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The more you sleep, the more tired you get?

The more you sleep, the more tired you get?

Maybe the mattress at home should be changed!

In imagination, a soft mattress to wrap your tired body and fall asleep with the smell of sunlight and cotton is definitely the happiest thing in the world.

We spend nearly 40% of our lives in bed, so choosing a mattress that suits you is very necessary!

A mattress that is too soft or too hard is not conducive to spine health and good sleep.

From the perspective of spine health, whether the human body is standing, sitting or lying down to sleep, the spine should be in a natural physiological curvature.

When sleeping on an inappropriate mattress, when the spine is in such an unnatural physiological state, it is difficult for the body to relax completely, which affects the quality of sleep-it may not be able to enter a deep sleep state, and it will affect the mental state in the long run.

Therefore, to judge whether this mattress is suitable for you, you can observe whether there are backaches, poor sleep quality, and lack of energy after waking up.

Sleep on a hard bed if you have waist and leg pain." Many people think that if you have waist problems, you should sleep on a hard bed, or even a hard bed. It is best to leave nothing on a wooden board.

In fact, when sleeping on a rigid bed, if you are lying down, your entire back is directly attached to it, and the hips are also attached to the bed. The body and spine cannot be relaxed, and the spine will straighten up.

The key to choosing a mattress is to support your body.

Effective support can make the spine in a straight line, and ineffective support can cause the spine to bend. Therefore, a suitable mattress should support these key parts in the supine and side lying positions.

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