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A mattress that breathes, enjoy every sleep


Modern people have a fast pace of life, work pressure, and the spirit is often in a state of high tension. Sleep is an important way to release stress and restore energy. However, many people have poor sleep quality, can't fall asleep, or feel a backache after waking up. The more they sleep, the more tired they are.

Most people have mattresses at home.

Achieving quality sleep, in addition to slowing down the pace of life, warming feet before going to bed and drinking hot milk, depends heavily on the "bed" we sleep in, with mattresses as an important carrier in the optimal sleep process. An important role. A comfortable mattress that allows the muscles to stretch and quickly go to sleep, effectively extending the deep sleep time and allowing people's body and brain to fully relax.

Synwin together with the famous Italian mattress designer, based on ergonomic principles, using international standard technology, and superior raw materials, through a number of tests, carefully created a mattress that will breathe from the inside out - the city of the sky.

The Sky City Breathing Mattress uses a space-grade memory foam for complete antibacterial treatment. The dust-free particles can achieve true anti-bacteria, dust-proof and mildew proof. The memory foam has good slow resilience, absorbs the weight distribution of the human body, effectively disperses the pressure, and achieves the effect of supporting the body weight and preventing waist damage.

This mattress is made of cotton and linen material, which is hygroscopic and breathable. It can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the human body, maintain an optimal sleep temperature, achieve good skin-friendly and breathable, and avoid many people allergic to chemical fiber. problem.

The interior of the Synwin Sky City mattress is made of high-density and independent pocket spring bed net, which perfectly fits the human body curve and is independently stressed. It supports the various parts of the body evenly, keeping the spine naturally straight and avoiding the unnatural bending of the cervical spine. The fatigue brought by the muscles allows the muscles to fully relax, reduce the number of turns, and provide users with a more comfortable sleep experience. The spring bed net also facilitates air circulation inside the mattress, allowing the body to breathe freely.

At the same time, Synwin also designed the same mattress with a round net inside, users can choose according to their own habits.

The Sky City mattress contains a natural latex filling layer. The molecular structure of the latex is special, with good comfort and breathability, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and parasites; the open latex porous balloon structure makes the air in the mattress. Still free to circulate. Ultra-high elasticity and adaptability make the latex mattress can carry different body weights, with the best support to naturally adapt to any posture of the sleeper, relieve the backache and not easy to fall asleep.

Pay attention to health, improve sleep quality, start with a good mattress - Synwin Sky City mattress!

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