memory foam spring mattress factory, best new spring mattress company, top 10 mattress manufacturers
memory foam spring mattress factory, best new spring mattress company, top 10 mattress manufacturers

Professional Design & Excellent Quality Mattress

There  are kinds of spring mattress, roll up mattress, foam mattress, latex foam mattress in Synwin factory. They are made of eco-friendly knitted fabric, jacquad fabric, tricot fabric, spring, foam, latex etc and  widely used in hotel, hom, apartment, school, guest, chain store, supermarket.


The advantages of Synwin mattress are here:

1. Knitted Fabric: Breathable, Antibacterial and anti-mite, keep the body cool and comfortable around. The fitting curves of the body, seamless support spine, promote blood circulation, enhance the heath index. 

2.Gel Memory Foam:It is made of space slow rebound material. This material is sensitive to temperature comparison. It can fit the human body according to the change of human body temperature and shape the human body curve. It is perfect combination of spring system. 

3.High Density Foam: Using real polyurethane materials, the holes are small and uniform, pure sponge feels smooth and smooth, strong support, long-term extrusion is also difficult to deform. 

4.Spring system: Synwin, all spring made by ourself. Use high manganese steel wire, which spring lifespan guarantee 12 years. Better support of the body weight, uniform stress. keep the spine physiological balance.

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Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress, custom mattress company, local mattress factory

Latex Memory Foam Mattress

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Roll-up Mattress

Roll-up Mattress, foam mattress manufacturers, memory foam mattress manufacturers

Bonnel Spring Mattress

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