bags between different columns are glued to each other, so when two objects are When placed on the bed surface, one side rotates and the other side does not interfere.
The wire-mounted vertical spring mattress consists of a continuous steel wire that is integrally formed from head to tail. Its characteristics
It adopts a whole seamless structure spring, which is properly and evenly supported along the natural curve of the human spine.
The memory foam mattress, first of all, talks about the memory cotton source, which was originally used in the design of space shuttle seats by the US Space Agency (NASA) in the mid-1960s. The raw material of memory foam is a viscoelastic material that has a strong ability to absorb energy and is very soft. Under the action of pressure and heat, the memory foam will form a shape that conforms to the contours of the human body, so that the body weight can be evenly dispersed. After the pressure is removed, the memory cotton will return to its original shape. If the temperature drops below 18 degrees Celsius, the memory will harden. When the ambient temperature returns to above 18 degrees Celsius, the memory will change back to its original state, so if you want to buy a memory foam mattress, your home will have the most temperature. The good thing is to be able to stay above 18 degrees Celsius. Under the action of pressure and heat, the memory foam will form a shape that conforms to the contours of the human body, so that the body weight can be evenly dispersed. After the pressure is removed, the memory cotton will return to its original shape.

Palm mattresses include mountain brown and coconut palm. From the raw materials, the raw material of the whole brown mattress is made of natural coconut silk which is harmless to the human body; from the point of view, the whole brown mattress has a hard texture. Make the body evenly stressed. In general, there are old friends who can choose a full-brown mattress. The texture of the whole brown mattress is hard or hard. The old bed is good for the body and easy to turn over. This material mattress is also suitable for children who are growing up and sleeping.

The sponge sponge is mostly composed of polyurethane, and our commonly used sponges are classified into high-density sponges, medium-density sponges and low-density sponges. The high-density foam mattress is shaped to fit the body's weight change, and is lighter and more comfortable than other mattress materials. At the same time, it is not disturbed by his tossing and sleeping. High-density mattresses are more rigid than ordinary sponge mattresses. People are more comfortable on a high-density foam mattress and do not have scoliosis. The foam mattress is not breathable. The waste and steam generated by people's metabolism during sleep will be continuously discharged through the skin. The mattress is not breathable. These wastes cannot be released in time, which is not conducive to human health.

Gel memory cotton is actually formed by adding gel particles on the top of the memory mattress. Because the gel has a cooling effect, it is generally used in summer, which is harder than the original memory cotton mattress.

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