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A breathable spring mattress from Synwin


A breathable spring mattress from Synwin

Modern people live in a fast-paced, stressful job, often in a highly nervous state. Sleep is an important way to release stress and restore energy. But many people have poor sleep quality, can't sleep over and over, or feel back ache after waking up, the more tired they sleep.

Most families have mattresses.
In addition to slowing down the rhythm of life, soaking feet in warm water before bed and drinking hot milk, getting good sleep depends largely on the "bed" of our sleep, in which the mattress, as an important carrier, plays an important role in optimizing the sleep process. A comfortable mattress can relax the muscles, quickly enter the sleep state, effectively prolong the deep sleep time, so that people's body and brain can be fully relaxed.
In early 2018, Synwin, together with the famous American mattress designer, elaborately built a breathing mattress from inside to outside, based on ergonomic principles, using international standard technology and superior raw materials, through many tests.

Respiratory mattress is made of space-grade memory sponge and treated with complete antimicrobial treatment. Dust-free particles can achieve real antimicrobial, dust mite and mildew prevention. Memory sponge has good slow resilience, can absorb the weight distribution of human body, effectively disperse pressure, achieve the effect of supporting human body weight and preventing waist damage.

This mattress cotton uses cotton and linen cloth, moisture absorption, breathability, can effectively disperse the heat generated by the human body, maintain an optimal sleep temperature, achieve good skin affinity and breathability, while avoiding many people allergic to chemical fibers.

Synwin's new mattress uses a high-density arranged independent bag spring bed net, which perfectly fits the human body curve, exerts independent force, supports all parts of the body evenly, keeps the spine naturally straight, avoids the fatigue caused by the unnatural bending of the cervical spine, makes the muscles fully relaxed, reduces the turning times, and provides users with more information. For a comfortable sleep experience. The spring net is also conducive to the airflow inside the mattress, allowing the body to breathe freely.

At the same time, Synwin also designed the same mattress with circular net inside, users can choose according to their own habits.
Synwin's new mattress contains a natural latex filling layer. The molecular structure of the latex is special. It has good comfort and permeability, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and parasites. The open latex porous airbag structure allows air to circulate freely in the mattress. Ultra-high elasticity and serviceability enable latex mattress to carry different weight of human body, with the best support force to naturally adapt to any posture of sleepers, relieve lumbar acid and difficult to fall asleep.

Pay attention to health, improve sleep quality, start with a good mattress -- Synwin new mattress will breathe!

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